About Aretherra Vol I – The Epic Journey of Aero & Tryn

Aretherra Vol 1 is the first in a series of novels that begins on the fictional world of Aretherra.

How do you say Aretherra?

Aretherra is pronounced “R-Terra.” The ‘H’ in the middle is essentially silent.

Aretherra: Volume One spans over a thousand years, with history and events building and colliding throughout the ages.

At the core of Aretherra is a story as old as time, a story of a boy and girl from two separate worlds. As the narrative unfolds, they unlock secrets of their universe while fighting against infinitely powerful forces seeking to control them.

In a world of endless possibilities we join our heroes as they journey to foreign lands and dangerous places. Our fundamental concepts of the laws of physics, spacetime, and the supernatural are tested.

What would you do to bring back loved ones lost?

Can you put the needs of the many and the call of destiny ahead of your own?

What is the meaning of life? Are we only flesh and bone, or are there vast unfathomable worlds beyond this physical plane of existence?

All of this and more await you in Aretherra Vol 1. A Science Fiction & Fantasy Adventure novel by ELGardner.

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