The Preciousness of Relationship

The Preciousness of Relationship

    I lost my wedding band for over a week. I have been in the habit of taking it off after I wash my hands because it bothers me to have the dampness under it so I would slip it in my pocket or put it on the stand next to the couch and as soon as my left hand was completely dry I put it back on.

BUT it came up missing one day and for the life of me, I could not find it. I completely cleaned the area around the couch. I went through the pockets of all the pants I remembered wearing.

I went through every suit I had (all pockets!), and I looked places I would probably never leave it. Every day it was missing I looked for it some more because it just felt empty and incomplete not to have my wedding band on.

But then, finally, thankfully, Sharon found it in the bottom of the washing machine. I don’t think I realized how deeply emotional it was for me to lose it until I had it back on my hand. Needless to say, I affectionately thanked her for finding it for me. That band represents the preciousness of a relationship that had lasted for almost 35 years.

    God has blessed us with family relationships that are bonded by marriage and bloodline.

People in the world might take these relationships lightly or even abusively but as Christians, we need to understand what a God-given blessing our relationships are! Husband and wife need to value and nurture that relationship.

It is the most precious, intimate, and blessed of all relationships. To abuse it, or neglect it, or be unfaithful to it would be both sinful and foolish. God has blessed us with child-to-parent and parent-to-child relationships.

Those bonds are precious and incredibly important, especially to the future generation of our young people who will one day be the Lord’s church.

Almost all of Ephesians chapter 5 talks about the husband’s sacrificial, Christ-like love for his wife. Titus chapter 2 talks about older women training the younger women to “love their husbands and children.”

The relationship between children and parents could not be clearer in terms of love, respect, and discipline.

The world will do what it may but the Bible teaches us that we have a responsibility to keep OUR relationships precious and alive with the love and input of God’s will.

Life can get pretty busy, don’t forget, and don’t neglect the precious relationships God has given you.  

   Randy M Gardner

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