My Dreams

After waking up at 10:30, still, spring vacation, and Melanie & Nathan were in bed – Mel asleep and Nathan watching my phone – I went back to bed so I could attempt to catch up on some sleep.

I did fall back asleep and dreamt that I was in a foreign place. There was a group of friends, mostly guys, and a couple of girls and after we went out to eat at a Mexican restaurant, we retired back to a small apartment to hang out. In the living area, with Cape-style sloped ceilings, like it was in an attic or a loft over a garage, we all partook in some weed and for the next several hours we lounged around, completely happy and comfortable. My friends were an amalgam of many of my friends through the years. The two ladies with us I did not recognize, however they were of Indian\Asian descent.

I barely remember this next part, it’s like an afterthought or a barely conceived part of the dream. The two ladies had a boss, someone who controlled them and they may have worked for him. it was as if they were hiding from him and happy and safe to be with us. Near the end of our chemically induced excellent journey and relaxation hangout time, the dream switched to an entirely different setting.

Suddenly I imagined the two young ladies, who were probably sisters, outside on a stone patio that overlooked the city from a hilltop high above. On the patio, one of the sisters, only one at first, stood among several long metal wires that were strung and suspended in midair. These metal wires, thick and much heavier than normal stringed instruments, acted like a guitar or harp when they were plucked. The first sister began to slowly pick and strum the wires, beginning a slow and melodic song. Soon the other sister joined the first and together they both played a slow melodic song in unison.

While they continued playing I woke up. I woke and soon began laughing as I remembered the great time I had with my friends as we took a journey together in that small room with mary jane as our tour guide. Woke up just before noon.


I was in a room that was an old radio station. There were decades of wires everywhere and old equipment laying around. I was with a young man, seemed like he was Elliot from the Magicians. Together we patched a working radio set up so we could transmit.

Next, I was in another room, possibly in the same building. I noticed that several of my electronics had been smashed and all of the buttons were broken. I got really upset and asked my kids where Melanie was.

I went to look for her outside and in other rooms as I continued to angrily yell her name. I finally find her laying in a bed in the room next to where I started, where my smashed stuff was located. She couldn’t hear me calling because she had her earphones on and was watching something on her phone.

I soon woke up as I was expressing my grievances to her.

In my waking state, I let loose two loud frustrating signs. Clearly, at the moment I thought the dream was real.

Woke up at 425 am


I was in a very large house. I began in my bedroom, however, it was the room of a younger me.

I then went downstairs of the palatial home.
I don’t remember any specifics of the dream, only that it was a massive house and I believe it was mine.


I was in a twilight half-sleeping state just after going to bed.
I dreamt that I was surrounded by a bizarre and crazy chaotic family situation in a house that was not mine.
The chaos kept ramping up to unfathomable levels and I was at a total loss as to what I should do and how I could handle this.
I woke before there was any conclusion or resolution to the situation.
I then lay awake, resting but awake for the next 1.5 hours. I finally got up at 4:45 am to write this.


I was cross-country skiing over this rugged and hilly course through the woods. Eventually, the course emptied into a massive river or lake. There was only one bridge across to the town. In town, Mel and I skied around the snow-covered streets and back streets until we found a Friendly’s kind of restaurant. We skied up to the order window and we had our take and bring our order. I was going to get ice cream until I heard Mel order food. When it was time to pay the girl freaked out over my rewards card because it was rare and old. I must have had it since I worked there in high school. Woke up at 4 am

In-house interviewing or asking questions of Jensen Ackles and his wife. Then chase a guy deep very deep into the house and through a bigger than a cramped apartment.

Woke up at 1050

Living in an underground bunker like on Mars. There was a map.

05.3.18 AM
Accidentally slept until 1030 AM and woke up remembering a young hero woman in a high-rise apartment being chased by a Terminator-like guy and she shoots a dud missile stuck in a wall near the outside window. The missile explodes and the big guy is torn up and bent over like the T1000 metal guy. She laughs and jokes about his condition.

Bed @ 330
Woke @ 530
I was in the communications department at college. I spent much of my time playfully harassing the new students in the building. Our building looked like a 2 story music store. Near the end of the dream, I was coming downstairs to meet my girlfriend and while I carried a champagne glass filled with orange soda, a first-year student bumped into me, knocking most of the soda from my glass. I kindly rebuked him, saying he wouldn’t last long around there if he kept that up. After I saw my girlfriend and I asked if any of the soda had gotten on my black shirt. She paused and smiled, telling me that I should look down at the reality below my nose. Sure enough, the right side of my shirt was wet from the soda bump incident. Knowing I needed to change my shirt, I was next in a room with several skeeball machines wearing a clean shirt and acting cool before my girlfriend before played skee ball.
I soon woke up feeling Nathan’s head grinding into my upper middle back again.

133. 5.8.18
Went to bed around 345
Arrive at the airport. Me and Mel
It’s a hassle getting in, checking in, moving through.
While waiting inside. We head to the bathroom and when I come out all of our stuff is high up on a tall storage unit with stairs running up the side back of it.

By the time I retrieve our bags and junk, pushing through roughens and literal dime store crap, Mel’s out. We make our way, fight our way through crowds to get to our gate and plane, only to notice the time. It was 10 minutes until departure and the flight was closed. We are angry and very frustrated. We’re at a total loss at what to do.

Wake up almost shaking, nervous, and hurting worse than when I went to bed. 450 AM

I arrived at Harding as a senior and hung out with a young lady who surprised me that she was a freshman.

I then ran away across campus through massive buildings and crowds of performers and decorations for some sort of spring sing and Broadway show like a mashup. All of them getting ready to perform somewhere.

I finally make it to the shoreline on the edge of campus and I realized as I was running that I had left all of my valued belongings several hours away in a hotel room I had stayed in before coming to Harding.
Completely exasperated I find a large group of VIP Harding people sitting down for a presentation next to the crashing waves of the shoreline. I knew I had to explain my situation and hopefully be formally excused from a day of school so I could go get my stuff, my phone charger especially on my mind, so I could come back and get stuff set up in my new dorm room.

I find Dr. Burks first but he quickly tells me that he’s known only as Donald now since he’s no longer president of course. I then search among the other people sitting in the stands for Dr. McLarty and he’s not there but several hundred feet away standing on the Rocky shoreline. I try to get to him but the water had blocked a channel from the body of water to a river that flowed down through the center of campus, temporarily cutting off my access to where he was.
When the ground was visible again I was nearly in tears and tried to approach him, evidently nearly in tears in real life as well. I soon woke up physically shaken and anxious.

Woke up just before Mel’s alarm just after 6 am.

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