My Dreams

In the afternoon in the living room, I had a dream about having a dream.

Promptly forgot a dream that was possibly about a dark town


I was in a plain model home and either found or made a bunch of massive pancakes of various flavors and varieties.

Outside on the fake-looking model street my family, whose faces I never really saw well but I could feel that they were young, we had to leave one morning and go across the street to another house.

As we were leaving we had to sneak out and I was eating a couple of the big pancakes, shoving the plain pieces into my mouth as we snuck out.

We were almost to the next house when a large crowd of people was going in to try the cakes we just left.

I woke up just before we got inside the house across the street.

4:45 am

I was snowboarding. Several runs down a small-town ski mountain. I was good at first and went fast.

A couple runs in I yucked it up with some locals, including an older man and wife from church, or Pat Smith from Harding, or Pat Smith as a man from church.

The course seemed to simply go through various areas of the small town and most of the time it did not appear very steep, like a real slope on a real mountain. However, the feeling of real snowboarding felt authentic and I practiced different things and moved mile gravity did the rest. When I first started I thought through how to slow, stop slalom, and maneuver because I knew that I have never actually done this before. My rational mind was protecting me and forcing me to be careful in a dream!

I then was in a megachurch building and I and a few people I barely knew, even after we joked that after 3 years as part of their tech people, ACSR, and hackers group, I didn’t know them and they didn’t know me. But we shared our desire to vandalize the building on the way out and after a few maze-like turns and stairs and a false way out, I strapped on a road my snowboard over the last auditorium of church seats and then out into the snowy world immediately on the town ski course.

This is when I spoke with locals during my run.
The end was drawing near when I suddenly became filled with self-doubt and fear of snowboarding and my technic disappeared.
I was afraid of every obstacle and tree on the side of the course and imagined myself crashing into one of them.

Soon I did and ran into a frozen oak tree.

This is when I woke up. 4:00 am Sunday.


The first part of the dream I was part of the Fridge team, basically in the Peter role, and we were traversing between parallel worlds of a strange and dangerous kind. There were at least 3 types of Olivias of which I and the team encountered. One of the worlds was a dark and tyrannical place, a strict military regime-run nightmare.

After trying to elude the local enforcers on the dark city streets, I was soon hiding in a grand old house. In the house was a small house, like a dollhouse, but each themed room was a mechanical or computer interface, each had a specific function. I kept trying this one room that was a communication device. When interacting with the room, it was a cross between a virtual space, like I was in the room, and a tactical miniature of a sort of control scheme, like a wind-up music box. By pressing parts of the doll room I could relate to the room like it was a form of a modern and unknown version of mobile windows operating system, its GUI. I managed to establish a connection to our homework briefly before the connection ended. Either Olivia or Melanie joined me at that point, to check on my efforts and lend moral support.

Woke up at 515 am

Next to a dark loading dock two multi-decker touring busses with ornate carvings and interiors.

A rock band wanted to use one of them.

Found out before waking up that one was a rental and had to be returned.

118. Dream Eight 8

As I fell asleep I dreamt of a strange and grotesque monster. I saw it in a dark cave with red and Amber lighting from a profile. The creature was only seen from the shoulders up. Its head was flat with barely a cranial cavity, but it had a massive mouth with what looked like lips protruding from the front edge of the jawline. Along the perimeter of the mouth, the huge triangle teeth were below the operational, the mechanical area of the eating area of the mouth, and all chewing, if any was crushing and swallowing directly into the creature’s body. The entirety of the monster inside and out was covered in thick gelatinous blood, very dark red, almost mud-like, like Georgia soil after a hard rain.

This grotesque and dangerous monster is called the Blood Dragon. It swallows its victims whole and then digests them for a very long time. Escape from the inside of the Blood Dragon is possible, but not easy.


I was in a small church building. Outside was dark and scary, like the world had fallen apart. Inside there was a curse or control placed over the people by the leader.

To break this curse I had to take a glass object and throw it against the wall by the baptistry where it smashed and the curse was broken.

120. Dream XIV

After an entire night of not sleeping, a couple more hours of not sleeping in the theater, I went back to bed to lay next to Nathan while he watched his shows on my phone. Just after 9 AM, I finally fell asleep…

I was in a marching band, which was similar to my band in high school. I believe that we were on a trip, or in a military-style away camp during the summer.
All of our meals were provided and we ate together in a mostly enclosed dining room. The food was very average and undercooked most of the time. Two of the meals were provided by Little Caesar’s pizza. The cheese on the soggy pizza was brilliant white and only partially cooked. However, given the underwhelming and undercooked restaurant pizza, it seemed to taste good. My positive impression of the pizza was probably because we were maintaining a grueling outdoor practice schedule, so really anything would have tasted good and been acceptable to us.

Our band teacher was UT or Uncle Tony from my Barnstable High School Bands. However, this version of him was different in almost every way, save for his appearance. When he wasn’t pleased with our performance, we would have to run laps around a massive field that was covered with three-foot-tall grass and wheat. His answer to almost everything that didn’t please him, such as my friends and I joking or acting out innocently was to go run more laps through tall grass in the hot summer sun.

There is another part of the dream, another part of the total band camp experience, yet it is this part that eludes me the most, I barely remember the details and visuals associated with this section. This saddens me and is very frustrating because this part is much more visually compelling, interesting than all of the other stuff that was in the total dream. I recall dark streets, similar to the exterior city street sets on Altered Carbon, Blade Runner, or any similar style future dark science fiction city setting. I was out after hours with my friends, wandering the dark and gloomy streets. I felt excited, exhilarated, and a little frightened to be where I was and where I was going. Unfortunately, I don’t remember much else, only that I was there and ultimately having a blast with my friends after a long day of grueling band practice.

Some of the dreams took place at Grampa & Grammy’s house on Cape Cod. This additional location proves that the entire dream must have taken place on the Cape. I recall speaking with Grammy and telling her about my experiences in band camp and development.

During or perhaps just after I visited with Grammy, I woke up around 10:30

121. Dream Eleven 11

Around 1 AM I fell asleep in a theater chair, just after finishing the latest Legends of a Tomorrow TV show.
Inspired by my travels to and from UAMS medical center in Little Rock earlier that day (where I spent a painful 4 hours having both an MRI and CT Scan taken in two separate locations in the hospital) I began my dream driving in heavy traffic as I made my way out of LR via US 40 to US 440 heading Northeast toward Jacksonville, AR.

In the dream, I was navigating the bumpy roads of 440 heading northeast and surrounded by heavy, aggressive traffic on all sides. I saw an exit that I felt was the best exit for me to take and I took it. The exit was as chaotic and messed up as the rest of the road thus far because like the bumps and heavy traffic, the road itself was treacherous and entirely under massive construction. It was no surprise that the exit is any different. The off-ramp was covered with a thick blanket of light-colored soil, with massive hardened clumps of soil scattered and lining the deep ruts in the sand, where previous trucks and cars had traveled before me.

I was able to drive over and through the soil-laden off-ramp and reached the intersection of the road at its end. To the left was the overpass and to the right was a dead end, with treeline and forest beyond that. However, at the second, third, and fourth glance a depressing notion formed in my mind, I was trapped.

I pulled out and slowly made my way across the overpass, my tires barely pulling the heavy van through the loose sand and large clumps of dirt that seemed to get deeper and more treacherous with every inch that passed my driver’s side door.

My notion turned to full-on panic when I saw that another dead end lay just beyond the end of the overpass. This dead-end was like the other behind me, a massive pile of sand, covering a small cul de sac. A pile of sand, like the other, effectively acted like a massive wall of sand, where no car, truck, even a person on foot could begin to cross, climb or pass through.

I was trapped. My old van, which on a good day barely gets out of its own shadow when traveling on open clean dry roads, was now stuck in a dense and endless sandbox from Hell.

I put the van in drive and tried to pull forward, but the wheels spun helplessly in the loose sand. Like an antigravity rain shower, the sound from hundreds of tiny pebbles spraying the undercarriage of my van would have been humorous at any other time, in any other situation. But it wasn’t and I wasn’t in the slightest. I slammed on the gas, nothing! Just more sand going up and my wheels going deeper into the abyss.

I jammed the van into reverse and tried to go backward. Through sheer will and a spark of hope that still glimmered in the corner of my eyes, I pressed the gas pedal to the floor and the wheels spun and spun with violent abandon. Nothing else happens. My van went nowhere and I went nowhere.
I jumped out of the van, planting my feet in the deep sand below. Slamming the door shut I jelled out and screamed at the sky.

This is when I realized that my voice was the ONLY sound.

There was no traffic, no other cars or trucks or anything could be heard. At the edge of the overpass, I looked down and there was no road below…

The ONLY existence was where I was.

I was the ONLY person to exist.

This short, sand-laden road, the overpass, and the cul de sac were the ONLY places to exist.

Even the trees from earlier, the ones that I saw after I pulled off from 440 were gone.

It was quiet too, too quiet. Suddenly the sound of my breathing, the exhale of air through my mouth and nose, my heartbeat, they were so loud!

Were they always this loud?

Before, when I knew others, back when I was near and around other people; was my breathing always this loud? Did I offend other people with my breathing? Even those people who loved me, those who liked me, were they offended by my breathing? Did they get upset or end conversations with me, simply to escape my ear-piercing, headache-inducing sound of my megaphone breathing? Others? Who were those people?

Woke up at 1:21 AM

I just drifted off to sleep and somewhere between awake and sleep, a twilight stage between the two, I was in a remote lakeside log cabin.
Dr. Butterfield, another friend and (believe it or not) what looked and seemed like a version of Kyle wherein the living room with me. Everyone was standing, save for me and they were all facing me as if they were all there to confront and speak to me directly. However, each of them was standing several feet from each other, in a basic triangle shape.

No one was moving their mouths, or speaking out loud, but it was clear and specific what was being said, mostly from Dr. B. The subject matter was addressing my medical issues, pain, etc, and their concern and suggestions about getting me help. The whole event, read speech or intervention, was direct and just shy of being accusatory.

The meeting didn’t officially conclude, and I woke up.

Woke at 5 am.


I was at a huge stadium, with a ball field down below. I was in the upper stands at the top end of the stadium. There was a rally happening with two opposing sides, like two political opponents. Each opponent was going to shoot stuff into the stands, like food. At first, the guy I was with wanted to shoot frozen turkeys, then cooked chickens, but in the end, deemed those to be too dangerous. In the end, they decided to launch small sausage discs, cooked sausage discs. Once this was decided, I was in the group of men, all of whom were opposing Hillary Clinton as the person they were opposing, and we were hanging out high above the field as the sausage was being cooked and launched. The guys I was with included many famous people. I saw Harrison Ford and wanted to make my way to him, but by the time I got there, he was gone. I woke up soon after around 11 AM.

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