My Dreams

80. Dream XVI

After the death of her brother, I was engaged to a twenty-something Reese Witherspoon. We were at her parents’ massive oceanside home. Her mom was obsessively discussing wedding arrangements and catering. Her mom was Uber controlling and intimidating among her friends. Reese’s family and friends decided to take a walk to the beach and after they left a strange tall thin man wanted to be invited into the main house but I turned him away because I feared he was dangerous. At one point I was brave enough to approach and kiss Reese while in the presence of her mother and her mom’s friends. After they left for the beach, I made my way up through the many maze-like levels of the house toward the bedrooms. I was offered Reese’s brother’s belongings and wardrobe after he passed. I hoped that my very different and very poor family would do well in the presence of all of this money.
Woke up at 810 PM


After listening to Leo from the tech guy, discuss minicomputers called raspberry pie, I dreamt that I and my team of spies were using raspberry pies to spy on people in a hotel. I also dreamt about my conversation with Ayden earlier the previous day. We also discussed the nature of technology and how as it progresses and gets more powerful, it also shrinks and gets small, son senn
and ask it progress so9 Technology, like cameras

As the Technological parade marches in, the advances and devices it yields seem to shrink in size at the same rate or possibly faster than the speed of the tech


I snuck out the back window of my bedroom, which was on at least the second floor, and worked my way along a ledge that was covered with a long and maze-like pile of old furniture and junk. Eventually, I came to the stairs and at the bottom, I was behind the back of an opera house, which could have been a part of the train station. The back area was only inhabited by people who worked there and security. After going through two long hallways I came upon a gathering room, decked out for high-end parties for important people and clientele. I went to hide behind one of the bars and opened the fridge under the bar and stole several expensive bottles of fancy liquor, stashing each in all four of my jean pockets as my heart raced and someone came and went while I was still hiding.

I then escaped retracing my steps the way I came in. But my escape was difficult and stressful. I felt like I was being followed and my breathing was labored and I had to push off the floor with every step as if my arms were too long. I finally make it back to my stairs and up and through the maze of junk to my house and room above. However, when I got there, I was met by some of the cast of the new movie remake murder on the Orient Express. I ducked behind a wall craves and was joined, much to my surprise, by Daisy Ridley, in costume, who was acting friendly like we were an item.

Woke up at 446 am, nose stuffy.


I spent a lot of time around a meeting place for a church of Christ. One specific major change was the new sign advertising the church outside the building they met in. It proclaimed several foods associated with the church, like items that would be seen at a potluck dinner. Each food image and first letter formed an acronym that tied into the church. Later I was inside the crowded small meeting room and saw many members of my extended family after services were over.

Woke at 330 am


Small Town

11.5 17

I was walking to a home through a neighborhood and met an attractive young woman in the driveway when I got there. Turned out I knew her.

I felt like I knew who lived at the house, like my family or parents possibly. The girl is like a wife or girlfriend.

Inside there was a party and at the buffet table, I was joking around with Uncle Steve and sharing my food picking tips for the buffet. We then made our way to a table and on the way passed my grandparents and close by to them in a glass case was a set of alien toys in the likeness of my grandparents. The alien toys had heads similar to a stegosaurus. The grandfather toy was automated to mimic talking when it heard my grandfather speak in its proximity. Being my first time seeing these toys I freaked out and asked immediately that I inherit them when my grandparents die. I spoke out and claimed them before my sister who was also in the room. I then made a joke that Steve could have them after me in the year 2042. We all thought real quick that it would be beyond our lifespans, knowing that he was even older than me.

I then remember feeling sad about the time after my grandparent’s deaths.

Woke up at 430 couldn’t breathe well.

Van is stuck in the water near the highway. Propped it up on cement near shore. Engine compact like sci-fi briefcase. Melanie and I find the path and make it out.

Kids young and connecting cables for video.


Melanie and I were a married couple with a small child in Victorian times staying in a large motel room. The room has three trundle beds and a large lounging chair and an attached Ottoman near the fireplace.

At one point I was across the room, in the adjacent bathroom with Melanie, and though I tried, I could not reach Nathan in time before he fell off one of the high beds onto the floor. As I comforted him I was chastised for not reaching him in time.

We spent most of our time trying to find a moment of peace so we could celebrate our anniversary.

Nathan woke up and Mel had to lay with him, etc. Our celebration never happened and we ended the night fighting and alone and I had to go home alone my clothes and belongings packed in a leather-clad drawer from the motel. The drawer was taken by our Butler, Cliburn the master, and hand of the Queen.

I remained committed to finding a time and place at home to celebrate with Mel. For some reason, none of the bedrooms would work like I wasn’t allowed in them. But the basement had a warm very large room with a wood stove and I fixed my hopes on this subterranean room as a place to celebrate with my beautiful wife.

I believe that my very bad pain in real life played a role in my dream, manifesting itself as an unexplained cause for our fighting and inability to get together and celebrate.

I soon work up around 430 am. Thundering pain still in neck and head.


Afternoon dream.
With Mel and family
Told my mom about 30 days of night and 36 hours later.
Mel gave me some medicine.

I Woke thought the med part was real as I dreamt it.

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