Aero’s Garden Part 1

Aero’s Garden

Very very rough draft

Once upon a Time on the planet of Aretherra on the continent of the United Republic of Aretherra, in a small village just north of the capital city, they lived a boy with his parents.

This boy’s name is Aero, and he lived with his mother and father in a small cottage on the coast of the sea.

It was an idyllic setting. On one side, the beautiful waves crash against the shoreline. The giant Cliff allowed him to look out over miles and miles of sea. Behind his house, he had a beautiful, beautiful garden, and in this garden, he would play his days away, going on adventures and climbing trees in meeting magical creatures in the forest.

Aero’s father was a carpenter. He built their house, and after that, he builds other people’s houses; he could build just about anything; he was something of a renaissance man; he could build and do anything with his hands which amazed Aero all the more.

Ariel’s mother was an artist; she was a beautiful woman who took care of their home and took care of his father and him, and she was brilliant; she could write, draw and paint anything; her creative abilities were unparalleled.

Aeros’s days were happy and free; he lived among the trees and explored the grounds and all the gardens that surrounded his house, and he loved being in his gardens and especially loved going into the forest and meeting the magical creatures that live there.

Aero and get lost for hours at a time exploring nature and exploring the world around him all within reach of his house because his mother would never let him go further than the call of her voice so long as Aero could hear her voice, he was close enough to go on an adventure. Still, he could go no further than that.

Within reach of his mother’s call, an entire world existed both outside and inside his house; his mind and his imagination thrived like few other children before him and none other after him.

Aero is vastly intelligent; he’s humble, he has a good heart, he loves his mom and dad with all of his spirits in a urine to explore the universe. Aero dreams of flying among the Stars and soaring among the clouds.

Aero wants to rage through the depths of Aretherra, exploring the caverns and caves in want to walk alongside the shorelines of distant planets that he sees in the night sky. On certain nights he and his dad would look at the telescope and look at all the constellations in different moons and stars in the skies. He loved this more than anything but especially loved spending time with his father.

Like his mother, Aero has learned to write, and he’s written stories about his dreams in which he ranges over the highest mountain peaks and tries to the deepest snows of our terror.

Most of all, Aero loves using his imagination. He doesn’t think of it like some clinical type of Way Aero uses his imagination that spawns by pure inspiration, so the more he explores, the more he’s inspired by the things that he finds during his explorations he uses these to tell his stories.

Surrounding Aero’s house for lush green fields and gardens like now than ever it’s been seen before the air was a very blessed boy, and Aero knew that it did not, and he did not take this for granted. The things that his creator gave him were major blessings, and he was very thankful for them. He and his parents prayed every night, thinking they’re creators for what they had been given.

For a 12-year-old boy Aero is very wise beyond his years.

Aero’s mom would call for him often when it was time for dinner or if she wondered if he was safe and okay. Aero was a little annoyed about this because he was off on one of his adventures, and his mother’s siren song was calling from the steps of his home. Still, that siren song was one of love, a deeply compassionate, unconditional love unconditional until death.

Today Aero is off on another adventure going through the woods running in frolicking and having fun, and he was, and then he was walking along a fence on the western side of his family’s property.

Ariel’s mom calls from the house. It’s time for lunch, so Aero runs back and has lunch with his parents. During lunch, his parents remind him not to go beyond the fence into the gardens beyond those forbidden places.

Aero must stay on their property on their side of the fence Aero is tempted to go now more than ever, so after lunch, Aero walks along the fence alone. His parents were busy somewhere else. He’s dragging a stick along the fence, banging it along the boards, and he walks around the North and the West, where the stream runs underneath the fence. This is where Aero discovers something stunning for the first time.

They were missing boards missing pieces to the fence, and now there was a small tunnel through which he could go into the secret and forbidden gardens beyond.

For a boy who is always curious and always looking for adventure, this temptation was almost far too great to ignore. There was now a way to get to the forbidden gardens, a way to get to the place for which he’s been tempted for a long time. He wanted to see what was on the other side of the fence. He wanted to see the forbidden gardens.

Aero’s parents had a lot of rules for him one Aero was not allowed in the Arabis forest to the north of their property, two eras were not allowed in the Forest road alone three Aero was not allowed beyond the fence into the forbidden gardens for Aero is not allowed to go to the Sea save for with his mom and dad. Finally, five Errol must always stay close enough to hear his parents calling from their house. These are the rules that he had to live by

0 Aero marvels at the forbidden garden beyond the great tree, the cedar, and the Cypress in the pines. He wanted to see these for himself, not just over the fence or from his bedroom window, under the second floor and overlooked fence.

Aero marvels at the forbidden garden beyond. He sees The Great Tree, The Cedars, Pines, and Cypress Trees.

There’s a stream leading to a small pond with a dock. A dam sits at the other end, where an aquafer leads off into a small forest of trees, the likes of which Aero has never seen before. 

There are flowers and plants that Aero has never seen before. He keeps a journal of trees, plants, and flowers he’s discovered on his adventures. Nothing in this enchanted garden matches the likes of anything he’s seen or documented before. 

Lizards, by the billions, run about and climb the dragon trees that surround him and the garden. 

There are tropical birds adorned with colors not known to any color wheel. The squirrels dance among the uppermost branches of the trees, where the heavy moss hangs and sways in the day’s warm breeze. 

Aero didn’t like to call squirrels. Instead, he called them Commando Jacks due to their evident and amazing acrobatic feats of ability and commando-like command of climbing and hanging from any surface. 

Bunnies bounced about the lush green grasses, eating and playing with abandon to fear or consequence. 

The song of the cicadas cries out from every direction.

Unknown species of birds in every imaginable color dart between trees and overhead

Bees buzzing for nectar, bounding and floating from flower to flower. 

Clouds above swam with the winds that carried them over the bright sun, granting much-wanted shade from time to time. 

Sunlight warms Aero’s back as it passes overhead to another horizon. It had been overcast that morning; the sun must have blown away the dense cloud cover.

Aero followed the stream to the pond, and he walked out onto the little dock to look down into the dark green water just below his sneakers. A little boat was tied to the dock, which meant that someone lived nearby and used it for fishing.

Aero was about to venture further into this secret garden paradise, and then he heard his mother calling for dinner. 

He could hear her in the Hidden secret Garden! This changes everything!

Aero ran back to the wall, slipped through, rounded the fence, and headed home for the day.

For the rest of the day, Aero could not stop thinking about the secret and forbidden gardens, so he made plans to sneak out after bedtime.

After his Mom and Dad tucked him in and a story from his Dad about a couple of best friend space cadets, Aero pretended to be tired, but his mind was racing, making plans, and thinking of everything he needed for his secret night mission beyond the fence.

Aero went out his second-floor bedroom window and nimbly climbed down to the ground.

Aero Set off for the secret garden, but halfway to the fence, he had a change of heart. He turned back and raced home to climb in bed. Guilt! Not fun, he thought. 

The next day, Aero went back, and this time he felt less guilt than the last. 

Aero thought that he deserved to go beyond the fence. He thought I deserve this. I follow every stupid rule and order that my parents give. I deserve a reward.

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