My Dreams 4 34.50



Exiting a spacecraft into the hallways of what looked like a college girl’s dorm. For some reason, I was acting either creepy or arrogant and once again I was able to fly. Technically I was floating a few inches off the ground, able to float this way when I truly and deeply concentrated. I felt like I had done this before. There was a real sense of familiarity and I believe I have dreamt about this ability many times before, whether I remember it or not. 

I enjoyed scaring and freaking out the girls who ran away from me as I chased them through the hallways. 

Woke up at 5 or 6 p.m. after falling asleep in a theater chair. 



I was in a maze-like, almost prison-like, college building that was built in a mirror configuration. Matching sides next to each, one had a woman’s and one man’s bathroom, showers, changing areas. At one point I was sneaking into someone’s things to steal precious bags and bars of candy. I was either found out or I was being chased or under strict curfew laws and I was desperately trying to reach my home turf again, without being caught. 

While I was stealing, there was no shame, it was expected or I was showing others how or that I could accomplish this task. 

The part where I was trying to get to the safety of home turf, where I was trying to evade capture or a deadline, I was frantic and frightened of not making it back. The layout of the facility was the biggest obstacle in the way of  my objective. Everything was confused and I was disoriented, like I had never been there before. A stressed fish out of water in an alien place. 

Woke up at 4:30 a.m. unable to breathe well. 



I was with Melanie and while we were spending time with each other, and we were already married. 

The entire time in the dream I felt a heavy weight, a foreboding darkness, a distance. It was as if I had only come over for dinner and could make jokes about the past, back when we were hot and heavy in love, but in that “now” we were no longer. To make matters worse, she was pregnant. 

To make the dream far more emotionally complicated. At one point I put my cheek and ear against the skin of Mel’s round pregnant belly and there was an immediate response from the baby. At that moment the entire universe knew I was a father and I would be the best one I could be. 

Just before waking, I recall that even though it was just us and I was the father of our baby, our healthy loving relationship, felt very strained and worst, because of some new threatening temptation, one that had not previously existed.

Woke up at 7:30 p.m. 

37.      Dream Five


After being away, a ruler returns to his home world and finds that a generation of children have been raised to ascend to the throne.

Brought up in pairs, a boy and a girl each, dressed in red and blue shimmering cloaks,  they were genetically designed, born, and raised for one sole purpose, to someday assume the throne and rule their people. 

Given that there are many boy/girl groups (teams?) they will have to vie for their rightful place to rule their people. 

Mothers are screened, chosen, implanted with the best possible design for a pair of human twins, and then she is carefully monitored throughout her pregnancy. 

Once the twins come to full term, a plan is set in motion and the mother is then brought before the best surgeons and the twin boy and girl are then cut from her womb. 

The mother is never seen again and the common people do not know what happens to the mothers of the twins who will someday vie for a shot at the throne.

There are many whispers and secrets and many believe that the mothers are sent to a special communal home, the ones who survive the birth procedure. This group home of Ascension mothers, live with each other in an estate by the sea.

Still, others speculate that the mother of the victorious twins who win the throne is allowed to live with her children and help raise them in the capital. The truth about the Ascension Mothers is much more since and far darker than anyone can imagine.

The royal twins, the Ascension Twins are raised by the state, teachers and nannies, robots and mechanisms of the all powerful central government raise and ensure the very best outcome of every set of Twins and the chosen set. 

Each generation, x number of twins fight for the throne.

Public, televised, trials, battles, fights, and one debate. The world watches as the twins vie for their chance to claim the throne. The Twin selection process was established long ago to hone and test each brother and sister to ensure that they were honorable, brave, and kind. The gauntlet testing ensured that they had valor, integrity, honesty, and virtue. 

No more. The MASSIVE size of the government and the automated now seeks everything the tests used to rule out. 

The People eventually vote for who they want to rule them for the next X number of years. 

The twins who do not succeed…

Once, only once, there were three. Triplets. Twins + One.  



I was part of a group of people, like a family, at a private gathering that was disrupted by a processional on the street next to our yard, garden, like it was just beyond our private space. I had to show my discontent with the disturbers of the peace by throwing pies or something at them. 

On the other side, behind our table, there was suddenly a section of rows of green chairs that were occupied by half. I notice someone who is part of the political machine, but as a person who sells her knowledge and ability to the ruling class. I approach this blonde British beauty and begin to dance with her. She offers to fill me in on who and what I need to do to fight the powers at being, for a price. 

Woke up 335 a.m. 



Had several short dreams in a row. Most centered on arriving at different vacation spots, locations with my family. Most were exotic in local. 

The last however was darker and more specific and reflected a darker, seldom dealt with fear that lurks in the back of my mind. 

At this last place, a box is discovered by Melanie’s mom, previously hidden in the top of a hall closet, it contained a small beaded coin purse. 

An old object that belonged to Mel during her youth and hadn’t seen the light of day since she was a teenager. Mel’s mom found something disturbing inside the purse and quickly closed the purse, leaving it and the box on a nearby table, she then walked away without further response. 

I went to it, painfully mostly knowing what I would find inside, but I looked anyway as soon as I saw.  in the dream, I was very upset,  because of past sins and mistakes coming back to haunt us. 

 I awoke just as upset in real life around 222 a.m. est. 



There was these three performers who wore these changeable masks, that covered the entire face as well as most of the chest and some belly. 

Two of the mask flippers, which were made of wicker like materials, would make a quick toss and flip the third performer over their heads and he would land on a stool behind them, his back hitting its exposed surface after flipping the third guy, the other two would then continue and start the performance over again. The first part involved both holding wire and string mobiles with suspended white things,  the second part was the main mask flipping. 

I observed all of this while I was passing by,  on the run from somewhere to somewhere. 

I had a sense that the third guy, after being flipped in the air behind the main two would then be up to possible sneaky and illegal things as the other two distracted and performed. 



Melanie and I found each other in a camping-like situation. We and many other people were in a large dark open cabin in the middle of the night. Were both excited to see each other and I invite her into my single small bed and we enjoy our proximity. Hiding behind some strategically placed empty bookshelves on the side of the bunk which faced the open room, and all of the other campers on their bunks or sleeping on the floor, we cuddled in our private setting. Safe, very closely intertwined, and happy together. 

Later on Melanie gets out of bed and rushes outside where we heard that food was available. 

This news was weirdly welcome, as it felt like it was the first real food available to all of us in a long time. Melanie got her rations quickly and disappeared. However, by the time I got to the large hot cooking bolder, I could only secure one squishy chicken fried steak. No sides, no gravy. I was told there was some funky sauce, but I was upset that I only found the one chicken fried steak processed meat plank and I angrily chucked it into the night. 

After which I stormed through the coals and dying flames of a campfire and a wake of sparks danced around me for a moment as I went searching for Melanie. 

Unable to find her, I went looking for my chicken fried steak and another girl was trying to help me with her phone light. I finally found it on the dirty ground, ants and dirt nearby. 

I then carried my recovered the chicken fried steak, and began to  looking desperately for Melanie in the dark forest.

I finally found her in another cabin, where she was finishing up making some sawmill gravy from scratch. 

At this point, finally finding her again, I could care less about eating and only wanted to go back to bed. Yes, I know.

Woke up just before 6 a.m. in cape cod basement. After a long night of restless sleep and sleeping dreams that were 1 not restful. 

42.  Dream Four


I was a member of a team, a crew member,  on a highly experimental and dangerous space flight. For unknown reasons, we had to launch our fixed-wing craft from the base prematurely and set out for somewhere in space. For an unknown reason I was left behind, however in my space suit, I closely followed the shuttle as it went over the buildings of the base to the actual launch site. Given the peril and uncertainty of our shuttle departure, the base was either occupied by an enemy force, or our people in command were trying to prevent our escape and launch into space. 

After my harrowing base escape, I was close enough to the trans dimensional engines to be sucked into the wake of the downward draft of the dimensional rift, or tummel. With the aid of my suit, go with the shuttle into space. Once there I help guide and connect the shuttle to landing brackets. 

I then greet the crew when I open the shuttle airlock door. They are surprised that the launch and journey went well. And especially surprised that I traveled with, but outside. I and my crew are then shown digital proof of my arrival and the fact that I was asked and meant to come along. “so it was you all along?” Time travel…The question of the chicken and the egg is posed. Was I meant all along to go with them? Pictures and profiles grace a view screen nearby. 

Later me and my crew are in a susty, boarded up building. In the room we discover that everything we went through was documented long ago. Do we still have free will? Or are our lives predictable and at the mercy of faceless leaders? 



I ran with a crew of young people committing crimes using technology and or time travel to help o80ur cause. 

However along the way our conscience made us change and we discovered a way to live very posh lives in very amazing flats without hurting anyone else. 



Lots of church dreams. Sitting in church  finding seating moving to a better pew

Nathan stirred near wake up time and said “turn into a butterfly🦋



In a strange underground place,  inhabited by a ruler and others, an unknown stranger stands before the queen, as if to be judged. This cloaked person’s face is unseen and while it feels that the inevitable ruling power of the magistrate will certainly doom the hidden subject, at the last minute, when the queen asks for her last words, she lifts her head to reveal her face and responds “I don’t know, I’ll tell you when I have assumed the throne and you are at my mercy.” 

The cloaked subject is my mother. 

Woke up at a second time, 529 a.m. just before Mel’s alarm went off. 



I was spending time at the beach on a bright and hot summer day. I was with a younger girl that may have been Melanie. At one point, seemingly for fun, I anger some local hoodlums and then head up an h looked down upon the main thoroughfare running between the parking lot and the beachfront. Once far enough ahead and out of sight from the pack of jerks, I toppled down the embankment, down from the path high above to the main walkway down below. Leaving the guys high above and wondering where I went. 

Later, next to the parking lot and waiting for a shuttle or bus, I’m standing with the young woman from before, there’s not a face really, just a feeling of familiarity to her. As he discusses her shirt and if it fits and looks good, another guy and girl are next to us and we strike up a conversation. Within moments, we find out that they are brother and sister and we say that we are too. The next moment we’re asking if they want to come with us to hit the next beach, to join us at another beach, and asked which one should we go to. The brother suggested Rockport beach, which I had not heard of before. I then used my phone to try and find Rockport beach along the coast of cape cod and couldn’t find it. As I was searching the brother and sister left and it was clear that they had no intention of going anywhere with us. 

Woke up to my phone ringing around 3:30 pm and found an email from my mom saying that she liked my Aerosus preamble chapter. 



From best I am able to remember, I was one member of two teams that were racing through these dense forests and wooded lands, which somehow looked and seemed like they were all part of a vast network of interior tunnel systems. Some of the wooded places we endured were so thick with foliage that maneuvering another inch in any direction meant pushing through walls of branches and leaves or finding the route in any direction, even up through open hatches to the level above.  At the end of each leg of the race our reward for winning was a stack of non perishable food, like canned food and the like. As if the winnings of each race begat more winning. If a team kept winning, they would keep eating and vice versa. One such time, our winning team left just enough food behind so the other losing team could share a single can and get by another leg. Unlike our overlords who were trying to starve our components, we had mercy and did not want them to starve and die within the confines of the inhospitable environment. I feel as if I knew and cared for the our team’s members, like they were my friends and family, also victims of the boreal race course and not my actual enemies. Our real enemy were those forcing our teams to run the daily race. 

I woke up at 446 a.m. cold and needing to pee. 



I was watching a succession of sort of vinyets playing out, like scenes from a couple TV shows I once watched being reenacted in real life before my eyes. They took place in the real world, but were also known to be from sources of fiction with characters from fiction, yet all living and breathing here in the real world. 

One took place between a wooded area and a field that lay next to it. 

The one that happened before I woke up had two millennial type guys, one that was tan and squinted a lot, the other some generic grown haired dude, both of whom were convincing the small town mayor to invest in a new city rejuvenation project, like building a part where old side streets and dilapidated buildings used to crumble. 

Somehow in all of this, the focus of my thoughts were on thee two creeps and how the new park would benefit them personally. This small town political intrigue was the focus instead of the more interesting citizens who may have fought the park’s construction or the other, better people that lived in the town. 

The last thing I recall was watching a local TV interview and hearing  a sound bite by one of the two young guys, who were both appearing in a local TV interview, their voices overlaid on long shots of the finished park. They were asking a rhetorical question about the people in the town and the park. “What about the people who will use the field and the thousands of people who could fill this cobblestone plaza between buildings just beyond main street? We designed it for them, to accommodate all of those people at once…”

I woke up just after their faces appeared on TV, following the shots of the park, the TV interview still in progress at around 4:30 AM.

49. Dream Three


Tonight’s dream was a sequel to a dream that I had another night in the past. 

The First Dream found myself and a team of skilled CIA-type operatives infiltrating an office building of a company or government building in a foreign land. We were there to steal intelligence to use in our fight for freedom and liberty against all who dare oppose it on the world’s stage. It was very much an action-spy-thriller type dream, very cinematic in its presentation and execution within the confines of my dream. However, by the end of the dream four of my teammates were captured by the foreign government, tortured and imprisoned. 

Part 2

Tonight’s dream, the second part, picked up some time after the events of the first dream. Our teammates are still in a foreign prison and after all diplomatic efforts have failed, we plan on sneaking into the country covertly and then breaking them out of the prison. 

We sneak through the outer perimeter defenses and reach the inner walls of the prison complex. However, like an onion, the building is built with layer after layer of defenses and walls to keep people out and in at the same time. We concoct a plan and use air ducts, back stairwells, unused hallways and by taking out guards along the way, part of our team finally makes it to the very basement of the prison building. The rest of the team stays on the roof waiting to help with exfil. Myself and one other teammate, who hangs on a back wall are in the dimly lit basement, which is where the prisoners eat their meals. However, for some reason, I do not know what our four people look like anymore. It could be because the prison administrator is a mad scientist who tortures by changing people’s appearances, literally changing their faces, bone structure and all. Since it’s been a couple years, the scars have healed and all signs of the plastic surgeries have faded, leaving behind a room full of strangers. Upon the poor advice of another team member, I attempt to stand in the middle of the room and announce a series of code words that only our teammates would know and could give proper challenge responses to. However, this is a poor idea, if they responded amid the room full of other prisoners and guards, not to mention cameras, then their identities would be immediately revealed and mine as well. Instead, I look like a crazy person and risk my reveal from the outset. 

Switching course, I go from table to table and challenge each group, looking for signs and eyes, speech patterns and mannerisms. I finally find our prisoner teammates and we make a hasty escape for the rooftop when the end of dinner bell rings. We do make it to the rooftop, where we’re greeted by a confusing mix of conditions and circumstances. There are these massive, eight foot wide in circumference, floating balloons, attached to the railing with thick ropes, on each of the four corners of the rooftop. In addition, as we’re running along the edge of the roof, with a railing to our right and a high wall about five feet to our left, like a long hallway where one side drops off far below. As we’re running down this hall on the roof, open sky is above us and snipers and gunners are shooting at us. Suddenly a parade of costumed animal performers, lead by a school teacher in bright garb, walks by us on our left, going the opposite direction. We keep going, making our escape, our exfil and then it happens…

The Prison Administrator detonates explosive charges along the very roofline we had been running down. The entire side of the top of the building goes up in a huge ball of fire and crumbles into the floors and the ground below. Seeing the explosions coming from the far side of the roof and as I was bring up the rear of our escape party, I had just enough time to turn and run the opposite direction before the charges, chasing from the other end towards me, finally reached where I had been running. My efforts to elude the coming explosions worked and I lunged for and grabbed onto the railing by the far corner of the rooftop. The nearby destruction broke the railing apart and the piece that I was holding just so happened to have the floating balloon tied to it. Up I went, pulled up into the sky by the massive blue green balloon. In my mind I could hear the maniacal laugh of that prison administrator, as he watched me float away from the death’s of my entire team, to my own inevitable demise. 

Until I was floating high above the city, rapidly ascending toward the low lying clouds, I hadn’t noticed how dark the sky was, how dark the clouds were. A violent storm was raging in the clouds. Intercloud lightning danced above my head and lightning bolts rained down upon the city below. The rain was light, but the storm’s energy was Kbuilding and it’s winds were swirling, carrying me right into its path. Higher and higher I flew, floating toward only one possible outcome, I would be struck by lightning and killed instantly. If not, my strength would give out and I would fall to my death. Or on a similar note, the balloon could pop at any moment, and I would drop out of the sky, where gravity would deliver by death sentence within seconds. Any and all of these scenarios continuously flashed through my mind as I continued to climb higher and float further over the city, now over the suburbs and soon to be the countryside beyond the city limits. Miraculously I the balloon never popped and I never let go. For some reason the lightning didn’t strike me or the wet balloon and rope either. Instead I wound the six feet of rope between me and the balloon above around the piece of railing, which gave me a better, less slippery grip. I was also right under the balloon then, so if lightning did strike, it would not have hit me. Now I know, I would have still probably fallen to my death, but at least it would not have been as a burn crisp of a human. Floating out over farm and pasture land, the rolling hills of cow and sheep grazed fields, my balloon finally hit a leafless tree and it’s sharp limbs popped it. Luckily at this point I was only about ten feet off the ground and I landed on the soft wet ground by the trunk of the tree. Hours later I woke after passing out from my fall and I was able to contact headquarters for a pickup. 

Woke up at 11:06 to my alarm.

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