Aero and that fateful night V3

brand new very very rough draft

Aero and that fateful night

The sky stood still, sulking sadly without the light of Lhunoz, ominous and still, too quiet for comfort, on that fateful night.

They gathered the forces and waited for the sign; each Aed eagerly anticipated a promised fight.

Far too long, they remained on the outside, relegated to the fringes of this promised land. Too far from the creature comforts of the physical realm of Aretherra.

What if tryn is the girl that comes to one Aero fateful night they don’t know each other, and it’s only available that can have to go back in time to fulfill that so there’s not a paradox and that alone is a danger of her completing that mission to send Aero off on his journey.

After a week of going to the hidden Forest to The secret garden beyond the fence, Aero is now grounded and confined to his house.

Regularly, Aero would spend hours in the basement, working on his various art projects, scientific experiments with his Mother, or learning from his Dad. This day was no exception, save for the fact of his grounding, the fallout from the poor choices he made during the past seven days.

Later in the evening, the first explosion ripped through the top floor of Aero’s home. The sound rattled Aero’s bones, and his stomach knotted immediately. The ear assaulting crash prompted Aero to run up the stairs to seek the aid and comfort of his Mom and Dad.

Garages in valleys of light in strange booming sounds continue to flash outside the windows of the basement as an Aero streamed up the stairs faster than he’d ever climbed those stairs before.

He got to the first floor, looked around, and everything was dark; not a single lamp was on the power must have gone out.

Aero looked around his parents were nowhere to be found; he looked at the front door, and for some reason, it was split from top to bottom as if someone had cracked it in half with the force of their hand. Aero spun around as volumes of light continued to pierce from the backside of the house in the booms continued over and over again this is no thunderstorm; this was not lightning, and that did not thunder he had heard, or it continues to hear in his young ears.

Aero spins around again and thinks about the second floor; he darts for the stairs; as he begins to climb, Aero he feels this Rush of wind come down, and Aero realizes that the second floor is completely gone, and all Aero he Holdssees are lightning bolts flash across the top of the stairway where the second floor used to be the spins around and climbs back down holding on to the railing as he goes. Then he turns the corner, tightly runs, and then goes to the basement stairs again; he figures that the basement is the only place he can seek safety in this and whatever this was.

When he gets to the bottom of the basement stairs, a brilliant white light meets him, and this is white light; it’s not lightning; it’s not the barrage of lightning flashes he’s been seeing outside, yet those continue the white-hot surge of light the booming sounds and the crack of thunder or what appears to be thunder continue outside instead this is a steady a glow a brilliant Halo of lights that greets them at the bottom of the stairs.

He runs his eyes, and then the light fades a little bit, and a beautiful young woman greets him.

The young woman appears to be dressed in all white linen except glowing linen as if the linen had electrified itself with the same type of energy that was happening outside she was wearing on her body.

As a sign suggests to the glory of her sight, he realized that she is beaming his big smile at him; he does not know this young woman, and yet it appears that she knows him and he doesn’t have time to figure it out when she says to him…

Aero quick you must come with me Aero there’s no time to wait you cannot tally you cannot dally you must come with me now you’re very life depends on it hurry Aero she holds out her hand which is also gleaming and glowing white like the rest of her.

Aaron instinctively pulls back; this is a stranger; why should I go with a stranger as my house is being attacked? My parents are gone, and she is glowing like a light bulb; why on Earth would I go with her, he thought to himself.

Aero backs up and recoils, and fear and she smiles even bigger at him and takes the two steps forward as if to comfort him. Then, she holds out her hand ever so gently says, Aero, please please come with me; you must; your life depends on it if you do not; the consequences. Hismore significant than you could ever imagine.

New sooner has she said this, and his eyes 3were continuing to adjust, He noticed The necklace hanging from hanging below her chin in this necklace was very familiar to him it was a family crest his family crest.

She puts her looks down and looks back up at him. That’s right; you gave this to me well I say gave you will give this to me Aero era holds up his hand and grabs his necklace and pulls it out to take a look at it he realizes that it is the same Crest it’s even how is this possible it’s even the same necklace somehow she is wearing the same necklace that he has on at this very moment.

Aero, I don’t have time to explain; all I can do is tell you that you’re engraved ange. You must come with me if you do not leave this house within the next 2 minutes you will be killed. II cannot allow that to happen, Aero; the fate of the world, the fate of multiple worlds depends on it please I know I’m a stranger; I know you feel like you’re in danger. You feel like you’ll meet certain Doom if you come with m,e but I got to tell you the stranger doomed that you feel for me it’ll dissipate quickly because we are meant to be together, so please come with me are w, please.

Aero stop,s drops the necklace to his chest,t takes a step forward, and looks at her; there’s a slight gash in it it’s one that happened to him one day when he fell down and in a rock struck his necklace on his way down it saved him from getting hurt it would have broken his collarbone. He realizes that something strange is going on here and that she was right to go with her.

Hesitating, doubting himself frightened and feeling a certain amount of Doom, aero shakes his head and says, okay, okay, I’ll come with you.

She reaches out to grab his hand Aero hesitates once again, wondering will I touch her? It will burn me.

She notices right away it says, oh, I’m sorry, and then she reduces the glow of her body not to frighten him anymore; she reaches out her hand again; this time, he takes it; it’s cool to the touch.

Don’t be afraid, okay? I’ll get you through this; don’t be afraid. The beautiful lady said.

Aero cracks a small smile and says, okay, lead the way.

They had for the back door of the basement. The basement door slams it open, and outside, a massive battle rages; lightning bolts and energy blasts are flying through the air. As soon as they run outside into Aeros’s garden, a massive energy belt hits the home and destroys everything. Aero’s house is now gone.

Aero cannot believe his eyes, but he knows one thing is for sure she was right the whole time somehow she knew that this would happen somehow, she knew that they should leave then, so the only way forward was to go and run away from home with this girl this stranger of whom he’s never met.

She leads him through the battle like a running back protecting the ball as they Rush towards the goal.

Lightning bolts and energy blasts singe the air claps of thunder in other sounds explode around them legions of angelic odd go to war in Aero wonders the whole time why this is happening it’s just about him, this is about his parents what’s going on here.

The beautiful girl protected him the entire way, but she wasn’t alone. Seven other seven others in flight surrounded them and acted as defensive Shields as Aero and the beautiful girl ran through the intense battle towards the edge of Erebus Forest.

Finally, they reached the edge of the forest this time, and several energy bolts take out nearby trees, splitting them like like wooden toys run over by a tank Aero and the girl rush into the forest the seven other Angels fly overhead, shooting energy bolts back at the oncoming enemies that were chasing them.

They raced into the tree line as their enemies are still in pursuit, and their seven helpers were still flying overhead, acting as a defense so that they can continue to escape the battle.

It was difficult running; the ground was soggy in the grass was tall, and aside from the battle, it was physically taxing even for a young boy and the young woman.

Aero is never loud, and in the forest, it was a place that was off-limits to his parents, so this was extra exciting being able to go into a forest Erebus Forest with the young woman whose name he still did not know, which brought up something significant Aero did not know where his mom and dad went to

Just because he wasn’t allowed there doesn’t mean that Aero never went many times. For example, Aero went into the Erebus Forest, and he even built himself a nifty little fort in there, which was a circle kind of like a cul-de-sac around a perfect ring of trees.

The type of trees Aero did not know the species did not know from whence they came all he knows is that they look like dragons they had scales and they bent every which way and some of them look like they had trunks and arms and legs and I and even tentacles these were weird trees, but Aero built this cool fort and as he ran with a young woman away from the battle being pursued by enemies surrounded by supposed friends flying above they went right past his Old fort

One time Aero had a feeling that his dad discovered the forts because he found he found some ashes on the ground, probably from his father’s pipe, but Aero never talked to his dad about it; this is something that he knew if Aero brought it up his dad would know where Aero was and might say something, and Aero was afraid of getting in trouble for going where he should not have gone.

Once they were deep enough, everybody stopped the laser blast stops the energy beams, the lightning, the enemies pursuing everything stops and this is when the young girl turned around to him and said, I have to leave you now. But, still, I’ll be back soon, okay we will meet soon. I promise we will meet soon.

Aero was conflicted; he knew that he barely knew this young woman. He didn’t know who she was or from when she came, but he did know that she was now necessary to him, and he did not want her to leave him.

Before he knew it, she flew off with the other seven, and all eight flew back towards the battle to continue fighting. Aero assumed

It was only one place to go now, and that was deeper into the forest, so Aero, frightened of what he might find frightened of everything around him of the darkness of the danger of the dragon trees, continued into the forest.

As there ventured deeper into the forest, he notices that dark silhouettes are flying overhead. These must be enemy forces searching for him as he goes deeper and deeper.

For the life of him, he cannot figure out why they would be looking for him, why the battle broke out, why are his parents missing, and finally, why would this young lady show up and risk everything to save him and lead him away from danger these are questions that played his mind as he went deeper into the forest, but at least they took his mind off the scary and frightening surroundings of the dark Forest that enveloped him as he went further and further away from home

These must be called searchers because they were searching for something clearly, and all Aero could figure is they were searching for him. It’s the why that plugged him. It’s the why that bothered him.

As if the Dark Forest wasn’t frightening enough, Aero notices a bright light up ahead and wonders what could be a bright spot in the dark Forest that can sometimes be more frightening than the dark Forest itself. Enlightenment people I like men others and it meant possible danger.

Aero makes his way to the bright spot in the forest, and just behind a giant shrub, he sees that there’s a clearing up ahead.

And then he hears something that he recognizes, something more familiar to him than his very own heartbeat. He hears the voice of his own two parents

Mom dad? Aero whispers to himself.

Aero pushes parts of the giant Bush out of the way, and he sees into the clearing where his two parents are standing among other gleaming individuals. The white cloaks of his parents are shimmering like two stars that have fallen to Aretherra.

He can’t quite make out their voices, but he can tell that his parents are trapped. They are surrounded by enemies they are unable to go anywhere, and they may even be bound by something that defies logic some energy field

With every fiber of his young, innocent being, Aero wants to run out; he wants to save them; he wants to fight off all these bad guys and destroy them and save his parents! But alas, that would be foolhardy, and we get him killed and then killed soon after that, so he stays put and hides behind The bushel where he sits.

Well, he’s not sure how much time has passed. It could have been 20 minutes, it could have been an hour, a long time that does pass, and then a vortex opens up nearby. It’s glittering and shimmering, and air and leaves are blowing into it being sucked into it.

Several Vyst comes out of the portal, grabs his parents, and then pulls them in before he knew it; his parents were gone just like that, his parents were gone, and he was left alone.

Soon after his parents were taken, the rest of the beings flew away. Aero was left alone in a dark Forest, completely afraid, entirely lost, and unaware of where he was and where he should go next.

Near the vortex era, one could see one thing on the ground, something glinting among the leaves in the underbrush, so Aero came out from behind The bushel and walked over. It was his dad’s pocket watch.

This was no ordinary pocket watch; it was an heirloom passed down from eons of time through his family bloodline. This watch was important. His father left behind this watch for some reason, so Aero picked it up and put it in his pocket.

The watch hasn’t worked in nearly 700 years. It’s frozen at a particular time, which is 9:12 p.m.

Aero, at this point, was only a 12-year-old lost in a forest and now filled with the most profound sadness, something that went directly to the depths of the soul. His mom and dad were gone. He didn’t know if they were alive or dead. All he knew is that he was left alone and had so many questions. Why did his mom and dad look like those other people? Why do they look like they were odd, and why on Earth would they be taken by those other evil jerks, those bad guys that destroyed his home? Why, why, why!?

Aero wandered North for a very long time. It felt like hours, but in reality, it was only about an hour or so until he came to the torrent of a rushing river.

It was brighter outside now because lhunoz was finally peeking out from the dense cloud cover overhead. Aero found some soft grass on which he could sit down but really; he ended up laying down to rest his eyes.

Being 12 years old, he didn’t have the emotional reservoir to deal with the events of this evening. Aaron did not know that he was in shock and wouldn’t know this specific terminology for years to come. But he was; Aero was in shock.

Lhunoz, Aero noticed, was hanging in the night sky like a giant light bulb. The heavenly light gave Aero much-needed comfort and a guiding presence, from which he could make out his surroundings better.

Aero knew that the river was coming up ahead, and the light from the Moon was casting a silhouette on a mountain in the distance, so the Aero-headed towards the mountain. For some reason, the mountain felt safe to him felt like a safe place to go, a place where he could find shelter, maybe a cave somewhere to hide out, somewhere to keep safe from the threats from the night.

And then he came upon the rushing River. This. River was one that you don’t cross alone. It’s hard to even cross with a boat. Luckily, the light of the Moon illuminated the possibility of crossing the river.

There were rocks giant rocks which went across the river. These rocks were the kind that he would have had to LEAP one rock to the next, but what if they were slippery? What if they were the type of rocks that would have been slippery and therefore falling into the torrent of the river.

And then there was a fell tree there was a tree up ahead that it fell in over the river Aero could cross over with that tree but what if he slipped off the tree what if he couldn’t inches away across or Walk this Way across and then still ended up falling into the river, so the second possibility to cross the river with a tree.

The third was about a mile down the river Aero was confident that there was a bridge. The bridge possibly was heavily guarded, so could he cross the river with that bridge that seemed doubtful still, but it was still the third possibility.

Rock tree or bridge Aerohead to decide the question: what would you do would you cross the River on the tree? Would you cross the river going over the slippery rocks or would you go down the river to the bridge that could have been guarded by more bad guys what would you choose?

Aaron never got to decide because before he knew it, suddenly, two dark figures crossed the path of its shine and alerted Aero that he was not alone.

Without warning, the two figures grabbed Aero by his arms and snatched him, forcefully sweeping him into the air.

These were two of The searchers that were out looking for him before, not that he recognized, and that would have been impossible, but they were flying, and they were the odd type, so yes, these were the same bad guys that were looking for him before they swept them higher and higher up into the air.

Aero looked down for a moment, as the river became smaller and smaller below him. The light from the moon was glistening off the torrents of water.

For some reason, the Aero is not afraid he wasn’t sure why. All he knew is that he had to do something, but this is something that he did not do with using his rational mind. Something deep inside him made a power come out of him that he had never expressed before.

My parents have prepared me for this moment for my entire life. They knew that someday, this might happen. I cannot betray their love of me, and their lives were given to me. I cannot let these evil men take me to my capture, or worse take me to my death!

With these powerful thoughts coursing through my mind, I suddenly felt a surge of power coursing through my body. At that moment, I felt my entire being change. My whole body tingled, and the air against my skin sizzled with a sense of energy. For the first time that night, for the first time in my life, I felt powerful! My spine blazed with heat all at once; it tingled and burned at the same time. The pain from the heat surged up through my neck and into my head, all-consuming grief. I felt like passing out. I felt like throwing up.

None one of my captors noticed me wincing in pain. The little captain was still standing at attention, and the two huge searchers still had me clenched in a vice grip on each arm.

Suddenly I could feel the only energy, the fire in my body burned off, and the pain subsided; and then it happened. A surge of energy surged from the bottom of my spine to the top and then out through my now outstretched arms! My two flanking captors exploded away from me, hurtling through space until they each were slammed against nearby columns. They didn’t get up.

Now Aero is falling and falling until he reached terminal velocity towards the river below. Still, then suddenly, something else happened, something he had not accounted for. Aero put his hands up in front of him. They started to slow his descent just enough. He was floating just enough to slow himself until he landed on the other side of the river safe and sound.

Did I fly? I doubt that, or did I did it? I wasn’t sure.

Because of those two searcher guys, I had crossed the river on my own accord. The mountain still loomed in the distance, its silhouette sitting there because of the light of the Moon. I knew I had to go to it in front of me was the Old Forest Road that led deeper into Erebus Forest, so on it I tracked, and I tracked for another 2 hours until I saw the light from a small cottage off in the trees.

I didn’t know who lived there; I just knew that for some reason, it felt safe. I felt like a safe place I could stop, so I ran to it, and I pounded on the door, and I pounded on the door, and then the door opened up, and I kind smiling face looks back at me.

Andy: “Quickly now, come in! Hurry, before they….”

I was shocked.

Andy looks at me with the deepest sympathy and compassion.

Andy: “I am truly sorry. Come in. I will protect you, Aerosus. As I once did your Mom and Dad.”

I looked him in the eyes; I trust Andy and I come inside. For the first time since I was home again and I felt safe.

Andy is a new character.
Andy is short for:
Andy is going to be a fantastic character, and I’m very excited about writing for him!
Andy served with Aero’s parents in an elite group of 12 ancient warriors.
I’ll be sharing more about all of this new Mythology soon, Lord willing!

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