My Dreams 3 22.33 2017


Working in a makeshift computer lab, a circle of systems on folding tables, in the front of a supermarket. Dealing with an issue trying to print something or solve an issue on the computer monitor. But the software had a strange depiction of a creepy monster theme, cartoon-like, and that was what needed to be figured out. My coworkers felt like the people that I knew during my time at the bank. Everything that I tried seemed to fail and the crisis kept escalating.

Woke up at 5 a.m. and had another email from andy at the online store,  where he wrote about his own sales-related war stories.

23.  Dream XII

At first, it felt more like college or a big business. Me and everyone elsewhere new. We were assigned specific jobs or courses, curriculum to learn. However, everyone I saw was thrust into the same very uncomfortable situation. The rooms we were sent to for learning or indoctrination were all way too hot, uncomfortably hot. The administration was unforgiving and forceful and eventually, I broke free and tried to escape my lot.

The feeling of the place then changed. I was now in what felt like a huge high school.

I was in big newsto my high school. The entire time I wandered through this place I felt lost and like an outsider. I finally was able to join the school band, but even then I was on the outside looking in,  close to the band as it performed,  but part of the audience.

While watching them play, I saw Boyd white playing a strange long woodwind instrument with a big mouthpiece. It sounded like a quacking bari sax. The concert was really good and so was Boyd.

After I approached him and we were excited to see each other after a long time apart. I told him that I had moved back and we would be going to the same school again. That’s when it struck us both,  the monumental nature of this new reality for us, that we would once again be together as friends. We just stared at each other for a moment both appreciating how big and important this was.

Woke up at 430 a.m.


Where to start?

Did it seem to take place at a run-down, and flooding? factory/ defunct zoo. High above were what looked like elevated roads or a sort of transportation system. Not sure if it was operational and didn’t detect any movement.

Below was chaotic. In this circular high walled place, an apparatus spun around making the flooded chaos and zombie animals even more dangerous. While people tried to survive, they also seemed like part of the danger as well.

Later in an indoor setting, after escaping via rushing water. I and others had new babies to take care of and protect now. However, it didn’t seem like my baby. The indoor area, think post-apocalyptic rusted industrial vibe, like the belly of an old submarine, this place had more familiar faces. More feeling familiar than actually recognizing faces.

After some fraternizing, we departed to go somewhere and I did recognize my father and our banter was lighthearted. A phrase kept repeating even as I woke, dark _______, and I quickly forgot the second word by the time I used the little boy’s room.

Woke up at 449 a.m.


I was watching a wealthy family go about their lives in a strange detached place that resembled a home, but their surroundings were dark as if there were no physical walls around the rooms they occupied, but instead only darkness.

The One scene I remember, the most recent before I woke, was in an old-time, turn of the century formal living room. As they lounged and socialized, one man asked another woman what she wanted to do with the family company, meaning what job she wanted. As if she was starting over after a life-changing event.

Within the same time frame, a secondary scene played out, at the same time but somewhere else, of a future scene of her assuming the new position in their company and on her first day.

Before the lounge scene, there were others, played out in other places in the big family home. This tpo was surrounded by darkness, almost as if all of the footage I was observing was in black and white.

I was probably influenced by the old bw movies I had been watching on MST3K.

Woke up at 5:52 a.m.


Several scenes and scenarios existed in elements of real life. Or things that felt like real life that were fictitious but we’re also comedic.

Woke at 419 a.m.


Begins with me, Melanie, and our kids hiking through underground passageways in search of and or escaping from something.

The tunnel leads to what appears to be part of a massive underground church of Christ building structure. After investigation, I find the underground complex is part of another larger network of the Christian alliance, the evil resistance League.

Our kids quickly go off to be with people their age, leaving Mel and me to wander among the crowd of an after church party of some kind.

We see and rescue a young girl who was lost and alone.

Suddenly I am verbally accosted by a woman, charging toward me with her eyes ablaze with potential malice and unsavory notions. Once engaged in our battle of ideas, the debate was over quickly. This woman, though full of passion, could not curate biblical knowledge. The argument with the aggressive, hateful, and biblically ignorant mystery woman would soon be forgotten, in dreamland.
dreamland words become a race to claim the moral high ground, however the entire time I feel dishonest and guilty, but I keep fighting. The girl is part of the discussion.

It ends and we run to retrieve our kids from somewhere among the crowds and endless rooms. While the entire family looks for a way out of the huge complex, we stumble upon an underground church auditorium and a nearby pamphlet tells me that we’ve been in a church of Christ building the entire time.

I see the angry woman and her family trying to leave at the same time as Mel and me.  I stepped inside a classroom, behind a column, hoping to prevent another bitter confrontation in front of our church family, my children, and our friends.

Woke soon after at 508 a.m.


Another dream where I’m in a strange and disorienting house. It felt like I had family surrounding me, however, everyone felt alien and distant.

Later, I was in a bus or van and going through a rural, remote, and new housing development that was on a hill or mountain. I could see vistas of other distant mountains, views of the houses, the ones there and for future sites.

It felt like I was with family, as we rounded the various hilly dirt roads, searching for houses or places to build a house. Melanie was the most logical person that could most definitely have been with me in the vehicle. We found a perfect site, a great view, and could envision the perfect future house. It was as if this searching part was a prelude to the first part of the dream when I was already in a home. 

The overlook of this plot of land, the future site of a home, looked out over a valley. The place below could have been the place I arrived at in the dream from 3.2.17. The small town.


1st dream
In space, was designing and building a spaceship but kept messing it up. In a space station afterward, I followed my faceless but familiar mentor to the place to attempt my design again. There was a sense of urgency to getting my work right, however unrealistic.

2nd dream
Closely watching a motley crew of well-intentioned freaks and misfits attempt to put on, act out, low-budget bible stories. Three elephant men with long tusks protruding from their faces bent over in a line and covered by a woven beaded blanket to portray an elephant. Except that they constantly kept poking each other from behind, in the behind. They were method actors and remained this way in and out of a performance, even while trying to accomplish chores.
Nick Offerman portrayed Samson. For some reason, I yelled out 30 rocks when I saw him, then corrected by saying parks… Later he was in drag, at a cast meeting. Not sure why. To play Delilah or Samson’s, sister?
The cast lived in an adobe-like place, straight outta Tatooine.

3rd dream
Thought about using a metal detector at and around highway and road off-ramps and overpasses. The hope was to find historic artifacts.


Don’t remember much. Wandering a massive, museum or mansion-like school building watching and protecting young grade school-age children. Especially a couple of very dark-skinned girls. At one point we came upon a high table with numerous fancy plastic or toy-like candy dispensers. I picked one of them and the thick square wand-like dispenser squirted sweet candy liquid into my mouth.
Just before waking, I recall that the young girl gave me a big hug and I was overcome with compassion before she went to her mother.

The dream sequence where it felt like a dream within another dream. Essentially it was an action love story between a99qqà plain clothes supergirl and a boy. After he is killed, there’s another guy, this one is super and looks exactly like the last boy. They fall in love and get revenge.

Woke at 6 p.m.

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