About ELGardner

I’m a humble guy who always has a lot to say, but saying a lot about myself is another matter.
I’ve been creating characters and stories since I was very young. For hours at a time I would play alone in my room, just me and my Star Wars figures.

SW toys
Several of my vintage Star Wars Figures

I didn’t act out the three original Star Wars movies, which were all that existed back then. Instead my figures were the actors in the stories I created every day. That was all I needed and I was happy.
Every day after school, my imagination and twenty or so plastic Star Wars toys, transported myself to other fantastic and exotic worlds. I did not have an Atari 2600, which was the game system of the day, and for this I am profoundly grateful.

I knew another boy from church and even as a young boy, I could tell he was addicted to video games. My imagination, the stories, places and characters I created was my entertainment. I didn’t have and didn’t need a story written by a stranger for a video game to entertain me.

To this day I mourn the fact that generations of young people have been raised in a culture that continuously saturates minds with video games and other visual media, allowing no time or space to use their given imaginations.

The saturation of the 24 hour binge-fest of online handheld entertainment only feeds the machine that is pumping out compliant drones who have no desire to use their imaginations to create art. Dropping emojis and frames around a selfie doesn’t count.

I have monumentally digressed and I will now step down from my soap box and attempt to write about myself, ELGardner.

More coming soon…