My Dreams

The first
Walking through a surreal and dark place or land.

Musicals are the life and self-defining fact in this place.

I was able to scroll through an extensive list of musicals that each person had been part of and this list defined them, like personality traits.

Something gave me pause as I considered my list.

Melanie and I were in a house-sized tent and I suggested that we take advantage of Nathan being asleep to spend some time together.

Mel went up to the second level where the bathroom was and started a shower.

Just as I was about to go upstairs myself, a dark and dangerous human-like threat came to the tent door and I woke up.

500 am wake up and I went to wake up Mel IRL

Later near Mel school’s wake-up time, I dreamt about a town and place where time was collapsing and radically affecting the people who lived there.



School Harding
No shoes not dressed right
Forced to go get sneakers on
Rebuilding and refacing lobby
Dad in cargoes there too
Finally, get to the car and get sneakers on

Watching live story that seems real of a young man who is in a Syfy adventure
Pointing out details to my kids, especially Ayden. Like the moment some other agents bring him his daughter for the first time as he sits facing inward to a bar.


Small Town, any Middletown America.
A threat was looming over the town folk.
Gathering of friends and family. I was paired with the blond Betty and two others that I knew were paired with two other ladies. Woke at 945 am Sunday morning

Fell asleep and dreamt that Landon had come home and was dressed for church and it was obvious that we were not going that day. Woke up at 1130 am

Setting: outside, night, campground, outdoor pavilion classroom next to a swimming pool.

I was able to break away from the class under the pavilion and join my wife Melanie in the outdoor swimming pool.

The pool was heated and had underwater lights.
Woke up unfortunately at 5 am.


The dream involved Daryl Dixon from the walking dead and a three-pronged fish hook pulling on someone’s skin.


Nathan’s dream

Dreamed of a witch’s house and in the house was a pig. Lots of called Peppa pig.

Ung his 3, fingers held up, scary dreams.

Mommy driving our van into the spooky scary woods.

A wicked old woman took our van and took it into the woods.

The spooky woman scared me but didn’t take our van.


I was flying around a very large great room with an attached kitchen and living room area. I was leaping from counters and soaring clear across the 30-foot space where I would touch briefly a wall or surface and rebound to sour even more. The living area was sunken with the dining and adjacent kitchen on a level up a couple of steps.

Sitting in reclining chairs was grampa and gramma, the only 2 people in that area in the only two pieces of furniture. A lonely single dining table resided in the dining, where sat my parents, Cara and Will and Mel. While my family at the table watched with wonder and amusement, my grandparents below were little interested and less amused by my aerial feats of amazing floating skills.
For my last flight, I launched to sail across the entire area once again only to be caught off guard by another floating wonder seen off to my left… a large jet black poodle terrier doggy was floating and suspended mid-air, just hanging impossibly in space, unmoving it’s the body and unmotivated to move in any direction. The puppy was frozen in place.

In the dream, I laughed out loud and in real life, I laughed out loud which woke me up. Waking up was both great and frustrating at once because I hadn’t remembered a dream in over a month. But at the same time, I couldn’t sleep at all last night and while this dream was proof that I could sleep and dream again, I woke up way too early on after just falling to sleep only an hour earlier.

Woke up laughing at 5:45 am


April lost 2 more kids, a girl and a boy, leaving only one left.

Woke at 11:06 to alarm, just before Rush came on.


I had a dream, it had multiple parts, but between waking up 2 hours prior I forgot what it was about.


In a weird school or community play.

There were multiple sets and a massive cast.

Moving between the 2 primary sets that were on stages sitting back to back from each other with a narrow preparation and staging area in between.

Moving between them required crawling through narrow rough walled paper mache tunnels. While I tried to crawl through a few times, soon many other castmates voiced their concern for me doing this, due to my medical condition.

After this the details are fuzzy, but I do know that I left the theater where we were rehearsing the play and I boarded a transport heading home or somewhere else.


Strange ride away from the theater on a flying train.

There were many segments or cars as it were, of the “train”

To call it a train or car is a stretch. However, given that it ran on an established “track”, an unmoving predetermined path, a track, and train is the best description.
Everyone onboard stood the entire time of transport, as there were no chairs to sit in
Stopped at space fair
Met 2 girls, getting code on arm for tickets
They were in trouble and got lost


Johnny and Karen hidden side yard
A couple of poles suspended over wetlands and a running stream
Hanging among the poles are pictures of their old dog
I climb onto one of the poles once
We then find out that they are moving to New York City because Johnny got a really good paying job there
I joke to Mel in our kitchen, which resembled Cabot’s but much larger, I joke about how we’re getting another friend living in NYC
Woke at 4 AM, Bella pissed in the living room


I was in a sort of small gathering or theater room
I was in a row in front of Cara and her extensive family
All of a sudden they and everyone else had left the room and behind were her kid’s large stuffed animals – I had to take it upon myself to help a couple of her left behind kids and their stuffies back to their home.
I made my way to the hallway outside of a small apartment, which turns out had two entrances because the original small Cara apartment was no conjoined with the adjacent apartment to make room for an apartment-sized dining room.
An older man met me at the second door, only a couple of feet away from the main door to the apartment. I was surprised when he told me that there was now a second door, which leads to a long narrow hallway and then to the large dining space beyond.
I could hear and see a large gathering of our family past the narrow hallway.
After entering the original apartment door, which leads into the kitchen, with a living room just beyond, which all opened up into the addition and dining room.
I wasn’t greeted by instead I was summarily ignored and given the cold shoulder by various persons in my extended family.
It was as if those others had chosen a side and they chose Cara’s. I could overhear the shared experiences and vacation adventures had my uncle Steve and his family or uncle Gary, who did not look my way once when passing me on the way to the fridge.
As I looked on from afar, it was clear that I was not welcome there in body or spirit.
Woke up at 3 PM from sleeping in my theater chair

104. Retired Assassin &Spy

I was being chased by an operative with a military and parkour skill set as good as mine. I raced back to my apartment, high up in a nice residential high rise.

During the chase, or is it a race, back to my abode, my concerns are to outrun my aggressor, beat her to my home so I can arm up with the weapons inside, and to get there first so that I can both check on and or save the girl I’m dating, who is waiting for my return.

The female operative beats me back somehow, which I assume can only ensure both of our immediate assassinations. Much to my surprise, I storm through the door and am met by a room full of my old compatriots, my chaser, and my new girlfriend face down on the floor in handcuffs.

My old commander introduces me to some new faces, a couple of my old teammates and Intel on the woman I thought I knew, a lady who I’ve dated for 2 months, who is not a literature student with a Visa from Sweden, but my spy and would be an assassin.

Nearby on the floor was a loaded gun with a silencer, she was to do the hit tonight, right when I got home from my run.

After she’s taken away, we sweep my apartment for bugs and spend the next few hours having my once peaceful existence torn into little bite-sized chunks. No longer am I retired. I thought I had escaped and found a quiet anonymous life. Little did I know, I was never alone, never away and never closer to the life I ran away from a few years ago.

Woke up at 4:00 am

105. Lost a child.
I watched as Nathan and his friend chased each other into a forest that stood to the left of a forest road that I was on. I think I was riding in a large black SUV with a friend of mine, who was the older brother of Nathan’s friend. We watched as Nathan ran on foot away from his friend, who was chasing him on a toy four-wheeler, the chase went further and further into the wilderness and away from the road.
We stopped to let the young boys wander back and catch up to our vehicle, but after a while, only Nathan’s friend rode up on his toy four-wheeler and no Nathan could be seen. An emergency called us up the road to a small town and I was confident that Nathan could find his way through the backfields to the hilltop house where we were called.
However, after a couple of hours, Nathan did not return and his friend could not find him anywhere outside either.
I then began to panic and worry about Nate, thinking over and over that I would find him dead on the side of the busy road or laying lifeless in the woods from an accident or animal attack
Over and over I tried to leave and go out to find him, but little things kept preventing me from going. I had to take my old 2002 Sentra and I had to stop in the driveway at the top of the hill to deal with a small mechanical defect. My worry and panic grew worse and worse with every moment.
My manic freakout over Nathan’s demise felt so very real and not like a dream at all.
Finally, I wake in my chair in the living room just before 4 PM and I realize that Melanie and Nathan are getting home and all of that scary stuff and the world where I lost Nathan wasn’t real at all.


I was in a very high-end medical clinic for women
I got an entire tour of a floor of a tall building and all of the amenities
On my way out of the building, there was a security checkpoint with a state policeman checking people and their registrations after the metal detector and other security screenings. I had the feeling like I was being stopped and I was personally challenged for being worth enough as a human to be in that building.
I tried to pass off a crumpled old registration paper and told a story about how I was going to get mine handled soon, but he wasn’t buying my story and I was seconds away from being arrested. I thought about running for it and trying to get away from the guy on foot.
I was woken up by Bella at 8:20 AM

I was living in an SYFY science fiction world like a character from a favorite show. We are all self-aware and interact with our creators, writers, and crew.

In a real multilevel battle pit in space.
A strange mixture of a world where Syfy shows exist in a combined reality and the behind-the-scenes production of these shows at the same time.

I was part of a team that fought other soldiers in a massive gun battle throughout the sand-covered arena and all of its tiers or levels of viewing floors that encircled the battle stadium. The stadium or arena was at least 10 stories tall. When a camera or I looked forward or even looked up to the third or fourth level, additional levels are the only thing that can be seen above, meaning that it was tall enough to block out the sky or realm above.

It’s very likely that even though it was bright sunlight in the outdoor bottom of the battle arena, that light must have been artificial because I’m pretty sure that the entire structure was on a planet or moon in outer space.

In this reality, we’re able to occupy the ships and places and at the same time have a meta realization that they are being created on the fly.

Woke up at 3:50


We were visiting Grandma and Grammy and I was still feeling like I was a 2econd rate family.

However, suddenly me and grampa, Grammy, and Melanie were in a cereal aisle playing a game that had us rapidly deciphering a complex Word and logic puzzle as the timer was running out. Grampa and I especially were in the game 110% and having the time of our lives. He was running back and forth and shouting out answers to the questions and clues. He was nothing like the way he’s been these past few years.

I dreamt this in the first 30 minutes after falling asleep and woke up for some reason around 4:35.

Sleeping in theater chair while listening to Twit podcast. Dreamt about driving to a remote small town where I spent most of my time sitting in someone’s living room surrounded by a group of people discussing the rules of a game…

At a bar, four single people are sat by the restaurant because they are alone. Soon the three guys and the one girl, a circa late 90s Jennifer Aniston in a bad wig, realize that they all have a romantic history together. Just as it becomes awkward, one guy makes a speech about how they need to forget the past and work together to stay alive. Just before they seek refuge in the couple’s only restaurant, all four of them were running for their lives away from a hideous and scary monster.

Woke up at 7 am

Live in big house invaded by convention and cosplayers looks for hidden item…
Big three-story house with a full basement, which is accessible from the back of the house, located on a slope, with a door and windows basement access. There are multiple porches on the front and back. The house is cluttered with stuff everywhere, reminiscent of a hoarder’s type of housekeeping, or lack thereof.
I guess I lived in this big house and at the beginning of the dream, it felt as if I was with someone small, like a child, like Nathan, someone I was in charge of protecting.
I felt like a protector because I feel a sense of fear, a need to be proactive and protect those around me from danger when I saw a large man, very tall with a beard and long dark trenchcoat walk up the steps of a small back deck, just outside one of the back doors. He walks up doesn’t stay long and then climbs up and over the deck railing and jumps down almost two stories, the height of the first floor and most of the basement, to the ground below.
After the large man jumps down, he walks off into the backyard and the sense of danger recedes, for now.
Soon, scores of people swarm the house, coming from the woods past the backyard, the side bushes, and from the street in the front. All of the people are dressed in an assortment of comic con-inspired attire. They wear costumes, strange clothes, wigs, and have makeup on.
I soon become aware that the horde of people is at my great house to look for an item of great value. They are all on a treasure hunt and all of them believe that it is hidden inside my house somewhere, most likely in the attic or the basement. They climb the sides of the house, throw up ropes, and scale the chimneys, trying to get to the peak of my home and break into the attic. The strange motley crew also attempts to break down the basement door and at least twenty of the strange people are amassed outside the sole door that leads from the back yard into the lowermost area of the house, the basement.
I remain frightened, angry, and perplexed at the sudden onslaught of people attacking my home, and the noise and sounds of creaking and cracking escalate. Somehow I either realize or am made aware of the fact that these freaks have a sole objective, a mission that they believe comes from a place of honor and is worthy of even my respect.
For some weird reason, I begin to take their side and wonder about this mysterious object hidden in the far reaches of my cluttered and messy home.
In my attempts to monitor and protect the four levels of my home, I am overwhelmed by the ratio of people to the square footage of the home to protect. Before I know it, there are weird people in the basement, on the first floor and I can hear creaking of boards from the attic two floors above, the haunting sounds bellowing down the stairs.

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