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“Alien Invasion – In The Presence of Enemies”


My Mom and I are huge, lifelong science fiction and fantasy fans. Stories about other worlds, aliens, space travel, time travel, superpowers and the like are my one true love and constitute 90% of the TV shows, Movies, and books that I consume for my entertainment.

My Mom put it best a few years ago, when we were having one of our regular conversations, where we share what we’re watching, our ideas and our opinions. She said, “I DO NOT want to watch anything remotely close to real life. I get enough REAL life in my own life. When I sit down to watch something, I want to ESCAPE.”

This said it best and made me think about that concept in general. I totally agree, I too want my entertainment to show me other worlds, other realities, other times and then jump from time to time, like 12 Monkeys. I want to spend as much time in space as possible. When I watch Battlestar Galactica for the thousandth time, or watch Dark Matter, or Star Wars and Star Trek, I get to LIVE in space for an hour at a time. This is my happy place.

Space is my happy place.

In great frustration, I’ve told my family many times how much I wish we could jump in a ship like the Millenium Falcon, easily break free from our planet’s gravity and shoot off into space! I HATE that I will never get to go into space and travel the stars!

This is why I watch science fiction.

This is why I write science fiction stories and constantly think about new and fresh ideas for stories, where I can tell a tale about space, another world, or a boy who can fly! Read more about Aretherra.

However, science fiction can have a very dark side to it. No, I’m not talking about the dark side of the FORCE, I’m referring to the many, many alien invasion TV shows and Movies I’ve consumed throughout my life. All of these paint a bleak vision of our future, one where we’re easily defeated by a hostile alien race and next thing we know, life as we’ve known it is OVER.

This brings me to DREAM TWO. In March of 2017, I dreamt about my own personal hell of living through the fall of civilization by the hand of aliens who invaded our planet….



Dream Journal Entry 20 of 201

Date of Dream: 04.06.2017

“Alien Invasion – In The Presence of Enemies”

Dream II



alien conveyor belt
alien conveyor belt

Earth had fallen to the hostile invasion of several alien races.
Humans were packed into trucks and trains and transported to processing plants and prisons.

I was one of many in a horde of people crammed into a 4 foot wide conveyor belt. The belt that slowing inched its way to the final sorting ground at the processing plant was like a tunnel with very little light and even less air inside. The conveyor belt was covered on all sides, with 4 foot high wood walls and a ceiling made of corrugated metal. There was no escaping the belt once you’ve been forced into the tunnel of death.

alien conveyor belt
alien conveyor belt

The prisons and the plants were humans were murdered for meat, were controlled by an alliance of various factions and races of aliens. Together these disparate groups of aliens joined forces to take over earth. Most nations and world governments fell within days and the US and Canada are the only places where a healthy resistance still lives and fights against the invaders.

I was one of the people being transported on the conveyor belt, on our way to a processing plant. Along the way I saw a lot of weird things. As the belt inched along, I was able to peer out through the seams and cracks in the wooden walls that kept us contained like animals to slaughter.

I saw a valley between two grassy hills, filled with these massive semi-transparent orange pods.

dayquil tigers
dayquil tigers

The man sized pods looked like six foot long dayquil liquid gel pills. However, men were not kept or grown in these pods… No, I saw many of the orange oblong pods spontaneously morph into massive bright metallic tigers!

The aliens used the genetically grown tigers as guard cats to keep humans imprisoned or as hunters for the ones lucky to escape the human processing conveyor belts, prisons processing plants.

All of the people on the belt are injured, dehydrated and starving, barely strong enough to sit up, let alone escape and outrun metal dayquil tigers. The humans may have began their journey on the miles and miles of conveyor belt semi strong, however everyone changed and become more desperate during the journey to the waiting alien sorting grounds.

Once I could see the end of the belt had arrived, I was able to see several alien species. There were crab-like, beetle types, and tall bald aliens, etc. Basically an assortment of stereotypical sci-fi influenced alien species.

I was filled with a deep feeling of dread as I saw people being packed into trucks to be taken to processing, their deaths, and other marked trucks filled with what I assumed were going off to a sort of prison. I had no idea how and why humans were being sorted and this filled me with a bone chilling fear. I tried to remain brave as I got closer and closer to my moment of truth.

After languishing in a prison for a few days, later in the dream – (I could not remember this part) – I made a break for it and ran away from the prison. I was alone and somehow eluded the alien guards and the dayquil tigers. Soon after I found myself in an abandoned building, a cross between an old warehouse and a massive old barn. In this desolate place I found new friends who were resistance fighters, refugees of the alien war and rebels combatants with plans on fighting to save Earth.

I woke up at 9AM and immediately went and began writing these notes.


Real Life Dream Influence

This one is easy, my wife is the one who pointed out the possible influence of my dream on March 6, 2017. I looked it up and she was right, I was in the middle of watching the second season of the TV Show, Colony. This show is about a sudden alien invasion, putting up walls around our cities, corralling us like cattle, and sending us humans off to factories to work for the victorious alien invaders.

Also on Colony in the second season, they introduced the pods, where they kept select humans captive for future purposes. Colony also has a resistance, much like Dark Skies before it, or many other shows regarding humans resisting an alien race with superior weapons and technology.

I know that if this ever does happen on Earth, if we’re invaded and forced to lose our way of life, I will be the first one to fight and I hope that I will take out as many aliens as possible before they kill me off. This urge to escape oppression, to fight authority, to fight against an evil that would do unspeakable things to humankind, is deeply ingrained in my personal psyche. This is also a very human trait. We were not meant to live under oppression. We are born free and deserve to live free, pursue happiness and have liberties. Whether it is alien or human, ONLY oppressive regimes can take away our given FREEDOM!
I am reminded on this day, September 11, that we the people of America were founded by those who defied oppression and we will forever be a people who stand against tyranny, in all of its forms, here on Earth and across the Galaxy.






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