My Dreams


Laughing upon awakening
The second part began in a large dark room. The space was a sort of gymnasium and in the center there was a pool of light that was cast by pointed spotlights from somewhere in the darkened parts of the room.

In the pool of light there was a makeshift basketball game and it had suddenly stopped to escourt one of the team’s players to the sidelines. As they carried the injured player, I had trouble making out his features in the dimly lit environment. When they finally got him to the side, everyone cleared away, so that he was now the focus of this circular pool of light. Now it was clear that he was going to make an approach toward the goal and one player from the other team remained to be a goalie against him.

What wasn’t clear was any feature about his body. His entirety was made of one very short leg and foot with a small head on the other end. This leg, while laying flat against the floor began to move so that the head and toes were going forward, like a horizontal B-Wing ship laying down and making an attack run. The crowd in the darkness cheered the crippled guy on as he slowly and mysteriously was able to move toward the goal. He was not pushing a basketball with his leg or knee, but only approaching the other player, who was backing up and in defensive stance.

He finally got to a small button across from and several feet from the basketball goal. Except the goal was a black plastic potted planter container attached to a 2×4 standing on the farthest edge of the light. The little leg player then tapped a button and a small rubber ball was flung from a mechanised catapult toward the plastic bucket. The ball fell short and the roaring crowd was all but quiet, save for a few sympathy claps and then my big three claps that came right at the end of the smattering of cheering.

A teammate of his ran in, snatched up the ball and attempted a short free throw, which then bounced off the bucket and rolled into the darker part of the gym. The teammate ran into the light again and dropped the ball into the goal and the crowd went wild. After the excitement died down, a choral group entered the light and faced away from the stands where the crowd was sitting. These teal tshirt wearing well meaning singers were obviously from Harding University because they ripped right into a song about how great Jesus is. I wouldn’t have had a problem with this expression of music or religion, but as the chorus was singing toward a dark and empty part of the gym, facing the crowd was a very tall, very large girl, dressed in a teal tshirt and teal leggings. As they sang about Jesus, the large teal thing began a wildly gyrate with a form of strange and disturbing interpretive dance.

Upon witnessing her dancing, their singing and preceded by the stumpy leg basketball player, I had had enough. I ran from the edge of the light toward the exit, screaming no, no, no. A well meaning lady shook her head and put her hands up, but I raced by her yelling out the doors an into the hallways beyond the gym. I continued my sprint through brightly lit academic hallway and kept yelling at the insanity I had just witnessed.

I woke up at 6:45 AM and laughed out loud a few times at the obscurity I had just dreamt about. I still can’t believe I had a dream about these things.

This dream and sleep cycle was preceded by several hours of intense pain. I also had spent an hour at bedtime, laying on my cold pack, which was positioned on my orange neck pillow.

I was laying in a bed attempting to put an end to my suffering from a nasty cycle of pain. Also inside this basement room were a few other beds, each spread evenly across the space. Nearby there were other people laying in their respective beds, some of whom may have been my kids. In addition, there may have been people watching via hidden surveillance. Melanie came to lay next to me under the covers. She was there very briefly and only I was interested in the potential of her visit.

When she got up to leave me, she left the room and headed to another across the way, where a drawn bath was waiting. I quickly got up and followed her to the other room, where I saw that she was about to get in the bath. When I approached her I said something to anger her and she became defensive. I then went into a passionate speech about everything I do for her on an hourly and daily basis. Over and over I told her about the chores and work I didn on her behalf, all of which I hoped would make her happy and proud of me. She listened and was semi interested in my words, however their full meaning and passion were not connecting. Because of this, she became even more upset at me and now, my defense strategy. As she slipped into the bath, I hoped that she might invite me in, so we could engage in making up. However this was not her intent or desire in the moment. Utterly failing to impress her, or better, make her happy again, I turned and walked away.

Woke up at 5 AM, only 90 minutes after I finally fell asleep.

I dreamt about Mel and I doing something or sleeping for a long time and then finding out Ayden is somewhere and she’s wearing some sort of leggings and I’m really worried about her. I woke about this time. Woke again at 7 AM. Wrote Amy Rich from the bathroom via FB messenger for a while.

I was on a combination merry go round small world ride with James Green
Then at a church? function and at a table cutting watermelon and I turn to see Bonnie Cooper and I offer her my cutting board.

In a situation or world where all of
Your personal information and official documentation is publicly available and is the only thing that defines you. It is the preferred and only way someone or some entity can get to know another. Judgement and all opinion and bias is based upon this form of investigation. Some of the pieces are not ours but my mom’s.
I even consider getting a unit with Keith possibly to share expenses. I then imagined a town at night that I haven’t seen before and the location of him vs us and thought that we lived too far apart.

Woke up at 6 AM and for the 2nd night in a row, continuing to wake almost every hour like clockwork.

Mellie and I are in another version of our house. We’re cleaning or possibly moving and painting some walls. I lament needing a storage unit to keep massive pieces of furniture, should we move one more time in AR.
Woke up at 7 AM just before Mel was leaving for school.

Later once again
Big fight sequence in an old shell of a building, like a partial structure made of steel beams and only containing half of the total floors and walls and ceiling and roof. This under construction/or demo building was located in a typical warehouse district and sat immediately beside the water of the harbor.
I was in an intense gun battle with a seemingly endless array of armed bad guys all dressed in black. I Fought off many guys, but I eventually ran out of ammo, so I started looting the dead and grabbing their guns, bloody knives and finally a long tool shaped like an axe or sickle, that was attached to a 5 foot handle, like a mop or broom. I dispatched a few guys with my makeshift weapon before retreating from the battle and looking for an exit from the dilapidated building.
Escaped by jumping off building several stories down into water below. Tossed bad guys silver gun into water as I fell. Escaped scene undetected by the three of us riding water skis under water, breathing under and cruised below rest of crowded harbor and other boats all the way to safety.

Later, while laying down in bedroom.

Mel, Nathan and Ayden gone to game. I was exhausted and hurting badly.

I was in the front of a grocery store sitting at high tables on tall chairs. We were enjoying our coffee drinks, myself and Nate and Boyd possibly.

We got up to go see someone with a baby carriage and within seconds our table was full of other people, sitting with their coffee. My coffee was missing and I finally found it on the floor behind them.
Woke up at 833 PM laying on bed while Mel Ayden and Nathan were away.


Went to bed as soon as possible the night before, after shower and because I’d been sleeping poorly for past few days. Until this night, I had been waking every hour.
I dreamt of a general frustration with either life or my greater family at large.
I was leaving almost everything behind, along with a note and planned on going immediately. Some family member found my stuff and note, learned that I was never returning and confronted me. The location was a larger version and modification of grampa and Grammy’s house. The greater location was on the front lines of a war raging outside.

Woke up at 530 AM

I was a fly on a wall watching the antagonist, the bad guy of a story.
He was betrayed and lined up with all of his offenders. As they were trying to explain, the shooting began. 3 rows of four people shot execution style from behind in rapid succession. Then I look outside and there are big touring buses instead of cars. 3 parked in the driveway and another pulls in between the front 2.
Suddenly another guy is the main cartel bad guy after the shooters from before are gunned down.
Woke up at 710 AM to my alarm

While I slept between 730 AM and 930 AM, after Mel and the kids left, I had the following dream. Nathan woke this morning, but went back to sleep until 11 AM

The basic idea is me dealing with a spider invasion of our home. I was trying to kill them as fast as possible and reestablish my defenses at our doors. This was obviously because I treat the base of each of our three doors with bug spray and it has been working very well. A tiny fraction of spiders, the ones that I know about, have gotten inside this summer. The spiders and occasional bugs I do see in our entryway are dead long before I see their shriveled carcases. The treatments have been working. The exception was last night. When I went to let our dog outside before bed, there on the metal door plate, at the base of our front door, was a large spider. This freaky specimen stood there defiantly and after I ran to go get the can of spray, he was several feet inside, crawling down our front hallway into our home. I sprayed the crap out of him and he actually reared back, lifting his front two legs in a defensive posture. I retreated the main front door and then watched as he died. His body lies dead in our front hallway, all eight legs shriveled inward as spiders do when they die. I won’t kill spiders that do not attempt to invade my space or my life. I’m happy to let them live and do what they do, catch other pests. However I made a vow when I was a small boy. I vowed to myself to kill every spider that ever invaded my home or room, every one that I ever saw would die at my hand, or rather foot. The best spider is a dead spider.

I dreamt the following between 930 AM and 1106 AM when my daily morning alarm sounded.

Part 2 BBQ birthday party
Just as me and a group of unidentified teammates came off of a covert mission, or a tactical mission of some kind, we headed to a friend’s house for their kid’s birthday party. I must have dreamt this because I saw Steve Mezzapelli’s name before bed, as he just liked one of my Instagram posts.

We walk through a typical Mass neighborhood, like one that you find in many places from outer Boston to Northern Mass. Large houses with white siding, older homes built long ago for large families and now lived in by multiple tenants or families that can afford larger homes.

We cross the street to Mezz’s house and up his driveway. At the top there is a large red barn and in the front of it a large wide entrance like a car garage. His house is to the left and to the right another smaller red building with an outside patio, with tables and chairs setup. There are people everywhere and kids running around playing and having fun.

Soon after I’m with Steve and his friends and I learn that they are using the event of the birthday party to officially launch their BBQ catering company. One of Steve’s friends is none other than the lead singer of 30 seconds to Mars and actor Jared Leto. Although the party has been going for a little while and its lunch time, they guys are just now heating up the smokers and preparing the meat for smoking.

People were lining up at the red barn’s takeout window for their food and I couldn’t believe my ears when Jared said that they can go get lunch somewhere and then later they can eat dinner somehow, but after that, later that evening they would have great BBQ ready for the crowd. I turned to someone and said that they needed me and my restaurant experience to help, because I would have had the meat smoking LONG before and ready for everyone’s lunch.

The crowd dispersed, but many remained because there were snacks around to be had for lunch. This is when My Mom, Aunt Cheryl and Meme showed up, Melanie was nearby as well. The three of them get some light food, like a sandwich or salad, stuff with a lot of lettuce. It’s no surprise that after they sat down next to the smaller red building, they began to see imperfections in their food choices.

I on the house deck with Mel and somehow Keith and Sabrina’s girls. They were the age that they were back in the early 2000s. Amelia, the prettiest one, sat on my lap and we were joking around and it soon became apparent that all of the girls were going crazy over Jared Leto being there and just across the way. Sabrina was just inside the house, staying in the shadows, aloof and distant from other people.

The mixing of multiple locations, people and timeframes of this dream, makes it a really weird one. Like other dreams, which it typical and common, it was directly influenced by my thoughts and observations had in the hours prior to sleep.


Cape Cod mall, alternative version, hair salon. ..
Waiting for cut with 2 friends

Show neck scar

Message for robot approval

The robots similar to daletcs but more refined


As I struggled to get to sleep, as Nathan continued to fidget and move in his own sleep and Melanie having her own sleep challenges as well, when I finally fell asleep I dreamt that I was having trouble falling asleep.

In the dream I was bunking down in a large room that may have been part of a college campus. My bed pallet was on the floor of a large room, which could, during this section of the dream, been a big entryway of a church building. In the dream I struggled over and over to fall asleep. I tossed and turned sleepless, I laid several feet from my traveling companions, a couple other nameless and faceless guys.

All the while as my dreamself tried to fall asleep, I wanted to get up and make a call to a girl I knew. Based on the second half of the dream, I believe in the context of the dream that she was my girlfriend.

I finally get up, grab my phone and go outside to call her. Just as I was trying to connect to her, the dream shifted into something different.

Now instead of traveling with other guys and bunking down, I was at an actual college, outside at night in the middle of lhe campus. Lights were on in all of the buildings surrounding the quad and they provided enough light to see your way around in the otherwise darkness.

Now I wanted to go inside the building. Instead of a dormitory, there was another big room on the first floor and in this room there was a maze of cloth divider walls. These walls had metal pole frames and the cloth dividers were a green fabric. Throughout the confusing maze there were many “rooms’ and in each room one or two guys, like a real dorm.

I then spent the remainder of the dream completely forgetting the name of my so-called girlfriend, or at least a girl I know and I also got lost and confused over and over trying to navigate the maze like room full of cloth dividing walls. At one point I was outside trying to find my way in and the next moment I was trying to escape my dismal little area among the cloth maze to make it outside to find this girl.

As I was lost and trying to find my way, in the dream, my dream self struggled and struggled to remember her name. In many of the rooms, the guys were kind of rude and had big egos about their varied talents. At one point I offered my services as a lead singer and was annoyed that a couple guys didn’t know I could sing and hadn’t seen my online bio which said that I could make music.

When I finally made it back to my dismal space among the cloth divider maze, the girl was in my booth waiting for me. Around this time I woke up. In real life I was very stressed and anxious, as if the dream’s frustrations transferred into my waking reality. I also felt this way because I had remembered that I had trouble getting to sleep in real life and it felt as if I hadn’t slept at all.

Woke up at 430 AM


This dream was heavily influenced by what I was watching before bed. In this case, it was nothing personal, merely a fictional story.

I was in a nondescript town, outside and during the day. There were special forces guys and mercs for hire everywhere. Specifically, there was a guy named Cable from Deadpool.

Cable and the other guys were suiting up for a mission. Among the paid killers, a discussion was brewing regarding how well they performed their jobs.

Woke up at 525 AM. I had not used my covers and awoke cold and needing to pee. Before falling asleep, I wondered again if going to sleep like this helped to wake up early, mid sleep and middresm.

I was with the cast of Iron Fist and we were trying to keep the singing bowl away from Davos and then there was a 2nd singing bowl, this one with square edges on the top like a hexagonal shape.
There was more planning and hiding in this dream than actual fighting.

  1. Dream Ten 10 part A
    Young lawyer about to start practicing is offered a job with a megacorp, like the empire.

Offer 20 days or time x 20000 but 15 percent goes to corp 5 p to a fund for him,etc. End result 1.5 mil year salary.

Wife has other job in law, practicing to help others

Future. Space. Sci-fi lawyer stuff…

Woke up at 7 AM
Influenced by s4 of better call Saul

  1. Dream Ten 10 part A
    9.11 later
    On a very high bridge, 1000 feet high, running, possibly escaping something. Maintaining our momentum vital.

Come to edge, the end of the bridge and down below is sand of a beach, like next to a channel of water, like the Cape Cod bridge.
We’re supposed to jump down to the sand and I hesitate, the fall is too great. I’m reassured it is safe and I finally jump. I recall the feeling of falling, weightless but pulled by gravity very fast until I finally hit the sand. My feet first then legs up to my knees into the sand. Made it, safe.
Next, at a house, some family, Mom and Dad and kids. 2 or three sons 7-10 age and a daughter of 1 yr.
I told the people there I didn’t trust the fall and sand because I don’t trust the liberal government and people who made and control the bridge and sand. They think I’m a little crazy a chicken. To prove them wrong I say I’m going back to do the jump again for fun. Their house is only half mile from the bridge and stairs can carry us up for another jump.

The boys of course want to come with me for another jump.
The last thing I remember I see the young daughter and her Mom says her hair is like mine. I touch her pretty hair. She’s cute. Her name might be aerial.
Woke up at 10:48 AM. Nathan was awake already for an hour.

Airport pickup ladies
Australian lady that does different accents each time at airport, running around asking, “who’s gotta trolley, who’s gotta trolley?” In a think fake new York, queens accent.
Could have been my Mom and her friends…

NOTE! On the edge of sleep. A waking dream, between sleep and wake I allowed myself to be carried off into my imagination. I was partly steered by the strange and I yet I attempted to control a little of what I was experiencing. This was perhaps my first experience as an ominaunt.

I was in a classic American muscle convertible car, cruising down a crowded highway. The camera angle was seen from the back bumper toward me and the driver, both of us silhouette against the setting sun. The entire scene was very surreal, like a comic, or avant garde film.

Without warning a large object approaches us from behind. It’s mass and shape makes no scientific or physics sense in any way, it really seemed like a massive oblong hairy blob monster intent on doing us harm. Of course in this scenario, given everything I’ve described thus far, that I’m trying to control this and this pseudoderm is psychedelic in nature to begin with, I pulled out a shotgun and shot the blob!

Bang! Blam! Bang! I keep firing, over and over again! Nothing happens and the hairy blob keeps following us, but instead of it catching us it goes away entirely. Now we’ve reached the heart of the city and at the far end of the city’s limits something miraculous begins to happen!

No longer chasing us, the blob flies over us and breaks apart into thousands of tiny blocks and begins to form a wall. The wall is constructed from the hairy blob and the wall’s bricks are shaped like a rudimentary block-shaped humanoids. Two cubes each for legs, one for the body, arms, head, etc, kind of like a spread eagle Minecraft characters.

Row upon row, a lattice work forms higher and higher reaching up into the sky, exceeding the highest skyscraper in town. People everywhere marvel and millions take pictures and selfie of course.

Cut To…

Interior: Bar or Restaurant. Day or Night.
I’m alone and muling around, just observing, walking around, unsure of my surroundings. I feel unsure of myself, of everything. This place, myself, these people, everything is disconnected from what just happened in the dream. The city, the blob, the wall, everything from before had no effect on what was about to happen in this part of the dream.

I begin to look closer at the people and I know why I feel so uneasy. The faces of the people are not normal, they are not human. At first I would compare them to Pinocchio. I look around the room and realize that everyone is not just made of wood, they are actually made of plant. These are plant-based beings.

I look closer. They retain most of what you and I consider typical humanoid traits. An oblong head, with eyes, nose, ears, mouth, etc. However, these people have a strange, I feel bad for using that word, but strange feels applicable, a strange patchwork upon their skin.

I look in the mirror and I have it too!

Intimate lovers conjoined at the mind
A funky bohemian fairytale house is where the story takes place. A key player goes missing early in the narrative, however throughout the story the answer to the question is right above the heads of the rest of the cast. Over the quaint dining room, fixed in the ceiling, is the mouth of an inverted nuclear silo-shaped room. During the hustle and bustle of the ongoing storyline, sounds and puffs of dust or smoke emanate down from this strange opening above the dining room table. No one asks about the commotion above or looks up, and at the end of the story, when it is no longer really needed and no one cares about the missing Character anymore, he hangs his head down and announces his presence. His only complaint is that it has been a little cramped living on the edges of the silo for several weeks, looking down as the story unfolded and people’s lives carried on and fantastic meals were eaten. He did get down at night to steal leftovers when he believed that they would not be missed, but other than that, he starved.

  1. Dream Seven
    Papa is alive and well
    Took place recently and I was about my current age
    I spent a couple weeks with him at his remote Mountain side makeshift cabin
    The cabin was a rectangle on a wooded hillside. It was suspended over the hill with support poles. Stairs brought you up into the small comfy space.
    Before I left, Memé, Papa and I went up into the cabin and sat for a bit.

There was a sense of finality, I felt like this was temporary, as if he was moving on and in the world of the dream he was. He was leaving his favorite place to me to go be with Memé. He felt I deserved it, that I had earned it and I had learned enough from him for him to move on and leave everything in my capable hands.
I asked if I could leave and I did. After I remember hearing from other Mountain living folks some pointers on chemical toilets and how plumbing worked differently than a town or even independent wood-dwelling toilets. Weird. My sleeping mind was probably working through the unrealistic parts of this strange, rectangle “cabin” on a densely wooded hillside in the wilderness. Even in my dream, not having access to running water, electricity, modern plumbing, etc was strange and problematic.

After leaving Papa I remembered all of the hard work we did together during my stay with him, memories that would never leave me. I looked back at the cabin and it was standing proudly on the hillside. In that final moment looking back, the rectangle handmade cabin had clear walls and it was empty. No one was inside.

Woke up at 5:20 AM, cold, needing to use the little boys room.

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