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Fear The Walking Dead – AMC

The Walking Dead & Fear the Walking Dead are happening at the same time.

For all of the “twists” and turns that happened during the season 8 finale of The Walking Dead and the crossover to Fear The Walking Dead, the biggest reveal is that both shows are taking place at the same time.

In another post I wrote about calling Eugene’s bullet betrayal and how it was obvious by his words to Negan earlier in the episode. Nonetheless, this was an ambush of an ambush and technically a twist.

Rich not killing Negan was another “surprise”.

But was it really? If you keep up with the Talking Dead after show, hosted by the always great Chris Hardwick, or if you read the comics, then you know that in the comics the same happens at the conclusion of the war with the Saviors. Rick captures Negan and keeps him locked up in Alexandria. I believe Carl is alive in the comics at this point, but we know the show takes creative liberty with its storytelling.

Plus, even if Negan died in the Walking Dead comic, do you really think they would get rid of Jeffrey Dean Morgan?

The crossover between the two shows was the REAL surprise of the night. No question.

The writers, show runners and producers have always been hush hush about how much actual time has elapsed on both shows. Sure there are signs and some talk about weeks or months given at time to time. But who would have guessed that Fear the Walking Dead had somehow caught up to The Walking Dead?

I hope I’m not the only one who missed the signs, if there were any.

Clearly the characters on Fear the Walking Dead have had some serious time pass between the literal first days of the end of the world and now.

This is a huge deal and a really smart play to sync up the shows. This opens up a variety of possibilities. Lenny James’s character Morgan was not part of The Walking Dead for a few seasons before joining the cast a couple years ago and logic dictated that we would see his escapades after he lost his son and before coming to Alexandria to join Rick and company.

But No! He is joining the cast of Fear the Walking Dead “now” – after the war with Negan in the present day of the Walker Paradise.

So forget what Eugene did and what Rick didn’t do, or even how Daryl didn’t kill Dwight – I called that one too. Even our momma to be and governess in waiting, Maggie, her threat at the end of the episode was kind of obvious. She’s been leaning that way for a while now and she’s still scarred from losing Glenn. (I would be too)

The Walking Dead and Fear the Walking Dead take place at the same time! Its still early and the story could morph or surprise us with flashbacks or flash forwards – we’ll see as this new season 4 unfolds.

Did you know?

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