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This Great Commission, as the saints of all ages have consented to call it, constitutes the marching orders of his church for a day and to all eternity. It is a whole galaxy studded with many of the biggest stars in the firmament of Christian doctrine.

BEHOLD! The Virgin Shall Conceive And Bear a SON

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God’s command for Christians is that they should sing, and if playing instruments of music is an acceptable part of divine worship, it is difficult to understand why it would not have been so stated in this place.

The Necessity For The Virgin Birth – “She was delivered of a MAN-CHILD.”

God entered the ranks of humanity, became a man in the person of his son Jesus Christ, and paid the penalty for human sin, laying upon himself in the person of his Son the iniquity of us all.

In the Christian religion, God Himself pays the penalty of redemption.

The Virgin Birth of Jesus Christ

The Virgin Birth is a prominent and essential teaching of the Christian religion.

To give up the doctrine of virgin birth is to sacrifice the integrity of the gospel authors, the convictions of the apostolic church, and the entire premise of supernatural religion as revealed in the Holy Bible.


From this opening word to the end of the Gospel, there is not the slightest deviation from the sacred author’s intention of presenting Jesus Christ as God come in the flesh for the purpose of human redemption, and to whom every person owes the uttermost worship and devotion.

And The Word Became Flesh

They greatly err who suppose that John differed from the synoptics regarding the virgin birth of our Lord, for it is in this verse recorded that the Word who was God did in fact become flesh, and that he was “the only begotten” of the Father!