Dream I

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Dream I

“Of Power and Flight”

Flying in Dreams is a common manifestation of our subconscious mind. Dreaming of being able to fly is most often associated with feeling optimistic and “high” in life. Flying can also mean that we have lofty expectations and hope to achieve great heights in our real waking lives.
Like every dream, the meaning behind what we manifest during sleep is subject to context and interpretation. For example, I dreamt I was flying in Dream #13, however, there was one major caveat to this specific dream.
My best interpretation of Dream #13 is that I was and still am optimistic about my first major novel, Aretherra Volume One: Aerosus and the Keys to Ascension. This optimism is directly related to several of my dreams of flying. However, I also feel doubt and fear about failure, not completing the story of my dreams, created and conceived 20 years ago.
Hope and Fear, Optimism and Doubt, these traits could not be any more human!

6.22.21 Update!

How life changes, how we change, it’s amazing. I speak for myself, but I know change is possible because I have been changed completely.

I wrote that 3 years ago, the comments about Hope fear and optimism, and doubt. I feel no fear anymore and I have no doubt.

I live with optimism and hope now because I choose to live with these traits as my defining qualities. It’s amazing the sea change that happened in my life when I started reading the Bible constantly and praying fervently every hour of the day.

I was able to escape the prison of pain that I lived in for so long. I had grown dependent on paint as my defining quality, and this was a train wreck, to begin with. I studied the Bible for a specific purpose, but in the end, it was the Bible that changed me and I truly believe that God had a purpose for me doing that.

I do not regret one day of pain in my life, I do not regret one hour of desperation and depression that I went through.

The lonely nights in the crying out to God and yet I wasn’t ready and God knew that. God’s grace sustains me until I was ready to make a change, and when I made a change it was so monumental and so groundbreaking, that a brand new foundation was built under me.

This New Foundation is founded in the holy word I’ve got and unceasing prayer life.

Through prayer, I now manage my pain, my depression is disappeared, and through prayer, I am no longer anxious or worried and I feel no doubt.

Because of this, I have dedicated my life to be God’s servant, one of his many servants, but a servant that has been through the fires of hell here on Earth, and has come out unscorched, because God protected me he held me in his hand until I was ready to blossom, till I was ready to come out of my cocoon as a beautiful butterfly.

I thank God for everything I have, I know that God is in control of everything, especially my pain he can help, and I know that everything belongs to him.

So as you read this know that this was written 3 years ago from a different Eric.

The Eric writing you right now is it brand new Eric, one that has been reborn spiritually, physically, and mentally.

I love you guys thank you for reading my website and check out the other dreams while you’re at it. God bless, Eric

Dream Journal Entry: 13 of 724

Date Of Dream: 02.28.2017

Dream I

“Of Power and Flight”

In this dream, I was able to float and fly by holding two large lithium-ion batteries in each of my hands. I flew throughout the entire dream, floating and flying over neighborhood houses, ball fields, and the buildings of a small town. The tighter I clenched the batteries in my hands, the higher I could fly. This was commonplace and usual in this dream. It felt natural as if I am always supposed to float and fly when tightly holding two large batteries.
All was well, I was enjoying life and flying wherever my heart desired until the batteries ran out of energy or broke. The paper casing on each of the batteries began to tear away from the silver battery cylinders underneath. When the paper finally shredded, possibly from overuse, I was no longer able to fly. I felt let down, rejected, and sad about losing my ability to float and fly. Although the batteries were somehow vital to flying, when they failed, it was as if I had failed as well.
Woke up around 4 AM, cold from falling asleep uncovered.

Dream One

Real-Life Dream Influence

Likely, this dream was directly influenced by a chapter I was revising and updating the evening before. I was working on one of the chapters of Aretherra Volume One where Aerosus is first introduced: “Aerosus and that Fateful Night.”
In this chapter, within a single hour, Aerosus suffers great loss, faces powerful enemies, and discovers something remarkable about himself that changes everything. Aerosus feels fear, doubt, rage and questions the very cornerstone of his worldview.
My work on this specific chapter may likely have lead to this one flying dream. I’ve had many dreams where I have been able to float or fly, but this dream ended badly when I lost my ability to fly.

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