Psalms 33:8

Verse 8

“Let all the earth fear Jehovah:

Let all the inhabitants of the world stand in awe of him.

For he spake, and it was done;

He commanded, and it stood fast.”

These verses continue to establish the praiseworthiness of God upon the basis of his being the Creator and Sustainer of all things in the kingdom of Nature.

“Let all the earth fear Jehovah” (Psalms 33:8). The mighty Creator is also the Judge of all men; and this universal commandment for the whole world to fear God is here backed up with three tremendous reasons, which are: (1) God’s great power which he showed in Creation (Psalms 33:9); (2) God’s ability to battle and destroy all human opposition to his will (Psalms 33:10); (3) the permanence and certainty of the triumph of God’s will in absolutely everything (Psalms 33:11).

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