My Dreams 2 11-21 2017


Trapped? In a dirty old basement with others. Discover spiders hiding and then other creatures. Massive spiders come to edge of bed and attempt to grab at me, or at least from my perspective. I freak out when their pinchers touch my arm. 

Wake up just before 6 am. 



Living in the “real world” of multiple soap operas that are all mixed up together into one reality. Victor of young and the restless was in one part, standing next to a fireplace at night. There was sneaking around and conspiring, plus discussions about important matters. The situation felt real and the stakes were high. 

Woke up around 6 am, again. 


02.28.2017         Dream One of Theater of Dreams Journal

I was able to float and fly by using two large lithium ion batteries in each of my hands. I flew throughout the entire dream, as if it was commonplace and usual, until the batteries ran out of energy or broke. The paper casing tore away from the battery cores. 

Woke up around 4am



Dreamt that I was riding in a big bus/suv with younger people possibly and possibly uncle Jimmy. Showed him on a video monitor a live feed of Cheryl, and possibly my mom, Talltrees, and Celeste, riding on mystery devices on a strange water course. As if they were floating on a river that winded through a small town street, with media and businesses on all sides. By showing this footage, I was assuring him and passengers that either all was well or I was proving someone wrong about something. 

Next was coming down very tall set of stairs to enter a sort of tourist place and then I went to a place to eat possibly and possibly the floating people, they were there. 

Possibly, another part happened as I was waking in need of going to the bathroom. Escaping, leaving as if something was wrong?

Woke up 5:45 am



Dreamt about what I am now calling “the climb” dream. 

Once again it both feels like and has real evidence that it takes place at or at least starts at a University, most likely Harding. 

The first phase of the climb is through a series of stairs, and ladders, walking up and up. 

This time I observed various rooms and hallways as I traverse through the levels. I also observed people. 

There was a place after climbing the first few, that seemed like a checkpoint. Here felt like I was going to be entering the upper levels where I was either not allowed or at least discouraged from proceeding higher. 

Details became fuzzy this time but the uppermost climb becomes more challenging and dangerous. 

There was an outdoor climb through puzzle like scenarios with formations and holes to squeeze through and I was almost too big to go on. 

I looked forward to the uppermost challenge of the climb, as in the dream I had done it before and I enjoyed the challenge. Even though it was dangerous and difficult every time before, as it would be this time, I had to and wanted to press on to the goal of making it all the way to the top. 

The top climb felt inside a series of shiny white metallic or plastic small rooms, one stacked on top of another, like the vertical fuselage of a spaceship or rocket. Each claustrophobic compartment lead to another through the hatches connecting them. Even though they were contained and there were tiny windows along the way, looking out to high elevations, there was a fear of falling or personal injury. Do not remember reaching the climax this time. 

However I remember leaving a building through a huge lobby, with two close friends of mine to go out to dinner. The guy was Eliot from magicians and the girl, some blond from some forgotten show. 

Woke up at 4:09 am



Around 4 AM, I woke, thinking that I heard the sound of a person sobbing, choking-like and crying. I created a mental image of an upset female just before I awoke. 

I said something out loud and learned that Melanie also “heard” the sound. She described what sounded like Ayden sobbing, some younger female possibly. I got up and checked and everyone was asleep in the house. 

Could Mel and I have shared a lucid or normal dream?

Clearly we both heard the crying and it woke us both from our sleep. 

Woke Up 4 AM



I was working in an old rundown office building. I had a partner and coworkers, but their identities were hidden and generic. 

To help me deal with a particular client I went to find their file. I searched through old beaten paper  files that were stored in an ancient fuke cabinet. Even though I of course knew the client’s name, I had trouble finding their information and had to settle for a file about a company, not an individual for some reason. I’m pretty sure that other coworkers of mine were literally laughing behind my back and or trying to dissuade md from finding what I needed. 

All of the files and the things I read in them were confusing. My client’s name was something generic like Steven miller, but even the name that I thought I knew could not be trusted. 

No matter what, it seemed like the dream or my subconscious was doing everything in its power to keep me from reaching my goals. 

Note: haven’t been able to continue writing the k2a 1 journey chapter for the past 5 days. Having last attempted on the 8th. 

Woke up, could not breath through my nose at 4:40 am



Had flying or floating type dream again. Started with me hanging on the back of a truck kind of vehicle that was filled with 4 very young girls. Ages around 10. Through the streets of a city and then on a country road we raced. Everyone who saw us was judgemental. I floated some behind them and back again.

Finally arrived at a meeting at some meeting room filled with people. Women mainly kept hugging me, women from various stages of my life were happy to see me. My parents and grandpa and grammy were there. Finally a girl that I dated was there and her dad. Between that and a woman things got uncomfortable and I left.

As I was leaving I got stuck in an adjacent V-shaped multilevel meeting room, wandering along the long wall. A “funny” song was being performed by a group consisting of 3 saxophone, couple other horns, and 5 singers. That was it, I had to get out of there.

Outside, somewhere on a campus, I jumped away and stayed afloat for an extremely long time and when I finally touched down again, I heard a distant voice over an outdoor loudspeaker system that I had just achieved a world record for sustained personal flight.

I then took off again to float away, but this time people were watching me and I couldn’t control my direction, height and distance and I wound up behind a massive building above the loading dock and dumpsters. I took off again and soon wound up clinging to the side of a wall. I tried to maBke that work and recover my travels as well as save face amidst the watching eyes, but everything thing I tried to float and fly away successfully became a disaster. I was frustrated with myself in the dream.

Woke up at 5:30 am.

19. Dream 15


Starring Jason Bateman and Chevy Chase among others.
3 couples in a small town and it’s winter.
There’s a single guy and his backyard fence is broken. Its disrepair happening twice was the clue that this dream was a time loop Groundhog day scenario.

There’s a scene in the backyard of the guy’s house and the fense plays a role.

There’s Another scene after with the couples running down the road away from the house and snow covers the sides of the wet streets.

Mostly a dark mall, that may be closed, in the main setting. The couples are running through the mall trying to either escape something, zombies, or figure something out or both.

They end up at a second of two Chinese restaurants located in the mall. This restaurant is at the top of some very steep stairs and they close and lock the door. The couples then are given drinks and Chevy is sitting with his back to the door with the stairs behind it. He checks that it’s locked, because falling would be really bad.

One of them suddenly drops a big mug of fruity drink on the head of a fluffy dog, shih tzu, and the drink covers its entire head.

Woke up laughing out loud.

20. Dream Two of Theater of Dreams Journal

hordes of people crammed into a walled conveyor belt controlled by a consortium of aliens that have basically taken over earth. I was one of the people being transported on the belt to a processing place.
along the way I saw a lot of weird things, like a big hollow filled with these big pods that look like dayquil clear pills. these pods eventually turn into and tigers grow out of them.

the people on the belt are harmed and changed and become more desperate during the journey

once arrived, several alien species are seen. crab or beetle type, tall bald ones, etc.

the people are then packed into trucks to be taken to processing or to death.

later in the dream I make a break and run away and eventually hide with some refugees or rebels

woke up at 9am


There was a part before that I forgot in a few minutes time, having gone to get my coat from dryer before writing this down…

The 2nd part was at someone’s house, felt like family, but it wasn’t my family. I was sleeping outside on a makeshift bed and pillow. There were others nearby and I wasn’t sleeping much. I then explained to someone how I had to sleep on my right side only. That I could sleep no other way.

Soon after lines formed near my backyard bed around long tables filled with massive amounts of food. Mountains of yummy food. I made a joke about the size of the spread and got up off the wet ground.

Woke up to Mel’s alarm. 6AM

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