LAUGHTER IS GOOD FOR THE SOUL – Rifftrax: More Dangerous Than Dynamite

Amidst the ceasing of Roaring, one major trend still managed to sweep the nation: washing your clothes with gasoline!

Every housewife on Main St. could be found hitting up the local filling station, returning home with a reeking, volatile jug of gasoline, and submerging her delicates in it to get out those pesky grass stains.

LAUGHTER IS GOOD FOR THE SOUL! – Rifftrax Full Movie: Wonderful Land of OZ

The Wizard of Oz is one of the most beloved movies in the history of cinema, but don’t you think it was missing a little something? Namely, the deft directorial touch of Barry Mahon, whose other films include Fanny Hill Meets Dr. Erotico, The Diary of Knockers McCalla, and a little movie called Santa and The Ice Cream Bunny?

LAUGHTER IS GOOD FOR THE SOUL! – Rifftrax Short: One Got Fat

Do you find that you’re sleeping a little too well as of late? That your dreams are of the innocuous stripe, i.e., old friends turning into llamas and eating your baseball hat, rather than full out, scream-yourself-awake nightmares followed by 15 minutes of sweating and shallow breathing interrupted by occasional anxiety-induced “whale flips” that rip the covers off your significant other?


Jim and Bill are two of the classic “middle-aged teenagers” type we’re used to in Coronet shorts. They agree on most things: they wear the same white button-down shirt, sport the same haircut, rock the same sweater vest. One has brown hair and one is blonde, yes, but they’ve managed to be friends in spite of that. However they do disagree on something, something so big it could tear their whole world apart: THE IMPORTANCE OF OUTLINING AN ESSAY.

Reckless Bill thinks you can just march into an essay on a topic like “Benjamin Franklin” without planning a meticulous outline. Cautious, wise Jim, on the other hand, knows that you must not only plan out your outline, you must first build an outline for an essay on the subject of how important it is to build outlines (he actually does this).

Who will be proven right, in the end? Will their friendship survive the outline battle? Will either of their essays get deeper than “Ben Franklin flew a kite in a storm”? You’ll have to join Mike, Kevin, and Bill for Building An Outline to find out! No outlining required!


Over the years we’ve faced down a host of shorts featuring anthropomorphic objects coming alive to haunt children in their rooms, from Coily to Mr. Paperbag to A Talking Car to Norman (okay, Norman never actually did that, but you know he WOULD if he could). Somehow, Soapy the Germ Fighter manages to be the least inspired AND oddest monster of the bunch. Least inspired because he’s just a giant bar of soap named Soapy. Oddest because he has arms and legs and dresses in Renaissance garb for no apparent reason. You’ll find him in the tub, waiting, watching, judging, and tuning his lute. Uh, again, sorry, that sounded kinda weird. But then… well, you know.

You’re not clean, and Soapy knows it. Soapy knows everything. Get yourself sorted out and scrub the fear away with Soapy the Germ Fighter, riffed live by Mike, Kevin and Bill!


So when we learned that ACI had made another At Your Fingertips short about Clay, we were hopeful. After all, clay has a long history of being shaped into objects of actual artistic value, not to mention things that could potentially be useful. Perhaps the problem with the first three films in the series were their choice of materials, and not the that the people at ACI were subsisting on mercury fumes and Windex during their manic shorts making binges?

LAUGHTER IS GOOD FOR THE SOUL! – RIFFTRAX: Full Movie: “Santa and the Ice Cream Bunny”

What is an Ice Cream Bunny? We’re not quite sure, and the movie doesn’t really bother to explain. Evidently he has a fire truck with an air raid siren, and lives at a place called Pirates World. We also know that we are strongly in favor of ceding all power to it and letting it enact whatever foul agenda it desires, just as long as it lets us take a ride through Pirates World in that sweet, sweet fire truck.

It’s one of the strangest and most baffling pieces of outsider art that Mike, Kevin and Bill have ever riffed. Please join us in experiencing: Santa & the Ice Cream Bunny.


Narrated by a guy who was rejected from the Dukes of Hazard narrator job for sounding too much like a cotton-pickin’ bumpkin, Shake Hands with Danger explores the terrifying world of construction work. Sponsored by the Caterpillar heavy machinery company, it chronicles the myriad of ways you can hurt, dismember, maim or kill yourself using Caterpillar brand heavy machinery. No action is free from potentially life-ending consequences! Even if you stay home and lock yourself indoors, the bulldozer will just barrel your house over before seeking out the rest of your family!! Nobody is safe!!! Nobody!!!!

Yes, riff fans of all ages will enjoy this lighthearted timecapsule of the 1970s, set to one of the catchiest Industrial Safety-based jingles we’ve ever heard.

LAUGHTER IS GOOD FOR THE SOUL! – Rifftrax Short: “Paper and I”

This is the sick, sad tale of young Willie and his demented belief in a talking paper bag, whom he names Mr. Paperbag (proving that “crazy” and “creative” don’t always go hand in hand) is the stuff of legend. Their nightly adventures to the forests of the American South will remind you of Bonnie & Clyde, if you don’t know anything about Bonnie & Clyde and assume that they mostly talked about paper. Willie learns a lot from his creepy little friend, primarily about the meaning of loss as Mr. Paperbag crumples and dies before his very eyes! (no, seriously, that happens!)


Have a Happy Life Day! And nothing kicks off a memorable Life Day quite so much as watching the legendary Star Wars Holiday Special receive a fully deserved Rifftrax parody treatment! Yes, all your favorite Wookies are here: there’s Chewbacca, Malla, Itchy, Lumpy and Art Carney.

LAUGHTER IS GOOD FOR THE SOUL! – Rifftrax Short: “Magical Disappearing Money”

It’s the tale of a supermarket haunted by a witch, but not your standard-issue Hollywood witch. She’s more the “found her clothes in an oil puddle behind the Fashion Bug” kind of witch. The kind of witch who shows up at KFC five minutes before close, looking for free stale biscuits. You can bet she didn’t attend Hogwarts, but maybe its discount online equivalent, Pigzits.

LAUGHTER IS GOOD FOR THE SOUL! – MST3K Short: “Progress Island USA AKA Puerto Rico”

Progress Island USA, a 1973 film meant to lure investors to Puerto Rico. Thankfully, this short is made hilariously funny by the guys from the Satellite Of Love: MST3K: these days known as Rifftrax