“Talent on loan from GOD” – One year ago today, is the day Rush passed away.

Rush talking about his wife Kathryn:

RUSH: I’ll tell you, I cannot imagine these 10 years without Kathryn in them, especially now, after having gotten the cancer diagnosis. She’s just been a gigantic pillar of strength, and just does everything imaginable and possible to keep things as upbeat and positive as they can be.

And I know it’s hard on her. It’s gotta be hard. It’s gotta be devastating on her, but I never see that. She always hides it.

She has always put me first anyway, but in the last six months or so, I haven’t known what being put first is until these past six months. I’m truly blessed by God with her in my life.

Rush Limbaugh

Rush talking about his cancer treatment, prayer, and God:

RUSH: My shortness of breath has not presented in the last three to four days. And that’s the big deal. That’s the most limiting thing when that pops up. There are ways of dealing with that. There are ways of treating that. And they have been successful up to now. I also am of the solid, firm belief that prayers work.

I have always thought so. It’s impossible to know. That’s where faith comes in. But my faith is solid that they work. And I know how many of you are engaged in prayer for me.

In fact, I pray every night to God not to disappoint you, that your prayers be answered. I do it in a respectful way. But that’s pretty much the status.

Rush Limbaugh

Rush talking about the prayers on his behalf:

RUSH: Let me start with an attempt – I still have the remnants of the flu, but everything is fine, folks. I need to find a way beyond what I’ve already done to express my heartfelt gratitude and thanks and appreciation for the outpouring that continues to come in from people. I can’t respond to all of it. I’m starting to feel guilty about it.

Because so many people are sending me — people that I haven’t heard from in I don’t know how long and finding a way to reach me, finding a way to get through to me and I’m reading these notes, and it’s so voluminous, I can’t respond to it all. I try, but I lose ground so quickly.

And then I start feeling guilty that I don’t respond because people are taking — some of these notes that you’re sending, most of them are so heartfelt, they are so intimately detailed. It’s because of that I can’t tell you how much it means to me. I can’t. I wish I knew how.

I’m thinking there are more prayers for me in this country than can be counted, than can be tabulated. And I just am confident as heck that they matter, that they’re effective. So please accept this as an ongoing and never-ending thank-you to everybody.

Rush Limbaugh

We miss you Rush.

You were the greatest radio host of all time.

We pray that you are at rest with the Lord.

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