Eugene betrayal of Negan – Walking Dead season 8 finale: I called it

I knew that Eugene had sabotaged all of the bullets the moment he assured Negan that he personally oversaw the production of the bullets. When he added that this would put an end to the war, Alpha to Omega, I was 100% sure he was about to redeem himself finally.

Sure enough, only a few bullets worked, enough for Negan to fire a few test rounds and the rest blew up and took down most of the saviors. Even Negan got got.

Right on Eugene! I knew you would play the long game and help your friends when it mattered most!

Both Gabriel and Dwight got to kick some Negan butt too!

Full review of season 8 coming soon to Aretherra!

Looking forward to Fear the Walking Dead season premiere tonight.

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The Walking Dead

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