“Wish Them Well” -|- Matthew 10

And if any one will not receive you or listen to your words, shake off the dust from your feet as you leave that house or town.

Matthew 10:14

VICTIMIZED, BEREAVED, AND DISAPPOINTED, SEEMINGLY AT EVERY TURN, I still resist feeling defeated, or cynical. I have come to believe that anger and grudges are burning embers in the heart not worth carrying through life. The best response to those who wound me is to get away from them – and wish them well.

Wish Them Well

“Wish Them Well”

All that you can do is wish them well
All that you can do is wish them well

Spirits turned bitter by the poison of envy
Always angry and dissatisfied
Even the lost ones, the frightened and mean ones
Even the ones with a devil inside

Thank your stars you’re not that way
Turn your back and walk away
Don’t even pause and ask them why
Turn around and say goodbye

People who judge without a measure of mercy

All the victims who will never learn

Even the lost ones, you can only give up on

Even the ones who make you burn

The ones who’ve done you wrong
The ones who pretended to be so strong

The grudges you’ve held for so long
It’s not worth singing that same sad song

Even though you’re going through hell
Just keep on going
Let the demons dwell, God is in Control!

Just wish them well

“Wish Them Well”

Clockwork Angels

Neil E Peart, Rush

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