Laughter Is Good For The Soul – “Drawing For Beginners: The Square”

Drawing for Beginners

Sometimes the title of a RiffTrax short is confusing, misleading, falsely exciting to oversell the dull subject matter at hand. But not this one. With Drawing for Beginners: The Square, you get exactly what’s advertised – REAL-TIME, excruciating instructions on how to draw a square. With a pen. On paper. So BUCKLE UP, BEGINNERS!

It would be easy to confuse this short with another release of ours, Drawing for Beginners: The Rectangle.

Because, and only truly advanced high-level mathematics scholars know this, squares are rectangles. And yet, somehow, each film is mesmerizing in its own special “close-up of a hand drawing on paper” way.

And the 3-D models of the “finished” drawings are unbelievably goofy, like a trash-craft project from an At Your Fingertips short but with an even weaker grip on reality.

Yes, it’s a film where someone tells you how to draw four straight lines of equal length, but it’s still more interesting than any unboxing video on YouTube. Join total beginners Mike, Kevin, and Bill. and get your online art degree with Drawing for Beginners: The Square!

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