My Dreams

I was at a sci-fi convention and I spoke to Ed Harris. He was with his 2 young kids. Small talk.

136. Dream Nine

During an intense level 10 pain event, I dozed off in the theater chair. My pain was pointed to each side like super sharp daggers. It was violent and extremely intense and specific to a nerve on each side. Eventually, the pain consumed my brain and radiated in my temples and forehead. To escape I closed my eyes and fell asleep.

I was in a small typical narrow living room. I sat on the floor with my back to a wooden coffee table and I faced an old 20-inch color tube television. Sitting on a couch behind the coffee table, behind me, and also facing the television was Terry Mathias, creator, and showrunner of 12 Monkeys.

Together we were watching the latest 12 Monkeys trailers. Near the end, Terry took his shoes off and put his sock feet near my face, and laughed out loud. This is when I realized how strange and cool it was to be hanging out with Terry.
Soon after this, I woke up.

137. Dream 17 X
I was in a train station waiting for the train and went into the bathroom, a lady left as I entered but she’s the one in the wrong room. on the outer wall, there were numerous bathroom stalls and I heard a Dream Theater song coming from one of them.

I soon identified myself as a fellow fan and then showed my Rush stuff and t-shirt to prove it. The DT fan had blue eyeshadow on and he was the guy working on the bathroom and toilet maintenance. After talking for a while the room had changed and was now the train waiting room and the stalls were located along the wall of this room. I told him my reasons why Rush would forever be above and superior to DT and he was skeptical though he too was a fan of both.
My family showed up and we got in line for the train departure.
This is when another type of fandom took over. I saw an ad for a TV evangelist, the type that took old people’s money in exchange for some generic secret of life, with no refund should the answer not be to the swindled person’s satisfaction.
I shook my head and found some people in front of us who liked this guy.
I woke up cold and hurting soon after we left the train station.

6 AM

In a small cabin occupied by several people…
Mel was lying in bed covered up and next to her was a guy she was laughing with and talking to. He was sitting next to her in a separate chair and just talking. When I approached and stood nearby, she said something disrespectful to me and then ignored me.
I went outside and the cabin was right on the beach. I stood there in the sand looking out at the bay and my location and the view did nothing for me, in light of what was happening with my wife inside.

5.22.18 woke up at 305 am very angry until I realized it was a dream.

Walking along the boardwalk with Steve and Melinda and their families. Comment and praise her great weight loss. Just as we all went into a restaurant, sort of seafood kind. She tells me I’m like her Dad, the way I hug and then squeeze an arm to show affection.

Theater chair, 750 wake up

140. Boyd and ice cave
I was in a traditional-looking church building interior auditorium with a minister’s office attached at the front.
This was different because it was in an underground ice cave or ice base. I’m not sure how old I was but I was surrounded by 2nd tired friends acting silly and juvenile. These guys were lead by a very excited Tom borning. They finally got me to reluctantly join some game they were playing among the other more mature acting people who stood around the auditorium.

The scene switched to the inside of a huge white military vehicle that was built for the ice. A young girl was driving, ready to leave the ice caves to venture outside for something. When she started driving through the ice tunnel she heard a thud under her chained tires and then blood splattered on the windows.
I then was in the back cabin of one of these vehicles, outside making the final approach to the underground ice base. As we rolled through a small rural European snow-covered village, that also resembled the campus of a typical ivy league college. Looking out the window I saw my friend Boyd and he was saying goodbye to the family as if he was joining us and leaving them to come to live underground with us. I immediately remarked how much I missed Boyd and how much he meant to me. My affection easily eclipsed Tom’s at that moment. I woke up happy to think about my old friend and then realized that the dream was not real, but he and my feelings were.

Went to bed 250 AM
Woke at 350 AM

City streets
Separate from friends
Food trucks
2nd truck cold farm-fresh iced milk

06.01.2018 snoogle
In the actual dream, I was surprised and self-aware enough to realize that I was in a dream and cognizant of my circumstances and surroundings.

The two surroundings of which I was aware, one existed in the real world and the other, the dream itself.

My real surrounding was the actual dream. The other was the virtual place that I had rendered for myself to occupy within the dream.

Of the second place, the virtual headspace in which I sat, surrounded by a place and people of my design, the details of which were unremarkable and almost anticlimactic.

I sat in the living room of an older home, part of a greater whole, which itself had been altered to my mind’s specifications.

The people who occupied this dream space were fictional characters from TV shows I know and love. The main protagonists from 12 Monkeys specifically were the ones that I recall. We were planning a mission or caper of some kind, however, I do not remember the specifics details of our plans.

Obscene puppets
Huge arena
After dorm-like waystation before flying home
Boxes under a bunk empty electronics
Won’t fit on the plane
Guy, I stole a mini flask returning to the room keeping it secret
Felt nervous anxious

To bed at 2 AM

Dreamt I was in the second-floor loft of a big nice house. I tried to sit next to Mel, who sat on a big soft recliner.

After a brief time, she cut things off without much reason. I took it pretty badly and walked away. After I spent some time alone on a 2nd-floor balcony outside, I went inside to confront her and this is where the dream went very bad and ultra-real.
After a little back and forth I went into a tirade where I accused her of not loving me, asked if she still did if she regretted our marriage, and so on. I believed every question before it was answered. She left me to go to bed and I was left feeling lower and worth less than I ever had before.
Nothing could console me and even my Dad tried to no avail. Morning came, I hadn’t slept and
I knew there were lots of families downstairs in the kitchen. I knew Steve was down there too, laughing with everyone. This fact poured gasoline on the fire of my diminished self-worth.
I was curled up in a ball on the floor and shaking and feeling that it was all over.
I was muttering to myself and shaking and rocking in place.

I woke up in a complete sympathetic panic attack and was saying my words from the dream before I fully awoke and my heart was racing and I believed all of this had happened until I woke up. Even a minute into being awake I believed all was over and Mel had rejected me and I felt every emotion from the dream until my awake rational mind did a full accounting and took stock of reality. Only then was I able to calm myself.

This was the most alarming and real dream I have ever experienced, bar none.

Woke up at 4 AM

145. 777999
I was in a strange place, at first it didn’t matter where and why I was there wasn’t a concern either. I remember being outside a theater, assets were being finished and moved into place for a play that would be going on soon. I knew that my opportunity to take part in the performance had passed and I felt a little remorse because of this.

I climbed around the upper parts of the set, there were workers busily moving about getting ready and I knew which person was in charge. He was someone who committed to the entire process surrounding the play, every facet, and because of this, he was the guy put in charge. I yelled down to him as he passed and I told him that I was available should someone drop out of the play. Upon hearing my announcement, he exclaimed YES to himself as he walked away. So he was happy that I may still be part of his play.

Later there were lots of people gathered outside at night. A sort of party was held around a bonfire. I met a couple of people from my high school past and was casually speaking with them. Then I noticed Bridget from the high school band, we hadn’t seen each other in many years and we immediately hit it off. There was some flirtation happening and the next thing I knew, I was showing all of these people from my past, the scars on my body that I got in the years after we left each other. I showed my neck and told them about my hips and my surgeries. These revelations of mine were met with many gasps and with many surprises. It was Bridget’s knee scar that made me relate to her in this manner.

I woke up at 6 PM in my theater chair, having tried to work on my chapter, and fell asleep in the process.

146. Joel’s Time Travel theory and story

In the dream, I’m in a house, not my house, but a dream house. In the dream, Joel is there and it becomes confusing who’s the house we’re in, the belief wavers between his house and mine, but in the end, it doesn’t matter which house we’re in.

The real gist of the dream comes when Joel gives me his written instructions and designs for his theory of time travel. The next morning, I’m in the sunken living room, taking empty plastic bags out from beneath the center channel and Joel comes out all excited about the story he’s going to write based on his time travel theory.

147. Flying dream. Giants.
I was shooting a basketball on an indoor court inside Steve Eldridge’s house. We played many pickup games until Steven and the other band left. I Hung around until Steve’s dad told me to leave

I left. Wondered around the little for the city for a while

Walked into a grimy above-ground subway just as a boarded-up subway train appeared.

Loads of local workers dressed in hazmat suits dripping with radioactive sludge poured out of the cars onto the dilapidated subway terminus. I left in a flash, as this scene frightened me.

I then wandered into nicer parts of the city.

I looked up and saw two towers looming over the rest of the cityscape.

As if inspired by the ever-reaching height of the towers before me, I lift off the ground and begin to fly high up into the sky above the city.

Soon after I left the confines of the city and was approaching an entirely new place. A wide canyon between two hulking and jagged rock walls lead into a prairie-like field beyond. In the distance beyond this dirt and grass valley laid a wide river that flowed between the furthest most points at the extreme edges of my viewpoint.

More incredible within this view were the massive giants working in the valley below. I continued to fly toward the valley of giants and then I noticed that all of the giants were looking up at me flying toward them.

The giant’s faces were filled with sadness. They gave a sheepish acknowledgment of my presence but were not surprised by the fact that I was flying toward them.

07.05.18 4:00 AM
I found myself in an old garage/horse barn place with a team of 5 other people, including Keith Futch, for a version of Mission Service Supply. I had just met the other four co-workers and Keith was the only other person I knew before beginning work in this awful place. It could have been located in St. Louis.

The building was cavernous, as deep as it was wide and over 2 stories tall. It had mud/dirt floors and our tables, which were our makeshift desks, were in the back.

In the front of the building, there was junk from previous tenants, such as old furniture and miscellany painting supplies.

There was a long hallway like room behind the back wall and I’m it there was a workbench for making horse saddles and a single toilet and sink on the furthest end, totally open to the rest of the ”room”
I felt out of place during the entire dream. Soon after some small talk among us co-workers, a flood of people streamed into our so-called office.

The first couple I had seen at a recent one of our shows. He wanted to know how much the camera rig for his sailboat was going to cost. I checked with Keith even though I knew that the answer was we were not sure yet until Keith found pricing for this bolted down boat steady cam rig.

After this, the questions and needs of the prospective customers became much more insane.

During the chaos, I looked through the door to the back room and found that I would have to climb over a muddy ditch and wall and then squeeze through a bunch of plastic plumbing pipes just to use the back facilities. I told everyone that I couldn’t do this due to my neck and condition. At that moment I decided I wasn’t staying with this company and would be moving back home.

You could tell that the place flooded every time it rained. I looked up and wondered why another floor of clean dry space wasn’t built into the tall building.

As the visiting so-called customers demanded more and more from us I tried to accommodate, but the other co-workers were being just as stupid and were being unprofessional. A couple of ladies asked how to refinish old furniture and other people wanted food from us as if we were a restaurant. Went to sleep between 230-300
Woke at 400

I soon woke up to an original never recorded song by an artist similar to Willie Nelson, playing in my head.

Fancy clothing store
Rich fancy guys who know each other trying on clothes
Storm outside
The main guy finds the same suit as the other guy and says it’s yours, it suits you
Buying for a special party
Woke up at 7:40 am

Tues, 7.19.18 5:11

I was at another version of our house. Inside a massive and deep detached garage, with a roof like a tall barn, Melanie and I were coming out of a trailer or vehicle of some kind. The feeling was tense between us and soon I saw her climbing into the back of our van and I was still inside looking out. My Mom was at the wheel and Ethan in the front passenger side. It was clear that all of our kids, Mel and Mom were about to leave. I looked at the clock and noticed it was 10 after. I then thought that church or some kind of function started at 6:30. They were leaving early and were dropping off Mel somewhere before going to the thing at half after the hour.

I was left behind, as usual, and I just assumed at the moment it was due to my inability to go out, as usual. They back out of the driveway and leave. Something made me have bad feelings about everything, where Mel may be going and what she may be doing as if she was leaving me due to something that made her upset at me.

Next moment I’m in a building walking alone, almost like I’ve walked down a long hallway, sort of like a shopping mall, and come to the corner where one wing meets another and that’s where I stop. To my right, I look over and see Melanie through a glass window. She’s on a couch, reclined in the arms of another man. The feeling was very bad as if she was true with him in a biblical sense. She’s closest to me on the sofa, then him with his left arm behind her head, but next to him is a couple of other people and they are all covered mostly with a blanket. They’re just sitting there, but seeing her like that next to him was enough of an implication for me to lose complete control.

The next moment, I’ve grabbed a large wooden table, picked it up, and begin to swing the table like a bat, its metallic feet striking against the glass. Before breaks, Mel has stepped out of the glass door, I guess to speak to me and at that point, I take the opportunity to through the table through the open door. It sails into the room beyond and hits the wall before crashing down on a desk where a woman sits in an office chair with a shocked expression on her face. At the moment the table entered the room, the setting was more like a typical office, where several people were standing next to the lady at the desk. My feeling at the moment was like these people were part of a company interested in my wife cheating with others.

All of this violence and my real adrenaline and very real anger at what I saw as my dream self woke me up. I awoke angry, frustrated, and bitter about me, Mel, and the apparent collapse of our relationship.

Woke at 5:11 AM in Vermont, in my parent’s guest bedroom. The room was very cold from the summer air conditioner. That’s when I went out to the living room where my dad sat covered in a blanket, wearing his red ugly coat working on his computer. I told him about my dream, my dream journal, and my very bad dream. His reply was to say he didn’t want to hear about it.

First in the bathroom with a cast of big bang theory

Then on the run through an endless series of hallways like the inner part of an airport hotel that stretch all of la

07.21.18 – Mom’s birthday.
Location: Cape Cod, Grampa, and Grammy’s house. Slept in basement guest room.

I was inside of a building similar to my Barnstable high school band room. I believe I was with a couple and while I don’t remember all of the details, they may have been in an argument. The next thing I remember we were outside of the band room in the parking lot behind the building. I and the guy were showing the classic muscle car to the lady. It was most likely a vintage Ford mustang or a Chevy Camaro. In either case, the car was in perfect mint condition. The primary focal point of the dream was all about the chick in our threesome, she was none other than Amy Adams! The

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