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∆retherra Volume One

∆erosus and the Keys to ∆scension

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∆retherra Volume One © : “∆erosus and the Keys to ∆scension” is the first book from a series created and written by ElGardner. It is a science fiction, fantasy adventure story taking place on the fictional world of Aretherra.
Over a thousand years before present day, the story of Aretherra begins. While the majority of the story takes place in modern times, the events set in motion long ago affect the lives of everyone living today.


The lives of two characters in particular bridge the chasm of time between the past and the present. One such character is the main antagonist, who is called Xyvaen.

Imagine if you will, being an immortal with near unlimited access to and power over time and space. As one of the Aed, he’s a spiritual being from the dimension known as Arediis.
As an Aed, Xyvaen had everything, everywhere and everywhen at his disposal, except for one thing, he could never be with the mortal Aretherran woman that he loved.
Xyvaen must choose between the Aed and the physical world of Aretherra for a mortal woman.

If he chooses to live as a mortal, to have a marriage, a family and a simple existence in the physical dimension of Aretherra – Xyvaen may no longer be Aed. He may face the rest of his life as a mortal being.
Will he give up immortality to live as a mortal?
Xyvaen must decide if LOVE is more important than Power and Greater than immortality.
This part of the story centers around Xyvaen, an immortal who must make an impossible choice. The journey of a being who must choose between two vastly different worlds and two very different existences. Choices have consequences and can lead to unpredictable, sometimes painful outcomes.


Gardens of Den
The Cave in The Gardens of Den

FYXYS is another character who lived a thousand years before present day Aretherra.
His is a journey of discovery.
As FYXYS travels across Aretherra, he finds lost secrets, buried treasure and the very essence of who he is.
As he carries out his mission, FYXYS discovers a shocking revelation that shakes him to his core.
Unlike the other main characters in Aretherra, FYXYS is not human and not Aed. He is a one of a kind prototype, a synthetic humanoid being. He was created and built long ago, when Aretherra was very different than it is today.
The success of the mission that FYXYS began long ago, will affect every nation in modern Aretherra.


Kid Aero reads by the light of Lhunoz, as she shines through the skylight over his bed. By day, Aero dreams of finally venturing beyond his backyard, following his bright and aimless vision, yearning to experience Aretherra with his own eyes. By night, his imagination conjures vivid dreams, stoking his burning desires, hidden deep within his young restless heart. Aero captures the finest details of his dreams. Each handwritten and bursting the from the pages of the journal that his mother gave him. Aero is unaware of an imminent danger, coiled in the darkness of his future days. A venomous peril laying in wait, to slither out of the shadows, out of the unknown. Soon his life will change, like a thief in the night, fate will strike without warning. Aero will walk down a road filled with loss, love, power and destiny.
Aero and Tryn come from two vastly different worlds. Unlike Aero, Tryn is not from Aretherra – she has never known a family of any kind and most of all, she does not know who she is, or what she could become.

Stars above Aretherra
Many mysteries hide among the stars in Aretherra’s night sky. On such mystery is Tryn’s origin story.


Because of this, Tryn begins her journey in a place of darkness. She is lost, confused and in her own way, is fighting to stay alive. Throughout Aretherra Volume One, Tryn learns about her origin, about Aretherra, and most importantly comes into her own as a strong young woman.

As she discovers the truth of who she is, where she is from and her purpose in life, Tryn must face a frightening future – forged from her dark and secret past.

Her one true north comes in the form of an unlikely ally – a young man who is as lost and damaged as she is. Tryn’s pain is psychological, formed from her personal demons of incessant doubt and uncertainty.

Tryn must confront her past, so that she can face a dangerous and uncertain future. She must find the light that will lead both her and Aero through the ever expanding darkness of their shared reality.

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Gardens of Den
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