My Dreams



I was at a theme park sort of place and within it, the central attraction, as far as I can remember, was a big diner-style restaurant. I was there with my entire family, Mel and the Kids, although they were younger than their 2017 counterparts. Much ado was made over the ordering of food, which was strange because the interior decoration of the food palace was nothing greater than a fast food joint circa the 1980s, Something required me to leave our party of people several times, bad orders, need of a booster chair, etc are possible and each time I had to venture into the inner workings of the restaurant, where the workers were busy trying to get customers their junk food. Only the inner part had a 1950s feel of a diner, industrial and dark and imposing though. Each time I walked through the workers behind the scenes, I attempted to be invisible, as if I belonged there because I feared the workers would call security on me. The last time that I went through, it was behind the lines of where they prepared, plated, and served food to the customers who were ordering at counters out in the darkness of night. 

Almost through the kitchen area, I overheard two older ladies, workers who lived together and one was asking for rent money from the other. The other replied that she needed to buy food and stuff for her kids and that it wasn’t the best time to pay the first lady her rent money. The asking lady replied that she needed to be able to go back to church and having the money would help her do that, implying needing money to give in the collection plate and that giving to church was very important to her. 

I reluctantly walked away from them into the summer night to look for my family. I wished very badly to tell them of my church and I really wanted to help both of them. 

I finally found Mellanie and the kids after coming around a big stucco-like building on the edge of a pond. I saw Mel from a distance and it looked as if she was laying out getting sun, at night. As I got closer I recognized the others and then I saw that both Gary and Jane were with them too. My parents could have been there with Mel, kids, G, G, but I don’t see them. 

Woke up at 4:31 AM. My eye was running and I had to pee badly.



Dreamt of various possible theories and must-be’s with regard to 12 Monkeys and it’s storylines and characters. Such as what old Jennifer knows, saw and knew at the time of her death. She must have lived through the final outcome of the war between Jones, Cole and Cassie and the Army of the 12 Monkeys. Knowing this and the role that she would have to play as leader of the Daughters and helping hand to the cause during season 1 and 2, even though she’d seen the “beginning of the end” and had her time with Athan, she knew that she had to be near the factory to help and ultimately die next to her replacement younger self from the past.   



I felt a deep sadness and grief beyond words as I witnessed the events unfolding in the darkened theater. I was witness to the ultimate betrayal, a coup of family, a betrayal of the greatest magnitude. All is revealed among the rows of seats, with a theater-wide stage in front and many lite exit doors in the back of the large auditorium. As one person after another reveals their roles in the coup, when each person only moments earlier was a devout ally – each a committed servant & partner; I continue to be surprised by members of the family, my friends, and court who all continue to reveal their roles in the betrayal. I finally get my fill and I had enough and then I begin slinging anything and everything at them in an attempt to combat their offensive. Chairs and other objects I throw in their direction, out into the room in a last-ditch effort for me to escape. I am also securing an exit for the very few remaining loyalists to escape by my side. As we run from the theater, I am unceremoniously ripped from the dream without knowing the outcome of me and those who opposed me.

Nathan woke me up at 430 am whispering and asking to use my phone. 

Couldn’t sleep until 7AM on the 4th and was in bed asleep by 11 PM. Woke at 1 AM, tried but couldn’t remember dream, woke again this time with “12” thoughts at 2:30 AM.

54.   Dream Six


I lived in a world where I was a famous celebrity superhero, similar to the Flash, although I’m not sure if I had his powers, but in the context of the dream I was a superhero of some kind. Cliche I know, but I was a member of a team of other heroes, all of us “working” out of a ultra stylized modern hideout like a Marvel Universe movie, a Tony Stark Avengers kind of place, basically a large really cool building building. The kind of place you always expect and hope superheroes to live and work from.

To be realistic, I was probably a younger, cooler version of myself, not the 40 yr old Dad version of real life. Like Neo in the confines of the Matrix, this felt like the dream version of my ideal self. Great hair, young and strong and really cool to hang out with, of course superpowers of some sort being part of this ideal package as well. The projected outer self, from mind of a guy who escaped the grip of time, the guy I always wanted to be throughout my life.

Part 1

Before the great part of the dream began, something strange happened. Like a surreal prologue that doesn’t fit the rest of the story, the following occurred earlier in the dream. I was hanging out with other celebrities and famous actors. All of us were gathered in a sunken living room in the middle of a massive industrial warehouse typesetting. The “living room” and the furniture, the entire setting was completely out of place within the confines of an otherwise unwelcoming setting. The living space was set in a lower, two steps down square-shaped area, everything was painted white, including the four white leather couches facing out from the edges of the square. I sat down next to the ever-vexing Mila Kunis and on the other coaches were other celebrities. Although I was accepted as one of these types of people, I never really felt like I fit in among these famous types. This was especially evident when I noticed that I was not good enough to sit next to Ms. Kunis. Suddenly a form of “entertainment” came from the massive sliding doors and set up on the upper edge of the living room area. The “entertainment” was three identical men banging away at some sort of drum, could have been a kettle drum. At first, we thought these men were three identical Kevin Bacon’s, all performing some rhythmic piece on their drums. However, upon a closer look, it was three Steve Buscemi’s! A letdown? After the performance was over we noticed that Steve had enlisted the help of some old ladies wearing wigs, didn’t take much hair, given his hairline, to make them look like there were three of him performing. I’m not sure what this has to do with the rest of the dream, the coming much cooler part that is less driven by vapid celebrities and drumming Buscemi’s, but this came first. Perhaps it happened to set up the fact that as a hero I’m also a celebrity? Or it’s just my wacky mind at work again…


Course correcting into much better storytelling, I then dreamt of how there’s an alternative team of heroes who live on another separate, alternate world than ours. They were like our counterparts on the other side. Communication and travel between both worlds were extremely rare and difficult, but we knew of them and what was happening on their side. When travel did happen it was by way of a portal, which establishes a direct connection between our sweet hideout and theirs, located on the other world. Getting from one place to another is nearly impossible, as it requires going through a wormhole. Even given the difficulty of traveling between both places, our semi-regular communication allows us to update each other with current events and needs of each time. Our team had just learned that the other team’s world was collapsing. I didn’t get any details about this collapse, but I did know that it meant certain death of everyone. Given the very short time frame before this catastrophe, both teams had to work together to enact a rescue mission so we could go over and save them, bring them back to our world. Both teams put their best minds to work on each end and we figure to solve the wormhole issue just in time to establish a link between worlds. We make the dangerous trip to the other side to go rescue the other team from their hideout. Once I arrive I find and gather the other team and begin to make my way back to the portal for escape. The world is shaking and collapsing as we run toward the portal room. However, I see someone at the back of a long room or hallway and it is a person that I have not seen in a very long time. This person doesn’t live or doesn’t exist in my world, only in this one. I’m happy and surprised to see that he’s been instrumental in making the calculations to form and maintain the wormhole for their escape, he’s been their best mind on their side, even though he’s not officially part of the superheroes of this alternate world. I see my friend Joel in the distance and learn that he’s been made an honorary member of this hero team, given his lifesaving contributions to the cause on their side. 

We raced to the portal, which looked like a big black moving circle blob-like thing, almost like a three-dimensional oil slick suspended in midair over the middle of a circular stone pit. We all go through the wormhole, which takes a few seconds, and makes it back to our world. When the last of us went through, it was doubtful that Joel made it to the portal room in time, but I’m surprised and very happy to learn that Joel was able to make it through the wormhole with us. It must have been questionable if Joel would be able to travel through the wormhole. It’s possible, within the context of my dream, that this type of interdimensional travel required the possession of a superpower, something more than human to sustain and allow the travel through such a gateway. However, he did make it and we were reunited and happy to see each other again. Before being ripped away from my dream, both hero teams lived in our prime world, although the other world was lost. 

Nathan woke at 7 AM, whispering for my phone again. Soon I was up to let the devil dog out, but somehow Nate went back to sleep and by some miracle I did too, until I was ripped out of my dream again by that silly dog at 9:45 AM scratching and banging and yelping at the door AGAIN. These dreams took place between 7:45 and 9:45 AM.



Introduction chapter begins quietly and softly. A group of friends are traveling together. However by chapter’s end, someone has altered time and  a



A funny scenario where I’m part of a team of people competing in a reality TV show going from one ridiculous physical sport to another at night in a big field. At one point we stood by watching these three different-sized giants prepare to fight us, size small to biggest. When we noticed how unfair it was, how the small giant would crush us and our strength us, I initiated a pullback and protest. So our whole team screamed foul and yelled for a new and different game. We were then summoned to the massive nearby building where the show housed the production so we could be scorned by the producers. My running, while carrying a large soft piece of costume or set was set to theme music that sounded like the air flute from clear and present danger. On my way inside I accidentally hit a young female producer with the soft red thing and she gives me a dirty look. She looked like the girl from this is, now a squirrel girl. 



 Mellie and I were at this hidden resort that was within a dark and deep mountain valley crevasse. Below the wooden decks and climbing layers of outdoor sitting spaces lay a secret alcove deep below. As if an old ship was stuck into the shadowed rocky terrain, an ancient and permanent feature of the place. Deep below was cool clean water and having discovered this we decided our only goal was to play in the pool in the middle of the night. However, we were soon found by others and had to cover up and walk away to wait for a better time. But this singular goal became our sole purpose for being there. Not even our nearby hotel room was an option anymore, our minds were set on playing in that secret pool under the stars and waterfall at night.  The next night we set out again hoping to once again enjoy ourselves while the world slept. But then the decks and wooden walkways far above our “secret” pool were teeming with patrons of the hotel’s outdoor bar. Given that it seemed there would be no perfect time, Melanie draped a system of towels and cloth over the deepest part of the pool, which could at least obscure our nocturnal activities. 

I believe we were finally successful, having thrown caution away and making due even with others around. Because after we joined the strangers and danced to the music among the others on the decks above our semi secret pool below. 

Woke up at 645 to Mel’s alarm, set to bring Ethan to band practice. 


I was in school, possibly Jr high with Joel and it had a major wonder years vibe. My classroom prank segwayed into a real wonder years moment and something to do with coffee grounds and sugar. 

Woke up at 847



  In an edition of “traveling with strange people in strange places,” I found myself in a subterranean garden, one of many pits stops through a vast underground network of tunnels, connecting a series of ancient, now buried cities far below the planet’s surface. Kind of like an iconic cliche, we’re being lead by an old man in a white beard and cloak. Our latest encampment finds us in a huge garden, outfitted with the typical hedge maze, outbuildings, trellis, and fountains. It was by one of these reflecting pools, surrounding an ornate fountain, that we had stopped and been discussing our next endeavor through the tunnels, while we waited for our party’s stragglers to catch up to our latest stop in our journey.  Though we were underground, the; strange misty glow above our heads emulated the cool foggy morning of English countryside, tricking our minds into thinking we were not underground, but somewhere on the surface high above. 

Woke up at 447 AM

61. Dream Nine 9


I met Maisie Williams, who plays Arya Stark, in a fancy hotel lobby. Surrounding the lobby there were shops, restaurants and what seemed like the entrance to a Comic Con convention. She was reluctant to go back to the convention and bored with her lot and thankful to be talking to me. We hit it off from the start and became quick friends. I had to go up to my hotel room to get something and planned on returning to show her something. 

However everything about getting to my room was strange and vastly difficult. After finally getting the right elevator and then finally getting the car to stop at what I thought was the correct floor for my room, I was immediately lost up stairs in the hotel hallways. 

For hotel upper floor hallways, these were massive, long, wide, modern and luxurious, almost Syfy in design and unneeded adornments. Everywhere I went and turned and tried to go while attempting to find my room was wrong. Often I would reach a sudden dead end. Other times, the hallways would end at a great window, or an unfinished cave or a sudden fall off into an abyss. While I searched and searched for my room it felt like I was being watched and I saw men dressed in black watching me from down the hall a few times. 

Somehow I came across a cool piece of tech, which was a handheld sensor and scanner, like a stud finder or metal detector, accept this tech helped guide me to the final location of my room. The little remote room scanner would beep and signal when I was going the right way or not, or it would guide me to other elevators, leading to other parts of the building and back again, like a guide through a ridiculous maze. 

I believe that in the end I finally did find my room and retrieved the item I meant to bring back to the lobby to show Maisey, but by the time I made it back downstairs she was gone and it was all for nothing. 

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