My Dreams 7 62.79 8.12.17


Able to join a Christmas musical production. But the dinner before has strict guidelines and rules about place settings and my preparation of them, all for a photo

Gonna get blown up anyway

I was inside some sort of clinic, some pseudo-medical-looking place with treatment rooms.

However, the type of treatment given or administered was unlike anything I’ve known before. It was a form of mind-probing, or mind entering, as a real medical version of VR, where our teams were joined to others in an attempt to commune or treat the mind of the person sitting in the reclining treatment chairs in each exam room. Chairs like those used in dentist offices.

However, the dream took a strange and somewhat disturbing turn when I was in an exam room looking for a uniform to wear for a session. These were padded and wired white apparel and one part looked like a large wired adult diaper. I couldn’t find the usual white ones to wear, only these red, dark pink and black fancy diaper-looking things that also had a copper wire adorned section that wore under the user’s crotch for, I was told “shocking purposes.”

These were a disturbing cross between a sex uniform and a torture device. I couldn’t figure out who would wear such an awful piece of clothing, or uniform and I woke up while looking at this gross thing.

Woke up just before 7:00 AM before the fam went off on the first day of school.


In the American western desert, I went to a place that was a hybrid of an old-time general store, a movie theater, and a prison.

Inside there was a super widescreen, like beyond 72 mm.

The hybrid system of these things coexisting made sense and some of the workers there could get away with petty crime because the drug cartel they worked for was more dangerous than the people enforcing the rules of the place.


I just woke up from a heart-pounding race to go save our son.

I’m pretty sure there was a lot more to the dream.

For example, Melanie and I had finally gotten back to our van from an outdoor location, possibly adventure and I was thinking about how the seats were out so we could transport a dresser back to our friends, and if Nathan’s seat could still be anchored into it in that condition. Due to this thought, only Nathan makes an appearance about the kids.
We arrived back at our house and next, we were rounding a tower hallway to the hallway where our apartment was located at the end on the right side. During our walking approach, as I held onto her, with my arm around her, I was going on about how she gets her way and how I let her have control in the family, and that I didn’t mind this happening so far.

My comment was said in a jovial manner, as any other way would surely get me in trouble of course. As we enter our apartment, we were so focused on our squabble that after a couple of steps inside our apartment, we both instantly realize that we both have forgotten Nathan, that he is still in the van, several floors down, outside sitting in the parking lot, alone!

This becomes a mad dash and insane race down around ten flights of stairs. We pass the hallway where the elevators are to the closer stairwells and race to the bottom. At first, we’re neck in neck, sprinting down the first couple flights and then I begin skipping steps and jumping over railings at the bottoms of flights and then Melanie begins to hurdle over them as well. I then begin going so fast that my arms, spread eagle, simply trace the walls and I’m coasting over most of the flights midair somehow. Melanie continues to sprint down by foot. On the seventh floor, there’s a militarized checkpoint to something scary that floor, but we zoom past and keep racing to the bottom.

Finally, at the bottom floor, Melanie has taken a different path out of the building and I’m left on my own to find my way out into the night. Outside there are the remnants of a convention and a set of stands where people were earlier in the day, I actually run up and jump off of these, float for a bit, and then continue running across a narrow marshland between the building and the lot where our van was parked at the farthest end away from our apartment building. When I finally get out to the parking lot, I know Mel will have already reached the van and will be coming down, where I can simply get in and ride with her. Riding to where I don’t know. But at this point in the dream, I am breathing very hard and my heart was racing a million miles per hour. I woke up at this point, my heart racing and I was breathing very heavily through my mouth as if I had just physically run this race from the tower apartment all the way out to this far away lot.

Woke at 450 AM. out of breath and heart beating through my chest.


I met a 30-year-old woman and her parents at the beach.

We began talking in a shaded area between off the beach sand. While her parents prepared a meal and I was ready to go, I stood and talked with the daughter for a while as she sat on an old stone wall that was covered in dead vines.

Our conversation went from very casual to more personal in nature as time progressed. We each had a deadline, I needed to leave and they were preparing for something, so there wasn’t pressure on the talk or subject matter.

As the conversation steered toward the more personal, so did the location, which somehow morphed into their living room. Now she was by the hearth and I stood nearby and her father was working on some project in a sunroom off the living room and the mother was busy setting out a luncheon. Then other people started showing up, personal friends of theirs, and I felt the first pangs of weirdness, that need to flee a situation when you don’t feel like you should be there anymore, imposing, awkwardness, etc. However, one question led to both of us admitting more personal details and I said that I feared becoming like a family member of mine who never fit in, couldn’t hold down a job, and was a letdown. She then nodded toward her father, saying there was a reason she didn’t want her dad to work with her son and his eyesight issues. Implying that her dad was crazy and off his rocker. I then felt weirder about everything, not with the daughter or even mother, they were nice enough, but it put into context how her dad had been acting since I first met them. The daughter got up and said that I might as well stay for lunch, so I agreed. Now everyone, which was ten to fifteen people were gathered around the living room and her dad lead everyone in a strange one-of-a-kind prayer like a chant, like a weird blessing before they ate the meal. It was like everyone was being kind to the nutty dad and followed along, having all known of his brand of crazy for years. part of the chant said, “we get water, water from the…ARROW” and they all point out the window to the sunroom where there’s a wooden arrow on a wooden circle, like a craft you would make at camp. Around this disturbing chant and pointing at wooden arrows, praising them for the gift of water, I woke up.

700 AM wake up, the detail in this dream was amazingly high, and more happened than I could hope to remember or be able to type up

I was in a house of confusion.
The house had a nonlinear layout, confusing relationships, altered reality, and time itself was unstable.

The house had a Square porch, with wrapped beds on the outside. The intent was well-meaning but nothing is as it seems, or adheres to the expected laws of nature, time, and physics, everything appearing in a constant state of confusion.


I was in a huge conscience store on cape cod, and several girls from high school were there.


Inside of an old rundown warehouse, our family has to live in the confines of a large wooden structure, like a makeshift apartment inside the walls and high overhead ceiling of the great building.

It’s great at first, we mistakenly believe that we get the entire warehouse, however, we soon learn that we have only the crooked and shotty, unlevel, wooden monstrosity.

Then we learn there’s no choice of paint color, pink or dark pink possibly light blue, and no real rooms, not even a kitchen. The upstairs has a gentle slope and is missing sections of walls. There is no ceiling upstairs either.


Went to a video & technology store with Joel and Laura. After looking around and in some high-security areas smoke began filling the store and we evacuated. Outside I lost Joel and Laura and found some people being bullied.

They threw stones and ice balls and soon a security panther from the store broke free and the girl, Julie, turned into a tiger and fought the tiger into a deep cement underground cage.

I found a hatch at the top of a corner ladder and the wheel to open the hatch. Woke up at 8 am

I was at my parent’s house, a strange one saw, in the hours before a Christmas party.

A toilet backed up was stressed it would also happen during the party. I didn’t help with the preparations and I was resented for this. I was nervous about the party and who might attend. They Arrived and brought dishes and desserts and I was out of my room and when I returned there were kids in there, who I promptly kicked out.

In the first dream, I was in a fancy but strange supermarket.

In the second dream, I was in a large black SUV with most of my immediate family and some strangers. However, in the context of the dream, these strange-looking people were either my extended family or close friends.
Inside of the SUV, the furnishings were like a lounge or limo, like a small living room behind the front seats. The space in the back seemed larger than the size of the SUV allowed, like a TARDIS, the inside seemed bigger than the outside. I was not driving but was in the back having a heated conversation with the other passengers. We all seemed on edge as if our trip and speed were a concern like we were being chased or pursued by someone as we raced to get out of the city. Even though we were excited and seemingly on the run, there was trust among us and a feeling of calm and safety from being with the people who surrounded me in the SUV.
We were racing through and then out of a major city on one of the interstate highways that pass through its center. Once we were at the point where the suburbs transition into farmland and beyond, we pulled over and stopped on the right-side curb. I got out of our vehicle and walked down an embankment into the narrow strip of field beyond.


Had an uber real dream where I began in this big outdoor arena to watch a live comedy and music show. After I accidentally step into the background of one of the numbers and have to perform with the group I then get lust in the basement and in a carpeted spiraling tunnel leading further underground until I step into the office of the owner of it all. After he finishes his call we talk until he’s practically begging me to work for him and we’re surrounded by the cast who are listening in and waiting for their turn to speak with the owner and boss.

I finally wake up when I realized I had said some of my dreaming words out loud.

5 am wake


I was in a big city and looking for a place to eat. All restaurants were full during dinner and then passed one with a large inside-outside bar. That too was filled with people, but for some reason, Neil Patrick Harris was the doorman and acted like he could get us into the bar at least. In the bar, it was very crowded and I saw three attractive sisters, who I knew from the old days. They were laughing and having a good time and I figured out it was Amy Wheeler and her sisters. They started toward me and then I woke up right when we made contact.

Woke at 330 am with ongoing stomach issues.


Motel rooms
Rural roads
Mending a fence with wire and duct tape
Liam Neeson


What if you were in a desperate or dangerous situation and the only person who can help you is either your dreaming self or a dreaming person that you know in the waking world or the dreaming person who is only a fictional person you know only in a dream?

What if you, or anyone you know in the waking world, can not help you in any way. The only person who can help you is the person that you know only in a dream?

Woke at 447 am.

A backlight strip of led lights runs around your entire thing, plugging into the thing for power. The color and intensity of the LEDs are changeable.

This thing can reduce eye strain when using a thing in low or no light places or times.


And Bob’s your uncle.


In a high-end office or rented hotel room. Taking helpful office and organizing stuff.
not what it seemed, later found out that the main character was hiding and in the room at the time
con man
archive underground tunnel storage
rolling chair ride down


I lived in a dorm again. One of several lined up with interconnected stairs and walkways.
I had to travel from one dorm building to another, but it was very difficult and my path was constantly blocked.
I had to help some girl move dorm room furniture from a large room with separate stacks of people’s belongings. I think her brother had died and she was getting his stuff.
In the room, one ant on the floor became several small ants, and then a mass parade of every ant imaginable was marching around the room in step in rows of 5 ants per marching row. The ant parade went from the very small sugar ant to numerous massive-sized ants of varied colors and body types and several types were even carrying weapons.

one of the girls with us accidentally stepped on several of the yellow weapon-carrying ants, smoothing them into dark yellow goo on the floor. Before long we were being attacked by the ants, which forced us to escape the room. I found that several had been on my back and when I took my shirt off there was evidence of where I slapped them between my shirt and my back.

Woke around 530. Hadn’t been sleeping well, due to strange bad pain in my right hip.



Nathan Childers
The girl he once knew….


Walked into a Walmart, unlike anyone had ever seen before

The store was filled with waist-high clear stands, a transparent circle on a transparent cylinder. These stands had little place cards with pictures printed on them for products.

The store had no outer doors to or from three sides of the shopping space.
On the right outer wall there was a store-length narrow hallway and far down on the right side was the optical store.
I was called and summoned over the intercom to go get my eyes dilated so I could receive the new contact lenses I had ordered.
Once in the optical store, I recounted my story of breaking all of my frameless glasses and I had only my brown copper ones to use now.
Not wanting to get my eyes done that day and the fact that my contacts hadn’t arrived yet and they didn’t know when the daily FedEx arrived, I opted to not get them that day.

However, before I left, I ran into my old friend from college, Zherinka and we talked until we both fell asleep on the couch in the optical store. I dreamt inside of this dream as I slept on that couch. When I finally woke there was a room full of kids sitting across from us, they were waiting too. The kids seemed interested in what I had to say, but I soon felt like I should leave, I felt nervous and exposed. When I was leaving the optical store, I woke up for real this time.

530 am needing to pee

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