Dream IX

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“Hangin’ with 12 Monkeys & Terry Matalas”


The subject of this dream will not come as a surprise to anyone who knows me well. For years I’ve been a huge fan and supporter of the 12 Monkeys TV show. I have made it my personal mission to spread the gospel of 12 Monkeys far and wide. I have converted many along the way, as my mother, wife, sons, daughter, friends, and online friends, all have started watching because of my enthusiastic endorsements.

In the dawn of 2015, 12 Monkeys started a four season journey through time that took a solid premise, a name brand and totally invented one of the greatest time travel / science fiction shows ever created.

I have written extensively about 12 Monkeys on my site, Artherra. My articles can be found at the bottom of this page, if you’re interested. I am also writing a 12 Monkeys series recap and celebration, now that we’ve all completed the journey and seen the finale. I hope to release this blog post in the near future. I will post on social media when this becomes available.



Dream Journal Entry: 136 of 201

Date of Dream: 05.19.18


Dream IX

“Hangin’ with 12 Monkeys & Terry Matalas”




At some point after midnight I was sitting in my theater chair in the living room working on a major revision to my FYXYS chapter of Aretherra. I’ve been working feverishly lately, hoping to get it completed and edited, so that I can post it on Aretherra.com.

However, like many nights, my neck and head pain was preventing me from concentrating and writing as well as I am able. I closed my eyes to rest for only a moment and I must have fallen to sleep, long enough to have the following dream.  

In this dream I was in the iconic suite 607 of the Emerson Hotel from one of my favorite shows, 12 Monkeys. The suite was very similar to what we saw on the series, however the living space was wider than I remembered. Above the mantle there was a big screen TV and there were a couple extra couches and chairs, enough room for a small party.

Being in this room was strange enough, but what came next was even more so. The room was filled with the cast of 12 Monkeys, however these fine actors were in character. On one couch was James and Cassie, sitting next to Hannah. On another couch was Deacon, Jennifer and Katarina, with Dr. Eckland sitting in the chair next to her. Sitting on the third was Olivia, Jose, Whitley and even Aaron Marker. As if this wasn’t enough, in the corner, being all aloof, was none other than the Pallid man. As I type these notes to myself at, 1:33 AM, I can’t believe I had such a strange dream.

But I’m not finished. Terry Matalas, showrunner, co-creator, executive producer, writer, director, need I go on? He was there too! Terry was sitting on the coffee table in front of everyone.

I sat on the floor, between the wooden coffee table and the fireplace and TV. After some light conversation and banter, which I REALLY wish I could remember! The TV turned on and we were going to watch the first episode of season four of 12 Monkeys! So basically this was a mini informal premier party. Sure it’s bizarre and everyone is in character, save for Terry and me. But it’s a premiere.

Terry and I turned around to face the TV. He remained sitting on the coffee table and I, sitting on the floor looking up, almost vertically at the TV far above the mantle.

After the episode we hung out for a while and I got to know everyone. Terry was kind and very cool to talk to and Deacon was hilarious, much like Todd Stashwick is in real life. The ending of the dream is a blur. I know it ended and I can remember something about everyone leaving me alone in suite 607 after our get together. But beyond this, I am unable to remember any more.

It was a strange and cool situation to dream about, but hanging out with Terry and the cast or characters of 12 Monkeys, was a dream.

A moment later I woke up at 1:29 AM.




Real Life Dream Influence


This dream caught me off guard. Yes, I’ve seen the 12 Monkeys series numerous times in its entirety. Yes I really like it. However, I wasn’t writing articles yet about the show. I wrote all of those in June, when Season four was released. I had this dream in May.

I was posting on Twitter quite a bit leading up to the release of 12 Monkeys Season Four. We all were. If the show, the cast, Terry and the fine actors of 12 Monkeys were on my mind, this is probably why.

Every TV show and every movie I watch, I have to pause at least once to open my IMDb app, so I can research everything about the production and post production. I have to know where something is captured, what specific locations, where I’ve seen the actors and guest actors before, who’s directed what before, who’s written what and where, and on and on. It’s a passion of mine, knowing as much about a production as possible while I’m watching something.

I want to thank the following amazing actors for their performances, talent and passion these past four seasons. Dream IIX is just a dream, but you and the crew of 12 Monkeys have given all of us a REALITY. You’ve given us something tangible that will go down in history with the greatest science fiction and time travel entertainment.

Thank you, Terry Matalas, Aaron Stanford, Amanda Schull, Barbara Sukowa, Emily Hampshire, Todd Stashwick, Andrew Gillies, Kirk Acevedo, Alisen Down, Denmore Barnes, Brooke Williams, Murray Furrow, Tom Noonan, Noah Bean, Faran Tahir, Scottie Thompson, Michael XO Hogan, Jay Karnes, and James “Athan” Callis.

Watching an episode of 12 Monkeys with Terry and the Cast = Priceless!









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