My Dreams

Multiple parts, possibly connected

I’m at my father’s church and he’s gone for a Sunday all of the usual men are gone too. The result was a “worship” service run by bad young people and children. The scene was beyond belief. A guy banging on the organ, yelling, and disrespect. I didn’t feel I could say anything, it was not my place. At one point I grabbed the girl in the pew in front of me and pulled her over into mine to save her from the chaos. For some reason we kissed briefly, she looked like Lydia.

looking at old camper trailers. a down on his luck guy showing it off. massive bear claw swipe hole indoor and a big hole in the wall where the boards were worn thin. I commented on the holes and we moved on to another trailer to look at. This is when I noticed the next nicer trailer had someone living in it and all of the trailers were outside a house. Inside the house it was dark and on one bed was the once hybrid synth, now the human guy from the Humans show. He was laying down. He was my friend.

Inside a high-rise hotel room Joseph Gordon Levitt was sneaking around dark corners leaving little things, like chewed gum or a piece of paper behind because later, or earlier, he would be fighting in that space and would need these objects to subdue his enemies. He was some kind of super-spy.

I was a young recruit in a future space police force or fighting unit. The coolest thing was the caustic talking monkey-like humanoid guy who was chasing a bad guy who’s a sentient cube with a face. The cube guy can morph and change to assume another person’s body. But at one point the monkey guy was near the cube guy when he was dying and for some reason, the cube guy melded with the monkey guy and the result was the monkey guy, who walks on two feet, had a big cube sticking out of him from his midsection to the bottom of his neck. This hybrid monkey cube guy is the coolest character I’ve seen in a long time.

Went to sleep finally around 3 AM after laying awake since 2 AM.
In a big open play place or gym, a large tall ceiling white room with surrounding four-foot walls like a hockey rink, there was a large group of kindergarten-aged kids. Assisted and observed by teaching adults, the kids were all playing a game. During the game, the kids were gathered into small groups of 5-8 kids each. These groups were looking for objects of a similar nature and the game was loud and rawkus. I was there too and I found one of these objects on the floor and what looked like a severed arm was a cloth doll’s arm. I adhere the arm-like velcro to my back and proceed to crawl around the wide circle of small groups. It turned out to be the one item that everyone needed to win the game. None of the groups found the arm before the final moment of the game. When all was done the teachers were impressed and surprised by my idea to crawl around and with my involvement in the game itself. I was happy to be involved.

It’s possible that this occurred because I thought about Nathan going to Kindergarten before I fell asleep.
Woke up at 4:50 AM needing to pee.

Loads of people preparing.
Keys safe

In a limo running from Nazis on their Mountains top base with the alarm going off. Movie set or real. In the car one of the commanders.
Later hiding out, Nathan Fillion my friend makes an apple pie and a baby bottle. He’s the dad of the baby being held by an anonymous mother but he hands me the bottle to give to the kid and I say daddy made it. He then shares the pie with me as we both eat it with our forks.

No ac day, midday
Outside in a town similar to the Midnight TX show
Went inside the airstream camper and Jason Alexander and his wife were inside. The place was a mess and it seems that we were friends or knew each other. After hanging out for a while and talking I started to pick out the best machine gun, which in this setting was a little surprising. We then went outdoors for a covert mission.
Woke up at 5 PM and called for Nathan. He was in Ethan’s room. Everyone else was gone.


We were outside a mansion at night in a very large green. The vibe was like everyone was sitting in their picnics. Like outside a symphony orchestra place. I mainly remember that at one point I went into action and started methodically packing up supplies and food and emptying a tea container to fill with something else. As if we needed to make a sudden and quick escape. Around this time, in another place, Nathan Childers was warming up in front of a jazz band and was having trouble getting his reed right on his saxophone. He would blow and adjust and do it again. He was having trouble because of someone who was watching him from the audience. It felt like I could have been heading out from the mansion picnic to see him that night. Possibly he was inside the mansion.

Woke up at 9 a.m. cold


Picking out dinner to eat at a bar in a home or bunker or near a food court
Blind date with another woman and man
Shark and veggies
She freaks out when accused of stealing
Date is ruined
She had paid for everything
Woke up just before 7 on the first day of school

Multi-level department store. Running from level to level up and down escalators getting as many things as possible. Skateboards, etc

Woke up at 4 AM. Nathan was hurting his leg. Mel got him medicine.


12 monkeys. Spoke with cole as if he was real. Talked about having kids of our own, his with cassie and mine, and how our kids can play together sometime. We were in a large hall or area for gathering and eating, as if in a shopping mall area near a food court.


This dream had two distinct parts that I could remember, challenging the rule that comedy comes in threes.

Part 1
I was inside a normal suburban home and as I made my way through it I encountered many people from my past. I believe that most of these people were from my high school years. While I don’t remember all of the faces and names, there was a sense of familiarity, as if these were friends of mine from school.
Dream laughing
After making my way from the front to the back of the house, I went outside and hung out in the backyard. I spoke with a female friend for a while and every topic lead us to the types of food that we loved. Eventually, she left, and suddenly sitting on top of a logwood pasture face was Thomas Borning from my high school band. He smiled and pointed out how funny it was that all of the topics I was discussing pertained to foods that we loved. My dreaming persona laughed at the ridiculous nature of him being there, of what he said, and of him being there at all. Even the dream, you would have to have been there to get it, for this to be funny.

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