Rules for Fighting Fair -|- Hebrews 13

Never go to bed angry!

Even if it means staying up half the night, resolve your problems or they will be even worse the next day.

Once an argument has been resolved it is against the rules to bring it up again in another argument. If it is forgiven it must be forgotten!

Stick to the topic. If you are trying to resolve a major difference between you don’t go pulling in ‘little pet peeves’ that have nothing to do with the argument at hand.

4. Be willing to “hear each other out.” Don’t let your disagreement degenerate into a shouting match where neither party is listening.

5. Be willing to see where your partner is “coming from.” He/She may have a legitimate complaint. Don’t be so blinded by your own view that you cannot see you partners’ view.

6. Be willing to admit when you have been wrong and apologize. Pridefully refusing to admit your fault will only build walls of separation in your marriage. But humbly admitting your guilt will build your character and a stronger bond with your mate. (That goes for BOTH husbands and wives!)

Be willing to accept your mate’s apology. It takes humility and courage for your partner to admit his/ her fault. You, at least, be willing to accept their apology graciously.

After all is said and done, kiss and make up. Nothing brings more peace and harmony into a marriage than a tender embrace after an argument. It is like a calm after the storm. Don’t rob yourself of these moments.

Above all: With Jesus as you example and guide, make the selfless love of God the very center of your relationship. The reason so many marriages end in divorce is because either one, or both partners enter marriage with self centered thinking and motives.

Marriage as God
Intended It



A Common Goal
and a
Common Bond

Randy M Gardner

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