I Want A Great Reset Too!

I want a great reset, and God’s Word tells me He does too.

A reset to eliminate sin from the lives of everyone on Earth!!!

A reset to throw the land and sea beast, with the great dragon, Satan, Lucifer, and the devil, and all the slave masters with hardened hearts into the LAKE OF FIRE, as God says will happen. Rev 20

A great reset is what I’ve been begging God for so that generations of children are not born into the devil’s slavery of sin.

A great reset to form a world without sin, greed, war, chaos, and legions of enslaved people. Gal 5

A great reset to pure nameless religion formed in total service to our Heavenly Father. Matt 11

A great reset to form a pure God-centered society, strictly adhering to God’s word for any and every part of life. Jer 45

A great reset to observe our miraculous story, the narrative of God’s chosen people, which began long ago.

A great reset to restore mankind to God’s original desire, a close, personal, working relationship with his “sons” Genesis

A great reset to restore the system which God established to the garden before the Fall of Man. What began with Adam and Eve, passed through racial Israel, and Abraham, Moses, David, Solomon, Isaiah, Jesus Christ, the apostles, all the way until elected, chosen, spiritual new Israel, our fellow American Christians today.

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