Whizzo the Clown’s Christmas Circus with Laughs from Rifftrax

Pure Nightmare Fuel!

This Rifftrax Christmas special stars Whizzo the Clown.

Whizzo’s not one of your big, flashy, Hollywood clowns who relies on clichés like “scripts” or “coherency.”

Whizzo’s got huge, gross feet, a terrible catchphrase, and he’s ready to fly some kids to the North Pole on his streamer-powered magic carpet.

And yes, for this movie, that qualifies as a plot description.

After thirty seconds with Whizzo, you’ll find yourself thinking, “Yeah, I can see where The Grinch was coming from.”

Or maybe, “You know, Mr. Potter had some good ideas…” In fact, it might just be the movie to turn your coulrophobia into pantophobia!

RiffTrax Christmas Circus also features a short about Christmas trees that have human faces and communicate psychically with houseplants before dying and going to tree heaven.

This unholy abomination is by far the most normal, sane part of this Christmas special.

We’re really sorry!

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