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Dream IIX

“Meeting Maisie Williams, Arya Stark: Game of Thrones & Rush & Hotel Mazes”


I was late to the Game of Thrones loot train. I’ve never been one to board any bandwagon just because it’s popular. I’ve never had an HBO subscription until a couple years ago and my exposure to Thrones and the Home Box Office was limited to the occasional free weekends found on my satellite service. During one of these weekends I recorded episode 9 and 10 of season 4. When I watched “The Watchers on the Wall” and “The Children” episodes, I had no idea who these characters were at the time. However I did enjoy what I saw in those two episodes and afterward, I wanted to watch more. I told myself that I would soon watch all of Game of Thrones from the very beginning and then continue until the most recent season.

Some time between the 5th and 6th seasons of Game of Thrones, I finally purchased the first five seasons from Amazon and two days later I received the gift of Game of Thrones on Blu-Ray. It wasn’t until several months later, when I bought the sixth season on Blu-Ray, all seasons also came with a digital copy, which I love. With six seasons of Thrones, each having the full Blu-Ray experience of 1080p HD video and 6.1 channels of Dolby Atmos sound; I finally had a proper binge experience waiting for me.

When I began watching season one of Game of Thrones, I did not become a huge fan of the show right away. I loved the fantasy elements, the swords and the fighting, the acting has always been excellent, but the politics of King’s Landing wasn’t my cup of tea. However, after I completed season one and had watched a few episodes of season two, I was forever hooked and became a huge fan of Game of Thrones television show.

Around that same time I personally added to the vast coffers of George Martin, when I purchased his first four novels for my Kindle software. Since then, I have yet to read more than a few chapters of the first Fire and Ice novels. But I have continued to watch the series, faithfully. I raced through all six seasons during my initial binge and I immediately wanted more. Soon I was looking up everything I could about Game of Thrones and spent a lot of time on iMDB finding out everything I could behind the production of the show.

When season seven finally premiered, I was able to watch all of the new episodes with my new HBO subscription. Unlike the luxury of watching six seasons on Blu-Ray, back to back, whenever I wanted, I now had to wait a week between new episodes. As you well know, having to wait week after week for a new episode of Game of Thrones can be torture. No, maybe not like being “drawn and quartered” or being locked in a King’s Landing dungeon like Tyrion, mind you, but it’s hard to wait.

Something, dare I say magical, happened between season seven and eight. Because we now had access to my digital copies via my Vudu account, plus our HBO subscription, giving access to every season on demand in two places, my wife began to watch Game of Thrones on her own. I never did tell her much about the show, she knew I was watching, but I never figured that she would watch it, much less enjoy it. Before long, my wife had watched the entire series on demand and was caught up with me. At this point, we have both seen through season seven. I never did like the years when there was rampant sex and nudity, prostitution and the like.

Call me old fashioned, call me what you will, but honestly, quality entertainment does not need that to be of quality and entertaining. I know the argument, that George and by extension David and D.B. were simply showing an honest view of some of the culture of the world. I’m of the opinion that what happens in the bedroom, should stay there. The show is otherwise very well written, almost at every level, across the board. I’m not sure who is served by the inclusion of such things, but I know that I wasn’t. Give me more screen time with battles or ten extra minutes of Peter Dinklage doing ANYTHING, over what occurs earlier in the series, especially in King’s Landing. Okay, do you hear that? I’m stepping off of my soapbox.

Hey! Speaking of Tyrion Lannister, played by the exceptional Peter Dinklage, this gentleman alone is worth every hundred million dollars spent on each season. Peter is a national treasure on both sides of the pond. Every scene he’s in is gold and everything he touches might as well be. Remember that iconic scene, when Varys says, he “shouldn’t be seen with the most famous dwarf in the city” and Tyrion replies, “You mean the most famous dwarf in the WORLD.” That line said everything, it said the truth. In the show and in our world, Peter Dinklage is the most famous actor of his size on Earth and he deserves every bit of the recognition he’s due.

Talent in the Dinklage family runs deep. Peter’s brother, Jonathan is a professional violinist. I was first made aware of Jonathan when he had the supreme honor of playing in the Clockwork Angels String Ensemble with Rush, during their Clockwork Angels World Tour. He was later seen in the Blu-Ray release of the Clockwork Angels Tour video a year later. With the other players in the ensemble, Jonathan was playing like a boss and doing something that most people only dream of doing, playing with Rush!

Fast forward to the R40 tour, where Jonathan played with Rush again, this time performing the solo for their amazing song, “Losing It.” Ben Mink, originally violinist on “Losing It” for the “Signals” album, also played with Rush during the R40 tour. When Rush rolled the R40 tour into Madison Square Garden, Jonathan had the honor of playing violin. The real magic happened when Peter AND Jonathan were part of the R40 concert.


Rush R49 Setlist
Rush R40 Setlist

Every show on the Rush R40 Tour included the song “Roll The Bones” and during the rap section of each performance, several celebrities could be seen on screen. Instead of the animated skeleton rapping the lyrics, like I’ve seen during previous tours, actors and musicians did it instead. Paul Rudd, Jason Segel, Jay Baruchel, the Trailer Park Boys and none other than Peter Dinklage all performed “selfie” style rap performances that were played on the massive IMAG screen behind Rush, while they played Roll The Bones at every show on the R40 Tour. At least on one occasion, both Peter and Jonathan Dinklage were part of the magic of the Rush R40 Concert.

Stay with me Game of Thrones fans. I know I’ve digressed into the far reaches of the map. I’ve sailed so far out into the Sunset Sea, that I’ll either fall off the edge of the known world, or perhaps find a secret, unknown land of magic, poppy milk and honey. Which is to say that I’ve digressed and now…

Back to Westeros and Game of Thrones, I could continue on for a few thousand more words describing my thoughts, ideas, concerns and projections about past seasons and what will come, as we all wait season eight to be released. Perhaps I’ll do just this in another blog post, as we get closer to the final season. For now, if you have concerns, questions, and complaints about what I’ve written here, please let me know.

We’re gathered here for Dream Eight, which is a fitting number given the 8th and final season of Game of Thrones, now in production all over the world.

In this dream I meet Ms. Maisie Williams and we soon become fast friends. I have no idea why I had this dream, other than the fact that I’m a fan of Game of Thrones and I’ve enjoyed the personal journey of Arya Stark throughout the series. Arya’s journey from a defiant and strong-willed young girl, to becoming a lost “boy”, then meeting her  faceless man, Jaqen H’ghar, to becoming a super soldier in her own right, has been long and rewarding.

Arya Stark
Arya Returns to Winterfell


Watching Arya return to Westeros and finally back to Winterfell was a huge milestone in a difficult, often painful, journey into adulthood. Throughout this coming of age story, more than any other Stark, we’ve seen Arya grow most of all. With every twist and turn, every catastrophe and disability, through her loses and triumphs, Maisie Williams has continuously proven and shown her acting chops.

Arya may have left Winterfell a young lady, but she returned a strong and independent young woman. All the while, Maisie has played Arya Stark with great confidence and a true sense of who she was at every point along the way. Interwoven in her story has been hints of deeper insecurities and fear, which is a testament to the writing on Game of Thrones and bares witness to Ms. Williams ability to act with the best of them. More over, any shortcomings that she may have had, or still has, is only proof that she is human, imperfect and a work in progress.

For all of these reasons, I find both Arya and Maisie fascinating. For these reasons, I’m thrilled that she’ll be fighting alongside her surviving siblings, Jon, Sansa, and Bran Stark. And the answer is yes, I’d love to meet Maisie in real life, we’re both big fans of the guy I call my British soul brother, Ed Sheeran. (Who else but a soul brother from another mother, could pen a song like “Castle on the Hill” – a song with lyrics that are word for word a biography of my younger teen years. When me and my friends stormed the back streets of small towns in rural Vermont.)

Arya Stark
Arya Stark Facing Off Against a much taller Brienne of Tarth (Gwendoline Christie)

This is the dream where I meet Arya Stark, I mean, Maisie Williams. It’s crazy, I know, then again, life is crazy. Our dreams simply direct us to the deepest vectors of our hearts and souls. Our dreams are the raw manifestations of our subconscious. A floodgate, left  open to the deepest yearnings and secret desires of our hearts. A river flowing straight from our primal selves, without the active governor of our waking minds.




Dream Journal Entry: 61 of 201

Date of Dream: 08.8.17

Dream IIX

“Meeting Maisie Williams, Arya Stark: Game of Thrones & Rush & Hotel Mazes”





In last night’s dream I met Maisie Williams! I can’t believe I dreamt this either, I also can’t believe that I am talking to myself in this journal at 4 AM. Maisie plays Arya Stark on Game of Thrones and in the dream we met each other in a fancy five star hotel lobby, located somewhere in London. Inside this hotel lobby there were shops, restaurants and the entrance to the convention hall, where a London-based Comic-Con was happening.

Maisie was reluctant to go back to the convention and was tired of hanging out with her managers, personal assistants and other “yes men”. Therefore, she was thankful to have met me. Maisie and I hit it off from the start and quickly became friends. We sat in a sitting area near the bar and talked for nearly an hour. She was very kind and exceedingly patient with my questions about Game of Thrones and her character, Arya Stark.

After we chatted in the lobby for a while, I politely excused myself, so I could go up to my hotel room and get something in my backpack for the convention. She said she could wait for me, as long as her people would allow, but I planned on returning soon and promised that I had something very special to show her.

I hurried across the lobby to the lifts and soon found out that actually getting to my room was going to be a strange and vastly difficult journey. After finally finding the right lift, the one that actually went up the tower where my room was located. I had loads of trouble getting the lift to stop at the correct floor for my room. When I made it to the supposed correct floor, one step out of the lift and I was immediately lost in a maze of confusing identical hotel hallways.

Every hallway, on every floor of every tower in that hotel looked exactly the same. Each was massively long, extremely wide and of course modern and luxurious. Aside from the usual lamps and generic end tables, that seem to be in every hotel across the world; the hallways were designed like the interior of a spaceship from a science fiction movie or television show.

As I walked the endless, seemingly repeating hallways, adorning the walls and around every corner, there were sci-fi props, computer access terminals, and fake hand scanners by every doorway. While normally I would find this hotel feature a welcome sight, since I was lost in this maze and extremely frustrated, I could do with less Sci-fi and more maps of the hotel floor plan. I just wanted to get to my room, grab my bag and race back down to talk to Maisie some more.

Everywhere I went, every hallway I turned to walk down, while attempting to find my room, was just wrong. Often I would reach a sudden dead end. Other times, the hallways would end at a great window and through the glass it looked like outer space. Around other corners I found the entrance to a real rocky cave, like a set from a Star Trek Series. At the end of another hallway I stopped suddenly, for fear that I would fall into the sudden fall off into a never ending abyss.

Remember this is a Dream.

While I searched and searched for my room, it felt like I was being watched. Several times I saw men dressed in black watching me from down the hall, or across an open doorway as I passed by in my hurried state. The were watching me, I began to get nervous. But who was watching me? That was the real question. If they were from the hotel, why didn’t they just help me already? I needed to find my room!

Somehow I came across a cool piece of tech laying on the floor, next to a lift door. I leaned down and picked up the handheld sensor and scanner, like a stud finder or metal detector. However this tech was different, this tech helped guide me to the final location of my room. After wandering the upper floors of this lovely hotel for nearly an hour, why wasn’t I given this beauty when I checked in?

I punched in my room number, then my personal access code that was given to me when I got my room key the day before. The little room finding scanner would then beep and signal when I was going the right way or not.

The room finder remote also pointed me to other lifts, leading to other parts of the building and back again, like a guide through a ridiculous maze. I felt no more intelligent than a rat getting pushed through a maze.

Ten minutes later, I finally found my room and retrieved my backpack. I ran as fast as I could, jumped in the lift to rocket down to the lobby, still hoping to show Maisey this cool thing I got at the ComicCon. But by the time I made it back down stairs and looked around the lobby, Maisey and her posse were all gone and it was all for nothing.

Woke up at 4:23 AM. Cold and uncovered.





Parting Thoughts


Normally I write about my real life dream influence in this section, however, I have more than covered this topic in the introduction to this dream.

I look forward to seeing Maisie Williams in the upcoming movie, “The New Mutants.” In this new X-Men Universe film, Maisie will be playing Rahne Sinclair, who’s mutant identity is Wolfsbane. For more on Rahne Sinclair and Wolfsbane, here’s an excerpt from Wikipedia: She has the “ability to shapeshift into a wolf-like humanoid, or into a full wolf at will (lycanthropy).

WolfsbaneA Scottish mutant, Wolfsbane possesses the ability to transform into a wolf or into a transitional state somewhere between human and wolf that is similar to a werewolf. She has honed her powers to shift between human and wolf characteristics but must keep her feral instincts at bay when she does.

She was originally a member of the X-Men’s 1980s junior team The New Mutants. Later on she joined the Pentagon-sponsored X-Factor and was also associated with the British superhero team Excalibur. She appeared for a time as a teacher at Xavier’s Academy in New X-Men. She served as a member of the X-Factor Investigations detective agency, until she joined the new incarnation of X-Force.”






After The New Mutants is released, Maisie will be part of the Game of Thrones family AND the part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, at least the X-Men related universe for now. Time and corporate mergers between Fox and Disney will tell if the MCU and X-Men are merged at some point. But for now, Maisie Williams will be part of the same universe as another mutant with anger issues, Jean Grey of the X-Men.

Of course Jean Grey is played by the lovely and talented Sophie Turner and will soon be seen in the next X-Men movie, Dark Phoenix. How incredible that both Stark sisters are now X-Sisters too! Wolfsbane and Dark Phoenix, Sansa and Arya Stark, talk about worlds colliding?!

Rahne Sinclair
Maisie Williams as Rahne Sinclair

Speaking of anger and frustration, I’m unsure what getting lost in the hotel meant. I am unsure if it speaks to something major in my life or if it was something much more simple. After meeting an actor from a show that I like, such as Maisie Williams from Game of Thrones, perhaps getting lost and not seeing her again was simply my subconscious telling myself how improbable the chance meeting was in the first place.



The New Mutants
The New Mutants
Dark Phoenix
Dark Phoenix

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