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The Forest of Erebus

The Forest of Erebus is known for its distinctive blue foliage. The Forest of Erebus can be seen from the childhood home of Aerosus. Located 47 km from the capital city of Sutekh-Navois, it is featured in a chapter of Aretherra Vol 1: Aerosus and the Keys to Ascension.


The Icabyss Caves 

The Icabyss Caves are located deep in the Fedelmind Mountains in western Terlouxia. These caves of ice play a key role in a chapter of ∆retherra Volume One: “Aerosus and the Keys to Ascension”




Land of Embia

The Land of Embia near Mount Sundara. Embia is where the Great Event took place a thousand years ago high atop Mount Sundara. This rugged land of rocks and sand, golden grassy plains and jagged mountains is where FYXYS departed from at the beginning of a chapter in ∆retherra Volume One: “Aerosus and the Keys to Ascension”




The Gardens of Den

In the center of the Gardens of Den, there’s an hidden meadow. Here the great Arbor Tree watches over Haunted Hill and a cave waits for a traveler from another land. This is a place unknown to the modern world and the resting place of a secret older than modern Aretherra.

A thousand years ago an android walked through the Gardens of Den. He arrived with a singular directive, a mission that only he could complete. Unbeknownst to him, the future of Aretherra rests in his synthetic hands. After a millenia, he will awake to walk again, the only one who can claim the treasure buried deep within the cave at the heart of Den.

Location: Gardens of Den, Aretherra

As seen in the chapter: “FYXYS: An Android in Distress.” Full Chapter is Coming Soon to






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