John himself wondered at the harlot “with great admiration” (Revelation 17:6 KJV), and there are ample reasons for our own very great admiration of her. Some of these are:

The stern, basic moralities advocated and taught by the Apostate Church are the principal foundation of all commerce, business, industry, and trade. Nearly half a billion Roman Catholics are basically honest, virtuous, sober, truthful, and diligent, opposed to violence, murder, theft, abortion, etc.

Without such virtues, which the Apostate Church has effectively promulgated, no business, industry, or civilization can endure.

To be sure, the Apostate Church has allowed, or even sold the right of violation of these principles, nevertheless her achievement in enforcing them generally cannot be denied.

The art, music, architecture, and culture of our whole civilization are, in large measure, the achievement of the harlot. Volumes could be written about any one of these.

The stability and sanctity of marriage and the home, which is the basic building block of all civilized order, are due, more than to any other single agency of their advocacy, to the accomplishments of the harlot.

What will happen to any society when such things are no longer effectively advocated and promulgated?

Note the many well funded communist groups working in America for the last several years.

Their mission & creed aims to destroy our God-created families.

They coming for our children!

CRT and perverted Satanic sex curriculua are being taught in the government schools!

The incredibly dark scenes of this chapter which confounded the “smart” kings who decided to get rid of religion, with the sudden and unexpected result, when they had done so, of their glee being turned into howling misery – these scenes depict exactly what happened!

It is the Roman Catholic Church which alone is the worldwide Christianity, imperfect and apostate though it is; and there is not a church of any name on earth today that does not in some degree stand indebted to her accomplishments, which have been providentially used for the protection of the truly faithful.

Nevertheless, “the true followers of Christ” on earth today are a dwindling minority with reference to the whole of mankind; and when the Apostate Christianity is destroyed, as it will be, that minority will either go underground or perish, thus reducing what little impact they have upon “all people” even further toward the vanishing point.

Here then, in Revelation 18, is the mystery of the ten kings hating the whore.

They are blind to the truth that when they “burn her with fire” and destroy her, they will at the same time kindle the fires of their own destruction, remove the keystone from the arch of world order, and reduce the vaunted civilization of which they are a part to utter chaos and disorder.

The foolish dream of modern humanist fools who vainly believe that they can produce a good society apart from its roots in the religion of Christ is an idiot’s nightmare.

The fruits of a Christian world (imperfect as they are) will not be kept alive apart from their roots in the word of God. When “the kings” shall see what follows their removal of the whore, that is when the howling, the wailing, the cries, the mourning, and the casting of dust on their heads will take place.

In America today, there are at the top intellectual level a horde of humanistic atheists who are paving the way for the “ten kings.”

The 1955 Harvard Report on Education claimed that Western Civilization would never again utilize Christianity as the foundation of our social structure.

This report rejected Christianity without ever knowing what it really is.

The harlot has herself long resorted to war and cruelty as instruments of policy; and this fact colored their distorted view.

They just overlooked other qualities of the harlot’s work.

“The mystery of iniquity” is in this (2 Thessalonians 2:7), and other theological questions of the utmost significance are also present.

When every church on earth has lost its tax status and the Christian religion is outlawed everywhere as it already is in Russia and China, the situation will be the beginning of what Revelation 18 describes. The great reset, which began in March 2020…!

All enterprise, business, commerce, industry, trade, etc., will be slowed down, thwarted and halted, because the basic morality upon which such enterprise rests will have been destroyed.

Human rights will no longer exist. The basic ethics of the harlot are Christian in many particulars; and when she falls, the disaster will be sudden, complete, and final.

The sacred virtues of the holy faith in Christ will be unable to prevail afterwards, except in a beleaguered remnant.

The reason for this is that the harlot taught such basic virtues as hers, existing through her authority, and enforced through her power, and not as Christ’s requirements.

This was the fatal error. When she falls, as far as the world as a whole is concerned, all the hoops will be removed from the barrel of the world’s morality and order.

For these, and a multitude of other considerations, we must, through our tears, see the harlot as Apostate Christianity, most conspicuously represented by that form of it known all over the world in every village and hamlet of it, and the sole historical figure large enough to fit the description of it; namely, the Papal system and its derivatives.

And what are those derivatives?

Practically all of Protestantism is included in this. What church is free of the guilt?

This writer has experienced in his own ministry bulls of excommunication, anathemas, and denunciations just as bitter as any ever issued by any Pope, and which came from little popes and agents of Diotrephes from within his own communion.

Where is the church that does not have its synod, conference, presbyter, president, moderator, chairman, or some other substitute for a pope?

And if these are not found, some college, publication, preacher, or other functionary is allowed to serve the same end. Christendom itself is apostate; and we freely confess that we do not know any patent solution of the problem.

Freely admitting this still leaves us no escape from reading the harlot as the one most conspicuously identified as the historical church and its papal apparatus.

If there is any solution of the apostasy, it must be allowed as the one proposed by Reuel Lemmons, distinguished editor of the Firm Foundation: “Let us be sure that those whom we convert are truly converted to Christ.”

When God used Rome to destroy apostate Israel (Jerusalem), as revealed in Matthew 22:7, the true Israel (the church) was also nearly annihilated at the same time.

From this we may suppose that when the new Israel turned harlot receives the wrath of God from the “ten kings,” that the righteous remnant of the true faith will suffer their greatest test.

We pray that in our understanding Roman Catholicism as the harlot, that this extended explanation and definition of it will also be considered.

There is nothing narrow, sectional, denominational, or vindictive in this. It is a tragedy that reaches all the way to heaven, and the shadow of the apostasy, in one form or another, falls upon every Christian upon earth.

For some, it is in the innovations with which they worship God; for others it is the totalitarian organization of their church; for some it is the perverted form of the baptism they receive; for many it is the secularization of their faith; for yet others it is the false idea that the church is the dispenser of salvation; for still others it is their acceptance of tradition instead of the word of God; and many have elevated a “priesthood” between themselves and the Lord, etc.

He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved; but he that disbelieveth shall be condemned.
Mark 16:16 ASV
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