The Dragon Trees!

Riverview Florida
Florida Sunset

Nathan and I have a fort that we built in the woods of our house in BB happy ARK’ansas, it is a perfect circle and in there hiding for years and years and years was called the Dragon Tree this is what Nathan called it and it was very amazing to find Nathan’s Dragon trees in Florida. I was a little concerned about coming here because I would lose my backyard garden the place where Nathan I have adventures the place where we talk about God the place where I found my recent piece in my garden with Nathan we pray together. So when I got here to find that God had a garden waiting for me just like he had a garden waiting for Nathan all those years until we discovered it was mind-blowing so I count myself blessed beyond measure to have a garden in Florida a garden in Arkansas a garden in Vermont in New Hampshire in Cape Cod in Missouri and Texas and Tennessee and Georgia and all across this beautiful fruit airplane God has created a perfect garden for us to live in we live in the promised land of America and I say God bless America amen.

ARETHERRA© Eric Lee Gardner
A Dragon tree in Daddy’s Florida garden
The “Dragon” Tree. In Our ARKansas Garden of Gardners.
New York City Garden

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